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  1. Server not appearing in Browser

    How did u fix it?
  2. No spelling or format mistakes . Reinstalling the Squad server remains the same. Any ideas?
  3. topic to delet. solution:
  4. Server log damage record

    And save log by date ,plz.
  5. That's nice! Can't wait to see it. P.S: PlayerName shows well when you are in CameraMan, hope it help you guys.
  6. Take Chinese as an example. At present, we can use Chinese in Server's name ; use Chinese in Squad's name. But in ServerMeassage, even though you set the right Character Encoding of Message.cfg, it shows well only in console , the same as player name which has chinese. If there is a solution , it will be more easy to manage server and communicate. :P
  7. comfirmed that it's all DDOS fault. It's seems that someone ddos server which is full/ nealy full. :unsure:
  8. I tested it in a empty server and found that server FPS is below 10FPS ,only 1 player, which map is Logar Dawn... So I decide to use default setting and didn't have further test despite freguent crash when server is full...However, thx for your tips, looks like it works for others.
  9. After the latest update, OWLS server have experienced for many times. When the server is full or nearly full, process "Interrupts" randomly increase CPU usage to 100%,and then all the clients disconnected from the server. After 1 or 2 mins, server can be accessed again,however, the map and even the FOBs , remain the same. P.S: I used HDD TUNE to scan the ssd, and it is fine.Also I asked server manager to change the SATA cable, and the driver is fine.
  10. Server Feature Requests

    Something like PRISM. :PCustom weapon skin
  11. OWLS Squad Server Server Name [CHN] OWLS Squad #1 @ www.SquadChina.com [CHN] OWLS Squad #2 @ www.SquadChina.com Server Location Zhejiang Province, China. Server Rules NO HAX / EXPLIOTS / RACISM / GRIEFING / TROLLING STAY AWAY FROM UNCAPS - NO BASE RAPE NO DELIBERATE TEAM KILL NO ADVERTISING Server Admins =O.W.L.S=Zell =O.W.L.S=Nine =O.W.l.S=LeeShinodo =O.W.L.S=Panda42 =O.W.L.S=Espchen ······ Map Rotation Mapvote & Chosen by Admins Contact us admin@squadchina.com Website www.SquadChina.com More details will be released soon,and an English Forums will be set up for all asian squad players. Enjoy!
  12. Well, squadserver still works. But is it a protenial risk?
  13. 35696 link to , which seems to be the ip of squad forum, and 41765. Spectral did't mention it at "Setting Up Your Community Server" In the Application log of windows, Squadserver.exe have a warning every a few seconds. In these two days, I got 46,437 warning logs caused by it....