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  1. Basic questions

    I have few question to ask, fell free to answer it, sorry for english, i'm not a native english speaking person. Are we gonna be able to buy the "desert skins" from the 70 buks version ? I've buy the rifleman 30 buks version, how can i put my forum badge on ? Will there be more skins for weapons ? If yes will it be like CSGO (please no...) or more realistic ? Also, I want to say thank you for making a real PR successor, I've been one the few early players back in BF2 time. Cheers, Shep
  2. Hello, I'm still experiencing bad FPS value even with the V8 update. In a 72 slots server (almost full i think), i got 25-30 FPS with drops at 15 FPS when a there is an explosion nearby. My config : i5 6600K R9 390 (8Gb) - Drivers up to date 8 Go RAM Windows 10 anniversary My graphic settings : http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/188416901575941767/C85858DE91D46C6953E33F3BD0F3EB8D40802034/ I don't understand this situation because i see friends with 970 GTX who got 60-70 FPS. Secondly, I'm also experiencing this error just after i took this screen shot ^^ : http://tof.canardpc.com/view/8b506f12-03f2-40ab-bb46-0a9b8797471d.jpg Finally, I got a black screen between the Sqaud initial logo and the keyboard setting page (at the start). Normally this black screen is quit quick (~10-20 sec) but sometimes it can last forever. I don't know how to reproduce this.
  3. This really grinds my gear :'( But, thank you for your feedback ! As far as I can see, the only real difference between you and me is the 16Gb RAM. I don't understand why the game would need this amount of RAM, and when you look at @rhj94, he is using 16Gb of RAM and have a bad FPS comparing to his graphic card... I know that alpha stage is not about optimization, and I'm ok with that btw.
  4. Thank you sir. I've deleted the %localappdata% for squad, but I don't have any FPS gain... :'( I don't have a Xbox account, and i'm not using it, so why would they change settings on my computer
  5. I didn't screen my GPU utilization IG, but, with your message, I think should try. Is Aida 64 able to do this ? EDIT : If a moderator comes here, can you merge this topic with the second one that i've unintentionally created ? Thank you.
  6. Compass

    Hello, First, I love the as it is, but, the community I play with found a little thing that might help beginners and even hardcore squads gamers. If you could assign a number to each squad mate in the squad menu, and show it on the compass when playing, this will help localise easily people in action. Let me know if i'm not clear and if this as been already discuss. I know you have to deal with performance stuff and vehicule stuff too, so I don't expect to be heard soon. But, take the time to think about a way to better aknowledge who is who when being shoot at will be cool IMHO. Thank you for reading me and see ya on the fray.
  7. Compass

    Yes, I was also thinking about this (the role variant). Anyway, glad to see that ppl like this idea. Oh, and yes, make it activable or not would be cool but this should be enabled by default to help newbies to play as a squad member (this is also my opinion).
  8. Alpha 3.8 Released

    I'm between 65 and 30 FPS now. But it is still 30 FPS most of the time... You are in a good way, keep it up. EDIT : R9 390, 6600K, 8GB @2600Hz, Win10.
  9. Alpha 3.7 Released

    Does this mean we are going to have better performance ? Because I have 30 FPS with a R9 390...
  10. Hello, I've just started the game and I'm facing my first problem : When i try to bind "Move right" to the "D" button, the game put the "Z" in the second key binding. The same "Z" i'm using to move forward. And I can't erase the second bind. Please help me ! Thank you ! Find my DefaultInput.ini here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9Z2bBiaUbR9ZC1ZVTYyTTVveWM/view?usp=sharing The problem : http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/388797915332157536/4342D08CBE2DB3648C0AC1EFF9409BD377E18A8A/
  11. Ok, First, I would like to thank you. If you come to Paris, i'll buy you a drink. Second, I've solved my problem. There is indeed a cached version of the defaultinput.ini saved under the name Input.in in appdata. I've found it and fixed it by copy/paste the code you gave (for rebinding the movements) : AxisMappings=(AxisName="LookUp",Key=MouseY,Scale=-1.000000)AxisMappings=(AxisName="MoveForward",Key=S,Scale=-1.000000)AxisMappings=(AxisName="MoveForward",Key=A,Scale=1.000000)AxisMappings=(AxisName="MoveRight",Key=Q,Scale=-1.000000)AxisMappings=(AxisName="MoveRight",Key=D,Scale=1.000000)AxisMappings=(AxisName="Turn",Key=MouseX,Scale=1.000000)Editing the file n°2 fixes the problem.
  12. I've tried a lot of keys... It didn't work... Devs, can you help me ? I've tried to modify the DefaultInput.ini but it does nothing. I've set move right to Z ONLY, and the file keep showing +AxisMappings=(AxisName="MoveRight",Key=D,Scale=1.000000)and -AxisMappings=(AxisName="MoveRight",Key=D,Scale=1.000000)
  13. Yes, I use Z because i'm european (french) and I have a azerty keyboard. Also, I can't delete the Z key binding (by pressing escape, it bind escape...)
  14. French Foreign Legion ! The most craziest basterds on earth.
  15. Basic questions

    I was talking about weapon camo skins, not really about new and unique 3D models that are very different from the original (because it may be a new faction in this case). In CS:GO for example, kill somebody with a skinned AWP is exactly the same from kill a guy that doesn't own a skin on is AWP. Like Dale says, they should think about a way to continue to get paid during the development before getting out of money. This is for the good of the project, if they run out of cash, the game won't be updated and it will sink into the worm black whole of the MMO indie game of the internet. There are multiple way to get paid for the updates they are going to make, non-gameplay-altering skins that are in line with the spirit of the game (ie : not like in CS:GO). They could also make us pay for the updates, but I din't this is a good solution. I've paid the game once, I don't want to pay it again and again when they release new updates and content. I understand that skins are scarry when you see the games that propose them to the players (BF4, CoD, Payday 2 (this is my favorite :ph34r: )) but, if they do it like Dale and I said, it will be a pretty good thing.
  16. Basic questions

    I totally agree with you. I didn't mean that they have to sell theses skins, I was just wondering, with koschilein's answer, I fully understand why they don't sell it. I could buy it too, if I wanted, but a desert skin for 40$ doesn't worth it ^^ IMO, make a skin shop like Frontier Development did for Elite : Dangerous is a great idea (even if they are selling the next update :(), they will make money for pratically nothing (theses skins are not very hard for them to do). I didn't want to begin a new debate topic about skins, so if you want to stop it now, you can. For the Beta and FR, thank you for your answers. I'm very happy and inpatient about the early access :) @koschilein : I would kill for choppers with mylittlepony emblem like they have for the F-16 pilot school in USAF
  17. Kits, Roles, Limits and Steam launch

    I didn't read all the comments in the thread because I'm a lazy person, but you should really do a infographics like Radi-8 did when they launch their mod back then. You can find it here : http://cpc.cx/dLn It helped me when I started to play neotokyo.
  18. Basic questions

    Thank both of you for the quick response. It's a shame they don't sell it for 2$, I don't really understand why (is it a privilege ?) but I'll deal with it. Thinking of this, I hope to see some graphical modification (such as skins or player models) to buy, and free updates for maps, guns, factions, etc... Another question for the devs (or anybody who can anwser), is the road map for the game still obscure about the Beta and full release date ?