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  1. Had a look after talking with beginna and Nordic, my only suggestion is to try playing with different graphics settings for a while and see if it's consistent across the board - as well as trying different servers in other regions. Your times aren't really changing when you get the stutter but there's definitely something going on. Try Tournament Mode: Shadows = Medium, View Distance = High and every other setting is what you want it to be. Then switch between them here and there. It might be a pain in the arse but that's all we have to go off for now. If you find out it's still the same regardless of your settings then try playing on different servers in other regions - maybe it's network related. Edit: Also might be worth trying different Audio Quality settings in-game - from Epic to Low.
  2. A brief list on some of the topics mentioned in this stream: Vehicles: IFV's, Crewman Kit, Localised Damage, Repairs Weapons: Recoil, Sway, Suppression, Shotguns Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/247331082?collection=bUpJEJbyIhW9WA YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zP_EhxCqa0k
  3. Ultra-armoured motorbikes!

    @SpecialAgentJohnson You've had everything explained to you before. You've been asked to read the rules and the first thing you do is come back and go completely off topic almost breaking them again. Worry about yourself and actually follow the rules. If you have an issue, feel free to PM me. End of discussion. Stay on topic.
  4. Alpha 10.2

    Recap is coming. Find out in the recap, or at least see some things that may come with a11.
  5. Concerned

    This has been happening with Squad before it was even on Steam.
  6. Medic progression in Squad

    Back on topic please. Without the flaming.
  7. A Little Update from Merlin

    From the Alpha 10.1 change log: Although this is currently bugged, the devs are addressing name tags and it's something that they are clearly aware of. If anything, they're exploring different avenues before resorting to drastic measures like enable/disable options. That's not to say they won't do it in the future as a server side option for admins, but all of that is a bunch of things that should be left until the very late stages of development. Otherwise you risk splitting one game into multiple.
  8. Ultra-armoured motorbikes!

    You should probably test these things on a live server before making threads about it. Wild assumptions aren't really helpful to anyone, neither is feedback full of hyperboles. 27 rounds from the M240B (7.62x51mm) at 1m range. 54 rounds from the M4A1 (5.56x45mm) at 1m range. Localised damage is going to be a thing in Squad eventually so they'll be able to be disabled a lot easier before being destroyed. If the devs made them explode after 5 rounds they would be absolutely useless to people playing as Insurgents. It's a means to an end, not a final system.
  9. Rifleman --> Ammo Bearer

    I do believe the devs mentioned working on, or attempting to, a vehicle inventory component that would allow certain vehicles to carry some ammo for people to rearm at. This would be simple things that you'd expect in these vehicles though, such as regular magazines, maybe some grenades and field dressings etc. Things that can be easily carried around at a limited capacity by utility vehicles, IFVs/APCs etc. Haven't heard much on it but it was definitely mentioned by the devs in the past.
  10. New Maps

    Official maps: Yep. Currently there's a map in the works that the devs are hoping to include in v11 and that's Kamdesh. We've already seen this map in a recent development recap which you can read here: http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=259 On top of Kamdesh we have Fallujah which will be the crown jewel of Squad maps. There's no info on when it's releasing but we have seen coverage of its development. Here's a link to the most notable article: http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=219 Modded maps: There's a lot of servers that are empty but they have modded maps on them. Unfortunately most people don't want to seed a modded server, especially with no admins around to switch to different maps. We (modding community) are addressing this by setting up a modded server that runs 24/7 as well as running the Squad Modding Roundup event. At the current stage having a casual pub server is a little difficult because of various factors that will disappear as modding is developed more, but the events are something that people are enjoying and they've been streamed too. Simply put, modding is still being developed so its not only easier for modders to create content but for players to enjoy the mods too. There's a lot of work that Zak is doing behind the scenes to make all this happen. If you want to find out more about modded content feel free to join us at the Squad Modding Hub: https://discord.gg/a9f4FvW
  11. Hey what happened to 50 v 50??

    There's more pressing matters that need to be addressed before 100 players is ready. There's been several 100 player tests in the past, as mentioned above, but all that has to be learned from and moved forward with. It wasn't something for short term testing and then throwing out 100 players with the upcoming updates - it was about learning for the future. If the devs wouldn't have tested that up until today the situation would be much worse. Wouldn't expect it soon, there's more important issues to address. At most, the devs said they are hoping to be done by the end of the year. Either way, as always the devs will give us an update on that situation in a recap once it's time for it.
  12. Mod Integration With The Core Game

    Yup! There's a lot of awesome content out there being created by modders that matches the quality level of developers but there's no point taking it and including it into the game if there's no context behind it. The two weapons OP has shown is a great example. They're very well done, but what would the developers do with 2 weapons that belong to a specific military IRL? If modders were to say, make a full faction and it matches the quality AND it's made in line with the core gameplay of Squad, then it very well might be looked at by the developers and considered to be added in. Maps are currently the easiest to create in terms of compatibility. All you need to do is create a map and then put existing factions on it and it's playable. However, factions require weapons, vehicles, characters, equipment etc. Making a weapon pack would be useless from an integration standpoint unless it fits into the current factions, otherwise you would have to make a full faction for those weapons to have context. For example, if I make a Mosin Nagant, Lee Enfield and DP28 as a weapon pack, those weapons would be much easier to fit into the rest of the game through the Insurgents faction by the developers. However, RK95, RK62 etc are all weapons that belong to a specific military IRL. It all needs to be good quality, follow the core gameplay of Squad and most of all, have context within Squad.
  13. SQUAD uninstalled

