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  1. November 2017 Recap

    Any info on when the new insurgent player models will be out? Those have been bugging me for a long time. Was also hoping the animation update would change how the player holds AKs.
  2. Modding General Discussion

    Squad is the best milsim platform, I believe. It takes the best parts of an ArmA milsim community, and let's you just join a server instead of having to be a part of a community that's almost a serious as having a job. To take squad and give it many factions and wars in the last century would be ideal. The ultimate battle experience across many eras? It almost seems like a no-brainer to me. I worry that all the standalone mods just wouldn't have enough players. Only time will tell, but I doubt I'm the only one who gets a little wet at that idea. I'm sure some of the OWI devs would agree with me as well! But Pre-Alpha might be a bit too soon to speculate. Ahhhhh
  3. Modding General Discussion

    Are there any plans to incorporate some of the total conversion content that's being developed? I know they're accepting community content such as the Kokan remake, but what about the larger things? Entire factions and time periods? Is it possible that mods like Fallen Heroes, Post Scriptum, or Escalation:1985 will be merged? Kind of like Vietnam assets from Project Reality. I just feel like that diversity would add so much, without splitting the community. I can't ever seem to find a PR:WWII server these days...
  4. Community content WIP thread!

    The sooner we see Ia Drang v2... the better...
  5. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    So... will this find it's way into the main game?
  6. Today I got banned from a server by a dude name "TakeYourAderallAndSTFU" I got banned for saying "Take your aderall and shut the **** up" Just remember when you play on West Coast Tactical, never say anything ever because the admins are evidently easily tushie-troubled. I'm not saying you shouldn't play on West Coast Tactical. I'm just letting the server owner know that their admins have made everyone I know refuse to play on this server. Maybe you guys at WCT should look into that.
  7. Programs to record squad?

    Yeah I use OBS for twitch as well
  8. Programs to record squad?

    No, the game is in it's Alpha stages which means performance will fluctuate from version to version but at the moment it seems pretty well optimized for me
  9. Programs to record squad?

    Yep, sure enough! Thanks a lot
  10. Programs to record squad?

    I know that it should work but it doesn't.
  11. Programs to record squad?

    It simply will not give me an option to record it. It's like my computer doesn't recognize that Squad is a video game
  12. I've tried Bandicam, FRAPS, ShadowPlay, and even the built-in windows 10 recorder and nothing works with squad. Am I just missing something? I'd really love to record some gameplay.
  13. US soldiers - First look at player models

    The small details like the difference in how far the pants go on the ankles creates that much needed difference between playermodels that have to be pretty much the same. Good work! The old models just never clicked with me so I'm very happy to see that the real deal delivers!
  14. That seems to be the most likely. OWI needs to update the minimum requirements, because evidently 4gb is not enough. I don't even have a chance to play though. I get to see the little loading splash with the soldier and the humvee and then bluescreen. Or is it possible that the game just isn't optimized yet? Because if the min requirements say 4gb and it's easily using 80% of your 8gb then that seems kind of wrong, doesn't it?
  15. I can confirm that it makes my computer blue screen. I couldn't tell at first because the blue screen is only up for a fraction of a second before my computer shuts off.