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    I believe the dogtags are a physical, real life item similar to the ones that will come with Kickstarter rewards. If you look here and go down to the Airborne Edition you can see it says "2 pairs of custom Squad dogtags": This is not necessarily the exact dogtag people will receive, but this was handed specifically for PAX Prime when some of the devs went!
  2. It's possible to hide an FOB, sure, but that's kind of the opposite of what I would like to see in Squad. FOBs are supposed to be built up and serve as a foothold that should be defended should it come under attack. However, currently people prefer putting FOB's somewhere obscure and with minimal emplacements and fortifications. If you think about it, the majority of the time we're just wasting a huge part of what the devs gave us - construction. The reason I say it's easy to find FOBs is because even if they're well placed and hidden, an experienced player can often spot where the enemies are coming from because usually people run from the same location every time and it becomes obvious. This is of course, if the players don't even stumble upon a FOB which happens quite often too. I'd rather have a well built up FOB that can be defended should it come under attack than a simple radio and HAB combo which can be cleared out with a few players. I think if you're able to spot an FOB or gain a hint as to where it is right after taking one down then people just won't bother building them up as they're going to found at a much faster rate and they'll just place more down instead. However, I do think the opposite effect could also be achieved where people build up their FOBs because they know they're pretty much going to be found... but I doubt, it's currently easy and it will only make it easier. The game will change and FOBs will hopefully become something people put more effort into! As for the testing community, there is one but it's focused on finding bugs and testing features the devs request us to in focused play tests. The developers, especially the designers, already have a roadmap and planned features etc that they're working on so they might already have things set in stone and solutions to problems we might not even know about yet. I have been toying with an idea of trying to organise design/gameplay based tests for the sake of experimentation, but it could very well just be a waste of time if the devs already have things set in stone. Intel serves a purpose in the Insurgency game mode, that's about it. I think the focus should be pointed at team based objectives and aspects rather than finding out things from the enemy team. A squad should work with other squads to find and locate enemy FOBs and locations together through observation to add another layer of team work and communication to the game instead of having it replaced by a "gamey" style feature that just gives it away. Enemy VOIP is another topic that has been discussed and it always ends up in the same answer, which is highly valid might I add: people would circumvent that by playing in TeamSpeak or Discord voice channels instead of using game VOIP.. which would make the feature pretty useless and leave people that don't play with friends or clan mates out of the loop and at a disadvantage.
  3. One day mate, one day!
  4. SHARED TEXTURES / ASSETS Apologies is any of this stuff is broken / doesn't function straight away! Not too sure how happy UE4 is when you just rip out stuff and chuck it into other projects but all the content I throw up here will include any source assets I've created and used to make it easier! 1. Basic Snow Texture - SOURCE - Albedo (Base Colour) Roughness Normal Height Additional Notes: You can use the height map for displacement / tessellation! Also, make sure you turn SRGB off in the Roughness once it's imported. 2. Basic Snow Material - ENGINE - Set up for Tessellation Set up for Use with Landscape M_BasicSnow Additional Notes: Requires Basic Snow Texture assets - unless you're using your own and using the material as a reference! 3. Snow Particle System - ENGINE - x2 Lit Snowflake Materials (Basic Node & Custom Alpha) x2 Unlit Snowflake Materials (Basic Node & Custom Alpha) Snow Particle System Snowflake Alpha Additional Notes: The values on the Particle System are fairly high and I created a basic node shape and custom alpha if you want to see how they're set up. You can just create a bunch of different alpha masks in Photoshop (or equivalent) and then use them to create more varied snow fall effects! ORIGINAL POST Hey guys! So I got bored tonight which turned into something productive! Long story short - I'm now going to undertake a little project to learn more about Unreal Engine 4 and just generally creating shaders / more complex materials since I never went past the basics! Anything I create from this will be available for you all to use in your own projects, once I'm happy with the quality and that it functions well. If it's something a little harder to distribute to you I'll most likely create video tutorials showing you how to do it yourself and provide the source content I've made! To start off, I created a tiling snow texture in Substance Designer with feedback from the awesome guys in the Squad Modding Hub Discord! It's definitely a lot more appealing than just having a basic, flat white ground - it also has tasty tessellation on the material in UE4 although you can disable it / adjust the multiplier since I haven't even considered any possible performance hits. Piccies below! I'll be working on this texture for a little longer as well as creating several variations for blending / painting to help cover up the tiling (icy, settled, melting etc)! Along with those variations I'll be looking into some simple particle stuff for creating snow fall, I've done it before so it shouldn't be that much of a hassle.. once that's done I'll begin experimentation with creating a shader that covers objects in snow based on something like a gradient / position map or world space normal - basically, snow will cover certain things in a logical manner starting from the top - but that's something I haven't really explored and will probably take me a life time. All of this stuff will be happening fairly slowly due to university commitments and whatnot but I'll keep this thread updated and I'll be happy to answer any questions on Discord / PM's. Please be gentle, I'm learning. I should have one or two textures available for you guys to use by the end of tomorrow hopefully!
