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  1. Marksman short ep.2

  2. Marksman short

  3. Forgotten Founders

    Thanks for the replies, was def expecting some less than positive feedback guess i was rightfully proven incorrect.
  4. Forgotten Founders

    Hello, I do not normally use forums nor do i care for correctness either. Anyways I was wondering if the dev team at squad was going to update/add the skins and a little more than just patches for uniforms (that no longer show up). Hell i wouldnt mind a pair of salty crusty cammies. Its kinda sad though bc i did dump a lil extra moulla into this game and got a velcro bandaid and a paintjob on some of the things in game. Thanks, Disgruntled Veteran Ps. Sgt Ross smells nice Pss. Why no Marins?
  5. EO| Exiled Order - Recruitment

    What i love the most about Squad is the ability to connect to individuals who love nothing more than to smoke check mofos, i am happy to say its late at night and our servers are still running like a hard charging death machine. http://exiledorder.com/