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  1. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Is body dragging one of those things coming with v10, but not on that list?
  2. New animation system differing by factions?!

    Technically, each faction already has their own unique animations. Asymmetrical weapon options comes with asymmetrical reload animations. It wouldn't makes sense to give factions different movement animations that reflected experience and skill. However, if the RU, US, and SAS all have different body dragging training methods, it would be a plus to have those separate animations brought to the game. As far as prone animations, I've seen plenty of "terrorist" players with FPS skills that far exceeded their RU/US opponents. It would be contradicting if their characters movement animations were sloppy and unrefined. Though, I suppose it wouldn't matter for players of that caliber. You would be dead before ever seeing them, let alone critique their movement animations.
  3. Body Dragging?

    Hmmm...never really thought about using the incapacitated guy as a shield. I haven't seen the actual animation to realize how much cover that body provides. Wonder if they'll do something to disable the projectile collision. The problem with bandaging a body where it was shot, is that they usually fall within the crosshairs of the person who shot them. I find it ironic that your name has "sniper" in it. Smoking the location is usually the first step before trying to bandage an exposed body, but smoke makes a nice "general location" marker for enemies to lob explosives at. Personally, I will still bandage people before dragging their body behind cover or in a building. As long as I stop the bleeding so they don't bleed out. I will then mimic the sounds of virtual combat, while discharging my weapon at imaginary foes. All the while I'm dragging more incapacitated bodies into the room. Between trips I'll promise the others that I will fully revive them once I've dragged the last body from the combat zone. Then....I'll have a room of human pets, all to myself.
  4. Body Dragging?

    Can we get an update on the body dragging mechanic? Is it still planned for full release? Is it even viable? This mechanic was one of the features advertised before Steam release, and imo what set it apart from most of todays shooters. So many unnecessary tickets have been lost already. Good tickets, with mother and father tickets, waiting for them to come home. How many more tickets must be lost before something is changed? Seriously though, it's been 2 years and this mechanic seems to be forgotten. Honestly, I wonder how many of the people playing this game now remember, or even knew about it? I hope it is still in the works. For those who don't think it's that big of a deal for the devs to spend resources on it, I hope this video changes your mind.
  5. reward for winning?

    I get what this guy is asking. I just think he couldn't find a way to say it without sounding like he is entitled to a "cookie" for winning. So lets rephrase this in a way that affects people who are in it for the fun factor, and don't care about the winning. If I'm having a bad day, what's stopping me from trolling others to ruin theirs? Like my favorite, taking SL and blasting music over command channel until everyone on my team leaves. How about team killing until just one tk away from auto-kick, re-log and repeat. Simple things, like following your aggressive stealth squad into enemy territory who are trying to flank, then unloading your clip in the air while typing their position into all-chat. Cosmetic rewards would be nice, but I think a W/L ratio attached to your profile would suffice. A nice player approval rating would be cool too, maybe even allow admins on personal servers to auto-ban players below a certain percentage. Though, I'm not entirely sure if Offworld is up to the task of designing a reward system. As you can see by the "Level" system on these forums, they simply reward people for any comment, progressive or retarded. The more comments made, the higher your level, or the more grey dots you get above your picture. This explains why the comments that lean towards the "retarded" end of the spectrum and are the least progressive towards the actual topic, are made by those who have the most grey dots above their picture. If they do implement a reward system, I hope it is more thought out than one we have on the forums.
  6. Special Forces

    I would personally prefer the victory percentage. With huge penalties to team kills. To keep people from going full-retard when the game isn't going there way. Its too easy to ruin the match for everyone at the beginning. One nade can take down half your team in the main spawn. You have to give something, before you can take it away as punishment. We call that taxes in America. This "ranking" can also be used to determine who's best suited for commander or SL. Those who have proven themselves efficient, therefore "decorated" in multiple classes, is probably the best player suited in determining how to use them all together, or coaching newer players on how to play their role. However, they are earned by victories. So, k/d is not a factor. If any mechanic of sort is implemented, the most important thing is that k/d is not a factor. If something encourages a medic to have weapon out more than his med pack, then the entire infantry and ticket system fails.
  7. Special Forces

