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  1. Founder's Perks

    Disregard original. Thanks for the clarification about the steam system, Odin.
  2. Mouse offset

    @Keylimepie24, @Alpha-Charlie-Sierra @2.FJg-Dietl @Jaddow (I've noticed multiple posts about this and I'm going to tag them here since they haven't had any responses but this is just the first page - there are MANY more), I have the same issue, also running 1440. I've been playing since pre-release without issues. This turned up two patches ago. The issue was brought up then but it faded into oblivion. After the first patch, I kept quiet as I hoped the second would fix it but no dice. Mouse is off by about two inches to the lower right on 1440p and when I do get in a server the map is huge and I cannot spawn. @beginna [removed tags; beginna], if I launch the .exe in administrative mode I don't have this issue BUT the anti-cheat will not load so I cannot play. Windows taskbar is at the very bottom by default. The Compatibility idea does not work. Changing resolution to 1080 does not work. I tried to record in NVidia but it would not record. I exited all programs with overlays and restarted, still had same results. I've tried setting Steam to launch it in admin mode but still the same issue. The problem is only corrected if I launch the .exe by itself in admin mode but anti-cheat will not load so i cannot play online (is this a bug within the anti-cheat software?) but, like I said, the anti-cheat wont load with it. Setting the anti cheat to load with admin does not work as well. I've been with you guys since the days of Project Reality (It's actually where my handle came from way back then!). Is this annoying for us? Yes, since we can't play. But, as a Founder (and somebody who still funnels money into Star Citizen, DayZ and Vive developer software) I know that issues will happen and bugs need to be stomped! Please let me know if I can run diagnostics or anything else you need from me. I tried to take a screenshot but it shows up as absolute black. I would love to play again, especially since the Stryker came out and I was formerly a Stryker Infantryman (both vehicle commander (manning the RWS .50 cal) and dismounted)! I have normal joe computer specs so I'm a little lost as to why I'm suddenly having these issues after two patches back: Drives have been reformatted. Same issue. Monitor: Acer G257HU smidpx 25-Inch WQHD (2560 x 1440) Widescreen Monitor Windows 10 (up to date - 10.0.14393 Build 14393) Processor: Intel i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz RAM: 32GB DDR4 Graphics: GTX 1080 Hard Drives: 500GB M.2 (Squad is on this) and 165GB SSD (Windows) ISP Internet Connection: 1Gig Download / 20 Upload Thanks! (Now back to the Quake beta) Edit: Here's a video from my phone. Sorry for the poor quality but best I can do since Shadow Play wont work in my Squad (it worked before I had these issues. Yes, I tried launching Squad with all overlays closed):
  3. Release: Alpha Version 9

    Great job! Like fine wine, Squad just keeps getting better with age!
  4. Resolution is screwed

    Yeah, super annoying. It's actually unplayable for me, now. Game will freeze and when I do get it started my mouse cursor is off and the map is huge in game so I can't spawn. And I have a really nice rig, too. I'm sure it will get fixed, though....
  5. doNico shooting in

    Welcome to the battlefield!
  6. I'm sure that Squad will have countless user-created mods and something similar will probably end up being one, although I'm not sure how popular it would be. You never know.
  7. Hello all :D

  8. What job do you got?

    You win.
  9. AE-3465 (Dominguez) (DOM)

    Welcome! I too am a fellow '240 gunner. I was in the 25th ID (formerly 172nd Stryker Brigade) 1-5 Infantry out of Wainwright I'm in a group that has some Infantry guys, feel free to check us out at ExiledOrder.com and hop into our TeamSpeak one of these nights!
  10. [EO] Exiled Order - Recruitment

    We're still looking for a few players who enjoy teamwork, having fun and want to compete with us in Squad League! Check out our site at www.ExiledOrder.com and hop into TeamSpeak with us!
  11. What job do you got?

    I work in Higher Education, specifically with International Students (although I am changing careers in Feb).
  12. CAN YOU SAY IT?!?

    I failed both. :unsure:
  13. [EO] Exiled Order - Recruitment

    Fantastic game, last night and thanks to everybody who joined up with us! Desmo's side was certainly an aggressive opponent.
  14. Need help on Military.

    I have to back Mikey up, here. CABs are for non-Infantry and CIBs are for Infantry. That's the Army's equivalent of the Marine's Combat Action Ribbon. And the CAB is fairly recent in existence. Just because you have a CAB or CIB does not mean you were engaged in a firefight, especially the CAB. It depends on your leadership. I know of entire companies that got CABs because a mortar landed somewhere on their FOB and I know of Infantry Platoons that got CIBs because an IED blew up down the road and missed everybody. I also know of guys in my company and platoon who were engaged in firefights and hit IEDs but never were awarded their CIB. We had a badass a cook from our COP who rolled with us who earned a CAB but will never be awarded because he shouldn't have been there. What you wear on your chest is not always an accurate representation of your combat experience and if your leadership are turds or half-way out the door to ETS, you're not getting one. On the other hand, our Battalion's first ramp-brief at the FOB before we rolled out of the wire for the first time to move into our COPs was hit directly with a mortar resulting in the deaths of a few great guys. A girl well in the middle of FOB Marez at a fuel point was hit by a mortar and died. There were more, but we would only go to the FOB to refit so I didn't hear about it all. And don't forget about the FOB Marez DFAC bombing. So just because you're on the FOB doesn't mean you're in candyland either, although sometimes it does. It just all depends on if you're in the wrong or right place at the wrong or right time. I only feel so strongly about this because I know guys who have been completely screwed over on promotions and switching duty stations because their leadership effed them out of a CIB and the misconception amongst lower-enlisted and civilians is that you automatically get a CIB, CAB or Combat Ribbon for being a total badass and without one, you're a loser. Imagine being a SGT and going to a new squad and lacking a CIB you've actually earned? Your new guys will think you have no experience and sat in the chow-hall drinking Green Beans all deployment when you were actually kicking in doors every day and snagging HVTs. It's far more common than you think. Alright, thanks for putting up with my rant. I just wanted to clear up that misconception. I'll step off my soapbox now ;)