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    Game Server Rules:
    • All actions in-game must be in a professional manner, for both EO| tagged members and the public.
    • Excessive team-killing is not allowed. Accidental team-kills must be deemed as an “accident” by both parties that were involved.
    • Attacking and uncap/main/base will result in a ban. We do not tolerate this and can/will be considered as a permanent ban. You as a player may be able to appeal this on our forums via the “Ban Appeal” form.
    • Racism is NOT allowed, failure to comply with this will result in a; 1. Warning, 2. Kick, and 3. 48 hour to Permanent ban from all servers.
    • Please respect all players, members and admins while playing on our servers. During any issue, a server admin will have the final say.
    • Promotion of other clans/communities on our server(s) will not be tolerated. i.e: Squad name being blank.com



    Important Contacts:


    If you have any further questions or inquiries about Exiled Order, please contact the listed Admins above or even hop on our discord server.