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  1. Good stuff. I edited the thread title the match the rest of them and pinned it. Please do note I will be cleaning the thread up as well - so if your post disappears, it's to make sure it's clean and easy for the devs and QA to sift through. PLEASE REMEMBER TO POST SCREENSHOTS WITH THE MAP OPEN SO THE LOCATION IS VISIBLE, EVEN IF IT'S OBVIOUS. Thank you.
  2. How to communicate with a moderator here?

    I have sent you a PM.
  3. The End of Humvees? :(

    We can speculate all we want but the HMMWV is gone due to licensing issues. Nothing more, nothing less. It's a legal issue and as such won't be discussed in public. I'm locking this thread as the answer is out there already: licensing.
  4. Animation System Update

    Honestly.. after spending years with that magwell clamp hand seeing the regular handguard/rail method is refreshing. It probably looks really awkward with the way the weapon was shifted to be lower.
  5. Squad vs. Project reality: discussion

    Later on. First iteration is always basic implementation.
  6. Time stamped if you want to see the actual "fix". It was just a limitation of the old systems which the devs have been reworking. Locking.
  7. Any ETA on V10?

    The whole thing won't be but remember we don't know what the whole thing even contains. As SgtRoss pointed out, elements of it will come with v10. Multiple weapons and ammo types for vehicles, which is neato.
  8. Any ETA on V10?

    Not even close. That kind of thinking is blatantly misinformed and is causing you to have unrealistic expectations. What the modder made was a good effort and a solid starting point but that's not even 5% of the way of what is fully required for a real game. Relax, go take a time out from Squad if it bothers you so much. v10 is coming. Edit: I have merged the threads. Please stop making duplicate threads.
  9. Waiting to see more raw stuff before I pull the trigger. They're pulling a lot of visually interesting stuff from the engine but it won't hold out the same with more realistic player counts. Things like tessellation is great and more performant in UE4 than it was previously and dense foliage looks great but you can already see that the grass has extremely short draw and it really shows in elevated positions. For me, it kinda kills the overall feel of the environment. Gameplay wise.. haven't seen anything different yet. Hopefully they've been paying attention to OWI and how they've been making Squad using Unreal Engine 4. They've definitely paved the way for large scale games with large player counts. Up and up is the way. The more developers get involved with these types of games the more improvements the engine will see. That's good for all of us! I'll most likely get it though. I can see myself playing it every now and then.
  10. Don't read too much into it and don't be an elitist. I can play all the shooters no problem. I've played years of ARMA, years of Battlefield, years of Call of Duty and now Squad as well. I can still enjoy them for what they are. Everyone is different, some of you guys might not even be able to step foot outside of Squad, some of us can play any shooter. You guys should stop painting everyone with the same brush.
  11. Timeline and deadlines.

    Yup, Psyrus nailed it. If you're worried about Squad never leaving Alpha - don't be. The developers are in a good financial situation that has allowed them to not only expand their team to speed up development but also to be able to cover the development costs of finishing Squad itself. Irontaxi has mentioned this several times but Squad will get finished and the only thing that would stop them is themselves if they decided to pull the plug on the project. Which, obviously, they won't because a lot of the developers are working on a game they want to play and enjoy themselves so the motivation is absolutely there.
  12. He doesn't need to state a reason why, but quite obviously it isn't a decision based on impulse. Things like this have been discussed to death in various places years ago. If that's their decision then it's something that doesn't fit into the grand scheme of things along with their vision of the game. That could be the default reason you can think of. After all, it's their game.
  13. Text way too small in 4K

    I run a 27inch 4K monitor and at first I thought the text was extremely small. However, I've gotten used to it now. I wouldn't say no to some minor text scaling but nothing too crazy, I actually enjoy having the text take up a lot less space. It's less intrusive and lets me focus on playing!
  14. New animation system differing by factions?!

    Would like to note that the devs had someone trained and with experience (Sgt Ross) during mocap sessions but also someone that hasn't got that kind of experience (I believe that was Kevin). Interpret that as you will. Sauce for this is somewhere on Discord and reddit too if you want to look for it in context.
  15. Ammo Placement

    Dig deeper you might find more hints and goodies. Secretly hoping for physical supply crates and to be able to demo emplacements, some fortifications and crates.