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  1. Do you think 500 tickets are too much?

    Honestly I think we are at a decent middle ground right now for battle times. In general a round can last between 45 minutes to an hour. With a few times even getting to 1.5 hours. If you start making them last more commonly in the 1.5 to 2 hour ranges, I think it may actually affect play-ability for much of the player demographics. Squad already takes a "certain" kind of player to be very patient. Increasing that could alienate some. I think if we were to increase the ticket count, it should be on a more local end (such as a clan server or events server) who want to create a very long battle for more hard core players. Don't mistake me here, I love the longer battles. I just think that the better option would be to allow ticket manipulation for special events, not all official servers a whole.
  2. Worth buying right now?

    As far is it goes for me, Squad is by far one of, if not, the best Early Access game I have played. Even early on when I started playing, it felt "Like a game," not like an "alpha/beta" If that makes any sense to you. Sure there are crashes, bugs, ect... but you actually do feel like you are playing something, rather than testing something that is inherently incomplete. The squad devs have done a great job making a playable game, long before they have reached their end goals. So for the above reasons, I do recommend it to people that I know when they ask: "Is it worth it." So far no one has been disappointed.
  3. Weapon jams every once in a while.

    The problem with "jamming" in any Shooter is that in real life the gun jamming is usually caused by the environment, problem in manufacturing and/or the care taken by the soldiers. It is hard to accurately and adequately replicate that in a game environment where your weapon only follows you to the end of the round. So even though jams are annoying in real life, and do happen, they are caused by something that make sense for the most part. For players in a game, it would be more of annoyance, and not really adding anything game-play wise to the game. For that feeling of "click" when the gun has no ammo, replicates the same effect. I think that does nicely, and we do not need that "click" to happen more often to improve the game.
  4. Please have and use a headset!

    To be honest, I do think to get everything out of the game, you do need a headset. However you do not "need" a headset to be a teamplayer. I have had people in the squad who had no mic, but listened to every order, followed every move and proved to be an essential part of the team. So it is not fair to say "don't buy the game." What may be better is to show these individuals how useful a mic is, and encourage them to get one. Keeping in mind, some people are just shy and don't want to talk online. That does not mean they should not enjoy the game like the rest of us do, They can sometimes better respond to orders then some players who have mics. Don;t forget, even lone wolfs can have microphones. They just choose not to use them.
  5. Welcome :) Looking forward to seeing more of what you bring to the team to make this game all the better :)
  6. Sniper Team

    It does not have to be sniper teams. I am a dedicated medic in pretty much every game. But when we are in a stable position and I am not needed for my healing, I switch to the binoculars, and spot for the team. Usually teaming up with someone who has some form of scope. I spot the targets, give their bearing in local, and he takes them out. So it can work well within the squad, not just as a separate sniper team. Just need to make sure, to switch back to medic mode when it is necessary.
  7. Strange bug. Double AI / Map

    Myself and a buddy also experienced this. We loaded into the beginning of a new round. Then immediately server changed maps, and we got stuck with this same UI bug.
  8. Getting the most out of your medic(s)

    Yes this is a point I was going to make. I pretty much only play Medic, and after a large firefight near a FB location, or on a compound and there a many casualties around, and you are "safe" behind the wall. It is extremely useful to have each squad mate near to bandage up a wounded fellow. That way, you as the medic can quick get them up one by one without having to swap back and forth for the bandages. Now if there are more than 1-2 medics. The medics should be able to handle it. But if only one medic is present, he or she really does need a hand when there are many casualties. Overall very nice tips and a great bit of help to someone starting out as medic, and those who are missing a few things :)
  9. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    I ended up hearing about it mainly through word of mouth from old PR teammates.
  10. buildable Generators

    Again, as others have stated, it is a neat idea and could be fun. However I do feel people are sometimes viewing FOBs as settlements in FO4. While it could prove useful on the night operations. I think the FOB defenders would rather stay hidden and quiet rather than a loud generator making noise over their voice coms and letting the enemy know exactly where they are. That being said, maybe some static lights in some compounds or buildings could be nice. Or even a fire in a barrel...ect.... on streets could add the same effect of casting shadows and so on. That might be a way to include some of what this suggestion has aimed to do.
  11. DLC World War 2

    Well first off. Yes WWII was the first War that saw this smaller squad based system used in large scale. (yes it was used in WW! as well, but this was not full on use, but a subset during larger offensives and grew out of trench warfare and the futility of 18th and 19th century line battle tactics.) It would work in a similar manner to how squad works. I did point out that you could easily argue the Squad system in Squad is compatible. However where I find it difficult to explain is that the atmosphere for me is not there. I feel it would need to be its own game, or the very least a complete overhaul mod. On a slightly different note, using Band of Brothers as a foundation fact is not the best way to push home the realism. While I do love the series. Its not complete fact. And I am quite familiar with the topic, as my field of study is History, and I am a History teacher :P While that does not mean I cannot be wrong, it does give me a grounds to which my feeling is based on from my own research and study. Like I said, I am not denying the Squad mechanics do make sense. But the overall feel is off for me, and I believe that the mechanics would need to be altered to suit WWII. By doing that, it is more than a DLC. At that point, it is a full conversion mod and/or separate game, just as Forgotten Hope 2 is when compared to BF2, and PR to BF2. The games have been inherently changed, to suit what they aim to provide, in the era they are meant to portray.
  12. DLC World War 2

    To me this would be an entirely different game if it was set during WWII. Making a DLC would really in essence be a re-skin because the mechanics are not set up properly for WWII. While one could argue the squad mechanics work even if brought back in time. The general feel is not there for a WWII shooter in my opinion. I cannot really put it into words why, it is just that the mechanics feel Modern. It would not make a good DLC. It would make a great separate game ;) I would rather see the current era fleshed out more, with factions and maps. Leave WWII to a second game or we will end up with a Battlefield Vietnam, official EA WWII mod ;)
  13. 100 man server. CHECK!

    I think they would probably want to test this a bit more before it goes live. These things take time.