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  1. I think this should have been mentioned (and it has several times actually) before the mocap sessions.. Anyway, SgtRoss did hint towards something similar to faction specific animations but whether we'll see it in-game is a different story. The devs have definitely considered it though, so it's nothing that they haven't thought of.
  2. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    SgtRoss definitely had weights in his rig, he confirmed that much! Maybe, just maybe, they could be faction specific actors. Oooh yes, can't wait to see everyone looking smooth and natural!
  3. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    Always pushing it further peeps! I find myself thinking the same thing I did before the CPA days: I can't wait to run around in Squad.
  4. Free Candy Van [Prime]

    Please read through this

    As I understand, you have been banned from this server and your appeal was denied. What you posted doesn't quality as Game Server Feedback, and it's only convenient that you're posting after being banned from this particular server. Although many try, this section of the forums isn't for "shaming" or "calling out" servers and server admins after they already denied ban appeals. Unless you have valid, constructive feedback for this server, don't post in this thread. I would suggest you just let the ban go and play on the dozens of other popular servers where hopefully you'll follow the rules and avoid getting banned there. Reading and understanding server rules is important, as is information on forums:
  6. Well, baked lighting/shadows require a bunch of prep stuff, one of which is decent lightmap UV's. That means pretty much every single asset will need a separate UV set for the lightmaps. I'm not sure if the devs did this or not, but if they haven't that a huge bit of work for essentially "nothing" to the standard player. For example, it would be the same as reworking a system so it's more flexible but to a player there would be no obvious improvement. There's a lot of back end work, it's not as simple as flicking from Movable to Static/Stationary on the light source. Additionally, I don't want to imagine how long building the lighting on a Squad map would take. CPU CPU CPU! Honestly, that could just be a setting on the map itself that may have been overlooked if you say different layers look better. Personally, I play on Tournament settings (med Shadows, high View Distance) so I don't notice it but when I play regular pub matches I enjoy pumping everything up because the game feels better overall.
  7. The lighting and shadows might get another pass eventually, but it's not as important as other aspects. The devs most likely want to lock down performance first so that they can spend any "free" FPS on improving the visual fidelity of Squad. You can't just crank up the shadow quality without working somewhere else first, otherwise we'll go back to most players having really bad performance. Additionally, the grass in Chora feels like it doesn't fit because of the colour and density. Chora itself (irl) has some pretty green, lush areas that provide a nice contrast to the general arid environment like here: For obvious reasons, this is extremely difficult to pull of in Squad. You would need some pretty dense level of foliage to get that kind of look to feel right and most likely an additional material in the Landscape Material that looks like a different, more saturated ground so it blends with the grass to make it appear more dense (grass doesn't feel dense if you can see bright sand through the gaps). To the average player it looks wrong, even if they might not know why. Little to no green grass sprinkled over what is 99% a sand/arid ground can set some alarm bells off for people. Shadows do help "ground" assets into place though, no matter what they are. Personally, I feel like the grass is too large in terms of scale, but the smaller you have the grass mesh the more dense you need to lay it out to cover the same space.. so there's nothing that can be done there really. I wouldn't worry too much about it. They'll either do a pass on them again in the future or they'll have to remain because of performance reasons. It wouldn't be that much of an issue if the majority of players had beefier PC's but that's what the devs have to deal with, so they had to cut back somewhere and shadows was one of the big killers. The devs are most certainly aware of this though, they just have other priorities and have to look elsewhere first!
  8. ParaPlays Squad ► Videos and Tutorials

    For the sake of not spreading misinformation to other people in the community and trying to put the developers in a bad light I'm going to make a minor correction there: kicked for not following the rules and leaking information you shouldn't have. Simple. Doesn't matter what you do for the game, there's no special treatment.
  9. Are there any bot mods yet?

    Guys, relax. No need to butcher people over such a simple question/idea. Please stop posting OT content for the sake of trying to be funny, if you aren't going to be discussing the topic properly, don't post in the thread at all.
  10. Assets and FOB Costs

    Wouldn't be surprised if something like this already in the works, planned or already been discussed by the designers on the team. It's a decent thought and coupled with resupplying and repairing costing resources per use it would definitely put more emphasis on FOBs being actual bases instead of a spawn point. Even mortars made FOBs feel more persistent than before, as opposed to it feeling like a glorified rally point for the team to just drop down and run from. However, the end result will most likely be the same in terms of current gameplay. FOBs are still a priority to take out, purely because of the power they hold when it comes to attacking and defending objectives through respawns, resupplies and repairs. Adding more ticket value to them will just shorten the duration of matches, so just take that into account when thinking of such an idea.
  11. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    PR forums here as well! Was a no brainer for me.
  12. The Wrench - May 2017 Edition

    Check out the May 2017 edition of The Wrench right here! We're still alive and doing well.
  13. Squad Not In Steam Sale

    Best to just chill for a few hours or leave it until tomorrow. It won't disappear and it'll save you the headache from Steam pages not loading or even transactions messing up.
  14. Al Basrah feels Somewhat Empty?

    Performance performance performance. Could easily add props and dress building interiors, could easily make a vertex paint material for the buildings to add more detail as well.. but that would definitely impact performance! That's a lot of buildings.. and even more props and material elements. Personally, having made some of the buildings, I now know what I can push further in the future. They're pretty simple buildings, but that's where you have to start if you don't know how much it would affect performance at such large quantities for so many players. The devs are pulling it off with Narva and the Eastern European kits though, so there's a lot to be learned from them as well. Maps will improve more and more. Although the tech is far ahead as FelipeFritschF mentioned, the general design might not be because there's a lot of unexplored territory with this kind of game. You have to make maps and buildings to learn what you can and can't do and what you can push further, only then can you improve upon it. Go look at earlier versions of Logar, you'll see exactly what I mean.
  15. Please no shovel melee

    What's the deal? Don't like it, don't use it. Don't like other people using it? Find a server with like minded individuals. Join a clan, be a part of the community. Problem solved. If people want to break teamplaying, be trolls or a nuisance on the server they'll do that any way they can find. Can't develop a game in fear of people misbehaving.