  5. First of all, welcome to the forums! Personally, I think that FOB's are far too easy to find in the game currently, especially on the smaller maps. There's generally a squad or two on an objective at any given time and they interchange roles fairly often. If the SL that takes out one FOB gets to see another one via intel then they'd be inclined to keep hunting FOBs all round. Of course, they can mark it for another squad to handle but overall the game itself is far too easy when it comes to finding FOBs and they don't last long if you're playing against a proactive team. Also, if you already haven't, I would recommend checking out the search function. Gathering intel has been discussed lots of times in the past including things like intercepting enemy comms, capturing enemies, finding things like laptops etc.
  6. @FeatherSton3 The Squad SDK pretty much has the same capabilities as UE4, so yeah.. you can dive in and make AI. Some people have already done some tests a while back and it worked fine! As for how @Axton did it, I don't think it's even AI based, rather just something more simple like events in a specific order (player calls it in, a delay with sound effects, mesh (A-10) spawns in etc). I could be wrong though.
  7. Read all about it here!
  8. There is no confirmation or mention of such a weapon outside of heavier support weapons like the .50 cal and vehicle based weapon systems which currently do this. If we see some bolt action rifles like a Mosin Nagant come in, I would expect it to be the same as current marksman rifles - a hit to the chest which will need urgent bandaging (with the current medical system) otherwise you're as good as dead. Outside of that, I wouldn't count on it. I must add though, what a lot of people think are centre mass / chest shots actually end up hitting the arms.
  9. Even if it was the way PR did it, it would be a lot better than people currently running around with stiff arms in my opinion. Makes everything just look so stiff and bland from my perspective.. also makes the game feel like it's a constant rush, run and gun fest because all everyone looks like they're doing is running with their weapon up like in most casual shooters. It's a nice bit of added visual candy that can help relax people and give them something else to look at other than a guy with his weapon up 100% of the time (of course I know it goes down when sprinting). There's more points to it, but outside of it just looking more relaxed and natural it's a case of you either like seeing it or you don't. I believe the devs said at one point in the past few months that they're going to have separate 1st person and 3rd person animations so they could do different things. The sauce for that is buried somewhere in one of the Discord servers.
  10. karasu

    Awesome stuff, Drecks. Keep it up!
  11. The chronicles of the HAT continue.
  12. So, this happened today. Pretty cool sight once you see it from both perspectives. Happened during CCFN 66 and @Mother got unlucky (and experienced a bug too, oops.. #blamenordic)
  13. ^^ Existing topic. /Locked.
  14. You're playing a standard force that uses a uniform if it's a conventional force, you're definitely not playing a game where one guy playing in the US Army is going to be wearing UCP, one Scorpion W2 and the other Multicam.. that's just way out of the scope of what this game is shooting for (a standardised and unified Squad). It works for Militia because that's how it is in real life.. but for a conventional force that's supposed to be standard infantry? Nope! I'm well aware there were instances of transition phases where conventional forces had a mix of kits/camo because not everyone got it issued to them at the same time, but there's no point doing that in a video game trying to keep a unified and consistent team. If you're not playing a specific faction, you shouldn't have their camo. The US Army and US Marine Corps don't wear exactly the same kit, so just re-texturing them to MARPAT would set off all kinds of flags. It would definitely make it less authentic and it wouldn't carry over to other forces either. For example, you're not going to see a dude in the British Army running around in MTP and his mate looking like he's from 2004 with DPM with current time gear.. it breaks any and all feeling of consistency and makes for a team caring about "individual" gear instead of squad or team level choices (devs would either have to restrict choices, or we'd see desert dudes in lush green forests). Hopefully I explained that well enough for you to understand the point I'm trying to make. Of course, I'd love to see the USMC in the game at one point as much as you. It hasn't been fully denied by developers that the last faction they make is the British Army, but they haven't revealed information on any other faction besides that one. So it's safe to say the British faction is 100% coming into the game. Anything after that has not been confirmed, nor has it been confirmed that the devs will add another faction before the full release of the game.