    Locked. PS. Don't create accounts just to flame other people on the forums.
  14. Currently working on designing a map that's based on a real world location with additions and changes for gameplay. I want this map to work well with Insurgency, but also other games modes too. It's going to be a big one and it's influenced by a couple of Project Reality maps! Baby steps first though. Without getting too deep into it, I really like the game mode and hope it gets some TLC down the line, as well as more servers running it! However, it definitely needs some maps that are designed with Insurgency in mind. So, what do you guys think makes a good Insurgency map?
  15. @SlaveOfNorvegians You need to read through this before you post in this forum section again. Thank you.
  16. You guys are more than welcome to download the Squad SDK and make a mod that changes the RP mechanics into something more like Project Reality and test it on a server! Who knows, you might even end up making a PR: Squad in the end if everything works the same.
  17. Hello, We are making this PSA as there has been an increase in the amount of threads and posts that point fingers, name and shame and generally paint game servers run by different communities and clans in a negative light without any sort of constructive content. A lot of the times it's generally because players get themselves kicked or get into an argument with an admin. This does not mean you can come to this forum section to flame them out of spite. This forum section is for providing feedback to server owners/admins etc and not for personal reviews. This means that your post should be constructive. Please provide suggestions and/or solutions on how these servers can improve the experience and do not make your posts personal. This was the previous PSA in regards to being banned on servers and the same still applies: If you feel like you need to address a server admin by name then it must be a serious case and as such you should use this to report them: http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/241-report-server-admin-abuse/ If you do not provide constructive criticism your thread or post will be removed and warnings issued depending on the content. Thank you!
  18. Teamwork incentive

    Lets at least make an attempt to stay on topic. Thanks.
  19. Spotting enemies?

    I would recommend playing at 90 FOV if you're starting out to get used to everything. Increasing your FOV does have a pretty big impact on your vision, and it's generally a negative one if you're learning to play Squad. Things feel too far, hard to spot, blurry or fuzzy etc. Once you're comfortable with 90 you can just work your way up! Disregard if you're playing on an insanely huge screen. ReShade is also a good boost for people.
  20. How would you improve the G3?

    G3A3 is a beast. Every time I play Insurgents and I'm free to pick a kit, I'm picking the one with the G3A3 every time. It most certainly doesn't suck, but it's an acquired taste and you have to get used to it. It's just a vastly different weapon to all the other stuff we have currently.
  21. Turret movement speed

    I think having set maximum turret movement speeds or tweaking them further down the line to be slower might be something the devs will look at once there's more vehicles in play. Would be pointless developing such a system if they already haven't done so since there's bigger priorities out there. It's something the devs are already aware of though. This topic has been discussed many times in the past.
  22. Yup, absolutely love the revamped main menu. Definitely makes it feel like a more tied in experience!
  23. Movement too slow ?

    Personally I like the pacing, could do with a tiny tweak in a few areas but other than that I prefer it to v9. Prone to crouch/stand transitions are good and vice versa, people just need to adapt to different methods of movement and approaching areas. However, the 3rd person sprinting animation feels like the soldier is running super fast due to the animation but in 1st person it feels fairly slow. I feel like any increase to sprinting is just going to slowly allow pre-v10 rushing everywhere to become a thing again. Plus, I've found it more fun to jump into an APC/IFV and get a ride to a different position than aimlessly walk/run everywhere. People need to utilise the transport capability more and not use it purely just from main base at the start of the game. There's more to Squad than just getting a ride at the start of the round and then doing everything on foot after.
  24. No Mainstream Youtubers Playing Squad

    They'll play it again when the game updates. There's no science behind it and the devs don't need to reach out to them personally.
  25. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Lets steer away from the personal in-game run ins and instances, thanks fellas @PolishKruk & @Robin Sage. As for v10 ruining Squad, nope. Rush meta being dead? I don't think that will ever die. There's always something to rush and there's always someone out there looking for it. If you're the sort of person who loves to rush, loves to find that one ultimate route, loves to block caps etc - that will still exist for you. The only thing that changes is that you will have to work for it by actually clearing and securing an area. Want to dedicate 9 guys to blocking first cap? You still can. As far as I can see, maps and layers still behave the same way they do before. You just have to make sure that you clear it out, secure and hold it for as long as you can if blocking the first flag is so dominant/important to you compared to just sitting on it. If anything, this simple change does this: 1. It forces the rushing party to be more proactive, search and actively engage enemies on the flag (for the case of people raising the fact that sometimes the other team just leaves one person to cap their initial flags). 2. Opens up the possibilities of exploring different styles of strategy once v10 releases. That's correct. If that's the beauty of Squad then why would such a simple change ruin it, or kill a meta that will always exist in one form or another? Rushing won't die, it'll just eventually shift from rushing first flag into rushing something else. If you're a Squad Leader that loves to rush, by all means, continue. There is absolutely nothing in the game mechanics that will stop people from spawning in, dashing for their vehicle of choice like crazy and stressing over how many seconds they've wasted on their exit out of main base.