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  1. The Road to Modding

    It's happening!!!!!!
  2. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Very nice! Reminds me of those cool military photographer deployment pics, always something going on in those shots. Cool post too.
  3. Think about short term methods and long term methods. Pilot qualifications, flights hours and other management elements are a long term method for a game that's already complete and wouldn't require things like stat resets or constant maintenance as more content is added. There's a difference between something necessary for the community and gameplay and something that is suited for the long term. Starting FOBs with resources back in the CPA days? Short term, we had no vehicles and the community (the majority, not us) wasn't ready for proper logistic runs. Yet people thought it was something permanent. If you're implying something like vehicle claiming is something that "already exists now", then make it clear. Put some proper effort into the post.
  4. Let the playerbase handle that aspect. Bad pilots will be known. Good pilots will be known. Serious servers will hand out punishments to the really bad pilots who don't spend some time practicing to become better, or asset wasters. It's an aspect that has been talked about many times previously but the community can handle that stuff itself. If someone is a bad pilot, they'll want to either become better or they'll risk getting kicked or banned for wasting assets unless they put the time in to become better.. which means they'll either practice or they won't fly on the servers they like to play on. No need to throw layers of "security" and restrictions or requirements into Squad. The beauty of it is that you learn to become good at things and you get recognised for it.
  5. August 2017 Recap

    Recaps have never been about showing you what's coming in the next patch, or "soon". It's a recap of development and even then they don't show every single thing that was worked on throughout the month. Artists that model and texture work on things a lot sooner than the rest of the disciplines, that's why we'll see things that won't be in for a while. Awesome recap!
  6. PUBG does a similar thing, but I'm not a fan of the general concept itself. I just learned it the hard way, and would like to learn these things for the sake of having to think of other aspects in Squad than just have the same thought process as every other shooter. Just make sure you have plenty of space and position yourself properly. Not every single surface, window or opening should be open to shooting above or though. That's what makes Squad a little more than just a standard cookie cutter from map to map, everything behaves a little differently.
  7. Insurgency will get some more love. There's a lot of other things that are more important for sure, as mentioned above, some of which might even benefit future iterations of the Insurgency game mode. I love Insurgency in PR, but I wouldn't say no to the devs taking it one step further as they've done with Squad as a whole!
  8. They're no light or easy weapons to operate. They're probably not in now because they would be considered even more "useless" than their lighter counterparts due to there being no bipods, or significant suppression. Relax, when the time is right they'll mention them.
  9. More Persistent Game

    In one sitting? Probably not. Over the course of days/weeks? Absolutely! It would basically be the same as MSO back in the ARMA 2 days (in ARMA 3 it's ALiVE). If you could manage to get persistence working on the state of objectives, vehicles positions, FOB positions and whatnot then a persistent style campaign or mission would be cool. You probably wouldn't need to save every individual player location, just the spawn points.. that way everyone loads in where they want to and be organised. Of course, you'd need a bigger map (probably 6x6km or even 8x8km) and you would most likely have to run it as a series of events so that people can't just jump on in the middle of the game while most players are offline.
  10. [Discussion] What makes a good Insurgency map?

    Cool, thanks fellas! Definitely nodding in agreement with the points raised here and it should definitely help out anyone looking to make maps aimed at Insurgency (including me). I guess the final outcome will be all down to testing and feedback, but the current plans I have laid out should be decent enough for a variety of game modes, enough space for vehicle and troop movements but also sizeable enough to consider helicopters in the future. This is definitely something I'm considering doing. The dream is to have a couple of smaller Insurgent main bases on either sides of the map, but they will also be a little closer than the conventional forces main bases in other game modes. The map is basically an extended 4x4km area with the main bases for conventional forces being a 1km - 2km out for travel time and no chances to camp main bases from within objectives/closer compounds. I want the map to feel a bit like Khamisiyah from PR, so I'm hoping to capture those vibes!
  11. Currently working on designing a map that's based on a real world location with additions and changes for gameplay. I want this map to work well with Insurgency, but also other games modes too. It's going to be a big one and it's influenced by a couple of Project Reality maps! Baby steps first though. Without getting too deep into it, I really like the game mode and hope it gets some TLC down the line, as well as more servers running it! However, it definitely needs some maps that are designed with Insurgency in mind. So, what do you guys think makes a good Insurgency map?
  12. Since Steam Workshop support is in the works and getting closer day by day, lets have a discussion about modding! Just like the title says, what is your favourite aspect of modding in the Squad SDK? There's a lot to discover and experiment within the Squad SDK - from making maps, vehicles and weapons to creating game modes and making cool systems and mechanics. Personally, my favourite part is creating assets for mappers to use in their environments/maps. Being able to understand how the current assets are made is vital in being able to do this efficiently and to a good level of quality, so it's really cool sifting through all the assets the developers have used in their maps! Do you peeps have any tips and tricks to share with others about your favourite aspect? Please let us know!
  13. We would like to welcome the whole Squad Community, from players to modders, to the newly face-lifted Modding Forum Section. With Steam Workshop support looming closer and closer we have decided to rework the Modding forums in order to make room for organisation and the expansion of what we will be able to create for Squad, using the Squad SDK. As you can see we have split up the forums into different sections, we'd ask you to use them according to their purpose (if the name is not clear you can see that in the descriptions) To keep this part of the forums organised and operating efficiently we will be including templates at the top of each section that will provide rules and information on how to set up your threads. We would advise using these templates as they will make it extremely easy for everyone to understand what you're working on as a modder but also keep a level of consistency throughout the various sections. Simply reveal the hidden contents at the top of the sections and see what you need to do to get set up correctly! Some of the forums need Moderator approval for threads to be unlocked (to ensure they are up to par), but fear not, our Moderation team is rather quick! We have a couple of Forum Moderators that will be joining us, as well as creating content with us since they're modders that helped establish the Squad Modding Hub Discord server. @Zeno965 @Mitsu @r0tzbua We are going to be archiving nearly all old threads as a lot of them are outdated and do not conform to our new templates and standards, so if your previous thread disappears please don't panic! It's not deleted and you can resubmit it in a new format should you still be working on any previous projects. You can also still find it in the "Archive" section, which will stay up for some time. Should you have any concerns regarding your old threads, feel free to PM myself or the three Moderators listed above and we will get back in touch. We're all looking forward to what the community will be able to roll out come Steam Workshop support, as well as begin creating once they're fully able to test in a live game environment! See you on the other side!
  14. The Wrench - July 2017 Edition

    The community has been busy as ever with creating content in the Squad SDK. Check out the July 2017 Edition of The Wrench over at this link!