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  1. EO| Exiled Order - Recruitment

    Our server is now running crash free at 72 players consistently, Feel free to drop by our website and apply/Drop by the server and play a couple rounds! Everybody is welcome!
  2. EO| Exiled Order - Recruitment

    We will be live streaming our Clan match against HSG Elite on the 30th, z-trooper will be casting it! If you are looking for a like minded tactical group thats fun to be around, and gets shit done... look no further. www.ExiledOrder.com
  3. We're ready to rock and roll. Few smalls tweaks here and there and we're golden!
  4. EO| Exiled Order - Recruitment

    We are now at 50 members! growing by the day, our winter furlough is over and we are starting to gear up in the competitive sense. Click my signature for the website! :)
  5. US Marine, Reporting In

    Welcome to the party Kaburan! Always welcoming fellow hard chargers into our midst! www.ExiledOrder.com - we do things the right way.
  6. EO| Exiled Order - Recruitment

    the website is back up! we had to swap providers because the other one sucked. but... WE'RE BACK N STRONGER THAN EVER!
  7. Just wanted to say Hi

    Welcome to the party that never ends!
  8. Servers for Communities

    from what i can gather, you need to have bought the founder specific package to have access to host the servers till the 15th... we're planning on getting 3 or so too.
  9. EO| Exiled Order - Recruitment

    Great job this morning guys, we smashed em!
  10. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    Steam servers are bout to shit themselves.
  11. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    awww yis! lets do this!
  12. Combat Footage

    Here's a couple of my boys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPApDTUb7QM <iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/XPApDTUb7QM"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  13. EO| Exiled Order - Recruitment

    Check your email good sir :)