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  1. Anybody get any footage with me in it? :P

    Hey, it's Baker. I remember playing with you as SL, and I did record some rounds
  2. RPG is a shape charge...

    How will this be choosen? Will every RPG Gunner just have each of those rounds (but only one of each ofc), is it kit-based (HAT, LAT, Anti-INF RPG?), or limited/other?
  3. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    These all look fantastic. Maybe cut down on the blue background a bit?
  4. This what I'm currently working on:
  5. KSP Eva Jet pack Error

    You sure? I've been on the internet for a long time, and what I've learned is that there is no shortage of people who can't read or are very young.
  6. KSP Eva Jet pack Error

    Wrong game buddy. He thought that this was a forum for Kerbal Space Program, made by the developer SQUAD.
  7. LAV25 Vehicle Concept

    Oh IronTaxi, you so mysterious I'd be amazing if he's on the team.
  8. Best Map in PR:BF2 and Why?

    KOKAN. Best rounds were had on that map. Building a FOB in those fields while bullets are whizzing right next to you, ahhh... fun times. Also the new helo the Canadians got is bitching, so there's that.
  9. The Majestic A10

    It's a plane built around a gun, BRRRRRRTTTTTT...
  10. Changes From PR:BF2 for Squad

    Well, like a poster before said, U.S. forces driving around in a technical is unrealistic, but what if it's only limited the other way around? It is realistic that Taliban or insurgency would steal U.S. Humvees (see ISIS) and use them. This could also help with balancing.
  11. Community content WIP thread!

    I've been working on an Afghan map using assets from the Unity asset store, so I hope I can figure out a way to export everything to Unreal and actually learn how to use Unreal. ill post some screenies
  12. April 2015

    You're probably high, I don't see it
  13. April 2015

    Can we expect The May update still today?
  14. There isn't on the Humvees? For some reason I always thought there was, haha. Well, that answers it then!