  15. Alright fellas, I believe this thread has gone past its sell by date. Lots of maintenance and questionable posts on a rather subjective and sensitive topic that's not really related to anything grounded.. people do things for many reasons, mostly banter. That's all. /Lock
  16. Oh yeah, definitely the same here mate! We'll probably hear more about it later on, maybe see what's received some more attention worth displaying in the April recap.
  17. Honestly, I haven't seen 100% confirmation of this stuff all being in v10. Sure, the animation system might be done and implemented into v10, but that doesn't mean every single feature or module utilising it will come with it in the same version (for example, free look could come in but bipods/weapon resting could come at a later version, but overall the animation system itself would be in v10).
  18. Welcome! Don't be shy or afraid to tell your Squad Leader that you're fresh blood, most of the seasoned SL's love helping new players out. Hopefully your first match is a memorable one.
  19. Solid feedback, glad that you think that it's getting better over time! To answer some of your wishes/ideas regarding obstacles and bipod deployment, devs are hard at work in that area. It's definitely coming and here's a video if you haven't* been following development of Squad closely.
  20. It will be more obvious once something like localised damage gets worked on, you won't need magical indicators telling you because you'll be hindered in another way. However, smoke/fire is already a good enough indication and you should really pay attention to that. There's no point adding extra indicators to something that will change in the future, especially when most (and I am one of those) experienced drivers are careful with vehicles and it's what sets us apart from the newbies.
  21. Squad has yet to reach 100 players as a standard set up across all servers. It's definitely getting there, but something like that is no easy task. There's still a way to go for 100 and I somehow doubt the limitation of server capacity is relevant to that. Gotta cross the first bridge before looking ahead to expand above that!
  22. Yeah, friendly fire / damaging team mates isn't something you can turn off in Squad. It's sticking and it's something you'll have to learn to minimise yourself.
  23. Please use existing threads that cover the same topic next time. We don't need potentially controversial and sensitive topics being brought up all the time, the Squad community is vast and encompasses people from all around the world. Please keep this in mind, not everyone is from your country. /locked
  24. What I just said explicitly tells you why it's bad and would have a negative effect on gameplay, and the reasoning behind my thoughts on it from both "real life" and game perspectives. Bad. Lots of calculations/variables for something that isn't significant or doesn't provide much to deepen gameplay.
  25. That would just undermine any reason for a player to legitimately use suppression as a viable option. Now that I've mentioned suppression I'm going to say to anyone that thinks about replying and arguing whether it's useful or not in Squad: don't bother, there's threads for that. Anyway, it would give players more reason to shoot accurately and not bother putting rounds down range which is an extremely important thing in firefights and not enough people utilise it. As far as the real life effects of such a thing, that's more of a long term issue if it's not dealt with.. similar with scratches or minor cuts while moving through rough areas. I definitely think that it shouldn't attribute to any damage on the player, it's pretty irrelevant.. would require a lot of variables (for weapons, calibres, distance from impact, surface that it impacted on etc) for something really insignificant that could push gameplay towards the wrong direction. Now, you might say it would sway people to put rounds down range because you can potentially do more damage.. but from the current game and the general attitude of players who don't even use the support weapons like the RPK/SAW efficiently with suppression effects it definitely looks like they would just use those weapons to not bother supporting the squad, and focus on killing/hitting everything they possibly can like a marksman. You wouldn't want to stand near it, but you wouldn't die or take significant damage from it in the short term.