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  1. Hello everyone! After a relative quick look around after a topic that touched on the same thing, I found nothing so here goes, since A11 I've gotten a rather sizeable drop in FPS, from between 45-60 depending on map to 20-35ish with the odd exception, however it would seem that with this decrease in fps my ability to enjoy myself has been somewhat limited, I abhor playing as the US as I often tend to be shunted into the Medic class I am left with semi or 3 shot burst capabilities and here comes the issue: I've had countless of firefights where I've lost because I click my mouse buttons (right for ADS or left to shoot) but nothing happens, or I fire off one odd shot and then after four to five presses I fire off one more, leaving the enemy just to spray me down with them being wounded or unscathed (I'm a terrible shot). Yesterday I got the drop on a enemy US squad, I pressed right mouse to bring out my m249 so I could shoot somewhat accurately, but nothing happened, I tried five times to ADS before I went prone to just deploy my bipod and wing it from there, but alas, my movement had given me away, I got taken out, my squad was subsequently wiped and we lost the game as they were able to cap the point rather efficiently and snowball into the rest of us. And it feels rather terrible to have been, if not the sole reason, the beginning of the end, as I cried out in dismay "My gun won't fudging work!", get taken out and then trying to inform the rest that the enemy was pushing in from the south west. So, TLDR, low fps makes your mouse clicks not registering or am I doing something wrong? I haven't had this issue in any other game that I can remember or ever before in squad, even from before I upgraded my computer and I had 20-25 fps on any map at any given time. Cheers