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  1. Pre- Destroyed buildings?

    I look forward to seeing if the devs take any interest into this being added into the map/s that are present or upcoming.
  2. Pre- Destroyed buildings?

    I know having destructible buildings has been brought up, and while it would be an awesome addition to the game, (imo) it's probably not feasible, as discussed in some of the threads I've read. My question is: Does anyone know if the devs intend to make a map that is more war-torn and has most of the buildings pre-destroyed? Examples of destruction would vary from building to building, and they could be as little as some noticeable chunks missing in the walls and some clutter and trash on the ground inside the buildings, to as much as an entire building bombed out and collapsed in on itself. I'm mostly thinking of the new Fallujah map coming up in terms of where this would be a great addition. The reason I think this would be a great addition to the game is because it will not only look more realistic, but it will allow for better gameplay, considering that now you can enter a building not only through a door, but a hole in the wall, or maybe your now able to shoot through a sniper hole or lob a grenade over the walls in one of the rooms because the roof is collapsed. I've been to Iraq and Afghanistan and have seen just how much destruction can happen to cities and villages, it sometimes gets to me during game-play that the buildings, (especially Al Basrah) are all in perfectly good shape. I'm just curious to see if anyone has discussed this and if the map designers plan on implementing this into a map down the road, and I apologize if it's already been brought up. The only threads I have found on the subject have to do with buildings being destroyed in a battlefield or arma manner. Thanks for your time.
  3. List of Suggestions

    Appreciate the reply. That's a shame about the sniper class.. Oh well.
  4. List of Suggestions

    EDIT: To be more specific, the Scout Squad consisting of mortars and snipers would mean the mortar team has 60mm mortars and can move around and set them up wherever. The snipers would be able to decide between a couple rifles, such as the SR-25, and M88 50.cal, etc.
  5. List of Suggestions

    Hello, I feel like squad is moving in a great direction and have been with this game from the start. After being in the Infantry for almost 9 years, this game is a very decent representation for the feel of combat, and it's why I keep coming back to this game. I've compiled a list of ideas that could make the game a smidge better in my opinion. If any of these "ideas" have already been suggested, then I apologize. Hopefully at least one of the ideas will appeal to the community. SO here is the list. * Commander-(or Lt.) Each team should have one commander, and he can have a medic and 2 riflemen attached to him. This way the commander can constantly be looking at the map, and directing the SLs on where to move and what to hold, etc. Too many times I've been in game and the SLs don't know which squad should go where and sometimes you have a random squad just off in the hinterlands drinking margaritas or whatever they're doing. The Commander can also assign new SLs if the ones in play are unresponsive or toxic, etc. Obviously it shouldn't be one-sided, so if the majority of the SLs don't like the commander, they can vote to kick him/her. * Team Leaders. Each squad should have 2 team leaders so that a squad leader can delegate information and actually do battle drill 1A. It's hard to take contact, and then flank the enemy without having 2 teams for fire and maneuver. I suggest that the team leaders be outfitted with the m4 and acog. and then on their team they can have 3-4 people consisting of whatever weapon they choose. * Scout Squad. One squad on each side should be a scout squad. The scouts would consist of snipers and mortars. The SL would be in charge and one of the team leaders would command the snipers and the other the mortars. The other SLs can rely on the Scout SL for recon of areas, providing fire support, or even having over-watch when moving to an obj. The possibilities are endless. The reason this is ideal is because then you can have snipers and mortars at the range they need to be without splitting up personnel from the main squads. The Sniper Team should consist of 2 snipers, and the Team Leader choosing either an M4 or Saw and having a spotting scope to help identify and call out target to his guys. The Mortar team can consist of a team leader and 2 personnel. The squad leader and a medic can choose to follow either team or sit back and direct them from afar. * Role set-up and team room. When the match starts, and you have the 3 minutes of prep time, each squad should have their own team room with a locker or booth and a table in the middle. Ammo and etc can be all over, just making it look like a ready room. The idea of the room is to outfit your squad with the roles they need to fill before stepping off. So, your Commander will tell the SLs the intent of attack and what each squad will need to have. The SLs will then make sure their squads are outfitted appropriately. (This whole idea is more for looks and not much else I guess.) Link is to see what a team room looks kind of looks like. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjvhsCW4LTYAhUC2GMKHabQB5sQjRwIBw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fexplore%2Fmarsoc-marines%2F&psig=AOvVaw2gvm5ITdukizqssj3cTANj&ust=1514826900621869 * Vehicles Certain vehicles, (or all, idk) should carry some LATs. They should be accessible by going to the back of the vehicle and hitting a key to grab the LAT weapon from it. This way these vehicles can deal with armored vehicles without having to sit there and dump hundreds of rounds into a each other. Each vehicle could carry like 2 LATs. Gunners should also be able to free fire with their weapons if they choose too. For example, if an enemy is close to the MAT-V and you can't get your 50. on him, then you should be able to move to your SAW or M4, whatever, and fire at him. * More? I have plenty more ideas, but these are just a few. If any of these are worth looking into, please give feedback. If you want me to list off more ideas, let me know. If not, I understand. Thanks if you actually read all of this. I appreciate your time!
  6. Slow Animations

    Might be in the wrong place for this, and it may have already been brought up, but I think teams in the squad would be nice. An alpha and bravo team leader to help command and control guys so the squad leader isn't having to worry about eight other dudes all at once..
  7. The Weapons Thread!

    This is very true, unless you spend your own money to upgrade your weapon. However, it seemed that Squad was kind of modeling their US forces from the 75th RR, so I figured the block II would be the correct way to go. If not, no problems. Plus I am sure mods will be available anyways.
  8. The Weapons Thread!

    The look of the M4.. Look up M4A1 sopmod block 2, and you will see what I mean.. The RIS II is something I would enjoy seeing on the rifle. I understand we will be seeing the attachments, but primarily I think the aesthetics of the M4 should be changed to the block 2.
  9. The Weapons Thread!

    The ONLY thing I would very much enjoy seeing is that the M4A1 be upgraded to the M4A1 SOPMOD block 2. Batt and most other US SOF prefer, and use the sopmod block 2 over the regular M4A1, and block 1 variant. I'm tired of seeing a stock M4 in every game I play, and would love for this to change. When I saw the M4 in videos, I immediately thought the guys must be cooks or something, considering the rifle only had a 68 sight on it. I'm in the Infantry, and we would consider it a joke to receive our rifles looking the way they look now.