    I specifically said the skins should be earned by victories (or victory percentage). As long as it attracts someone known for leading a team to victory, I really don't give a damn what kind of person they are. I also said the skins should be "optional", but could only be worn by the squad leader if the skin requires victories while squad leading to earn it. "Victories." Not kills, not score, not assist. Victory or victory percentage. Please read initial comment. A Combat Controller radio skin is just something I would personally like. However, I clearly said that multiple accessories or other options should be available to all classes. Just to add diversity. Though I'm sure its written in the Official Militia handbook, that all medics must wear beanies, everyone soldier with an RPG must wear a ski mask. If your SL is "terribad", that's a personal mistake because you're choosing to follow them. If you think you can do better, then create your own squad and let your squad mates know to switch if they don't like the SL either. If no ones joins your squad, well then the problem fixed itself. Unless you can provide an actual argument that I haven't already covered, don't bother or you'll just look like the jackass above.
  8. Special Forces

    Combat Controllers do use smoke, fired from there M302. There's not much media on them. However, a good example of what they're capable of can be seen in the first Transformers movie. Specifically, when they call in an A-10, then the AC-130.
  9. Special Forces

    Actually, I'm a veteran. What I said was an opinion. Which makes you ignorant. None of the bullshit quoted above has anything to do with what I said. I'm asking for skins as an incentive for squad leaders to actually lead squads, efficiently. Not to see how big of a super-FOB they can make in 2 hrs. Most people don't have the patience to deal with public players, including other squad leaders. I'm only asking for a cosmetic that will encourage teamwork, without changing the way the game currently functions. This shouldn't even matter to you, though. You're just a "forum warrior". Spamming useless comments to get a title like "company xo" above your picture. 5 grey dots! Your parents must be proud.
  10. Backer Tag Redeem!

    I'm obviously having issues still. I haven't noticed my weapon skins in-game yet either, and i've even been playing the squad lead role. My steam inventory shows that i have all of them though. I'm also showing the sound track, though i have no clue as to where I go to listen to it. I believe I bought my squad lead kit just a month before the pre-steam sale ended. Is that why I can't actually use any of my stuff, yet it says that i have it?
  11. Special Forces

    I just want special forces skins for the squad leaders. maybe skin unlocks you can eventually earn from so many victories while leading a squad or being commander. However, you should only be able to wear these while being a squad lead or commander. I would eventually like to see that same thing for all classes. Just please no actual weapons or gadgets (or OP camo). Only optional skins like berets, shades, patches, helmets, turbans, uniforms, beanies, balaclava, and bandanas. I would personally love to have the Air Forces Combat Controllers radio skin, while I mark an enemy FOB with red smoke for an air strike.
  12. Squad Creation - Mic Required Checkbox and Icon

    Hopefully they have a vote kick player mechanic in soon. For other reasons besides just the mic issue. I guess this forum topic is unnecessary once they implement the commander role. Assuming he'll have the power to remove players who refuse play the game it was meant to be. doing something like that is trolling in my opinion.
  13. Backer Tag Redeem!

    tag check
  14. Squad Creation - Mic Required Checkbox and Icon

    I quite agree with nightingale. Server admins should be able to make their server mic-required. Balancing wise, it would do wonders for the player experience. Matches that end with one team steamrolling another, is usually a result of the winning team communicating with VOIP. As to the losing team having only a portion who use it. I rage quit matches (or switch teams) due to the majority of my team not communicating with VOIP, more than I do to because I'm on the incredibly weaker faction. I've witnessed, from both sides, the Militia steamrolling the US on an open desert map, because the majority of the Militia are using VOIP. I will trade in my optics for a VOIP using team every single time. However, I shouldn't have to make that choice. VOIP teamwork is too powerful of a weapon to be left up to "chance". It should be available to all or no one in a match. I stopped playing Battlefield because of the lack of mechanics that demanded teamwork powered by VOIP. That's why I chose SQUAD.