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  1. Teamspeak 5

    lol Teamspeak 5, sorry its kinda too late since Discord is around. before anyone even tried to say "Voice Quality" they should do some research...both TS and Discord uses the very same codec. TS refuse to update their UI design and people simple switched over to something more modern, cleaner, easier, and simple better. on "Steam" on the other hand..me and my friend tried to use it and it went really bad. 1. i think they are using an older codec version those the other two and 2. for some reason the chat will simple stop transmitting voice so we couldnt hear each other. so Steam needs to patch a few things before i get a more legitimate view on it.
  2. Escape from Tarkov

    anyone want to group to play this game? just got it myself
  3. Escape from Tarkov

    do you guys recommend this game right now? what are the plus/negatives of the game
  4. one of the things i like fix is the control not feeling 1 to 1. the overall responsive of the controls needs to be tighten up. tighten controls are not exclusive to Cs GO or games like that. even rising storm feels tight (Viet). other than that...keep up the good work
  5. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    here is what i take from the game. ....you can have responsive Tactical shooter. yes you can.
  6. Steam Audio SDK for UE4

    i hope any form of HRFT gets into Squad...its simple the best Audio surround i ever heard if done right.
  7. Cinematic vs. Epic effects

    sooo in Cinematic mode the effects runs at a Glories 20 to 24 fps than? right? when will Cinematic experiences mode be release so the game can run at 24 fps at all times?
  8. Squad not support 7.1 Audio?

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/125625961?t=01h11m37s at 03:23:00 is when the audio section begins for the UT Engine
  9. games lately uses all threads now and days. because "the so hard to code for multicore excuse" that the Devs used was quickly changed the moment the console had 8 core within a year...
  10. Squad not support 7.1 Audio?

    damn, i searching around and i found a HRFT mod for FC3 but cant find out where to get it...
  11. Sluggish Character Movement

    its like when you press W instead of going full walking speed the character slowly builds up to max walking speed. that is what happen with every movement which no shooter should do at all even if you trying to simulate real life. you can't add a buffer on top of the player reaction and it should be removed and Streamline. Hell there the Wand up delay in aiming with the iron sights.
  12. Sluggish Character Movement

    they need to make the game more responsive. i swear is like there is a wind up to anything you do which makes the whole gameplay feel lose and not tight at all. before anyone even says it.. Unresponsive controls does not make Tactical gameplay at all and will not stop lone wolfing. there is lone wolfing in Arma for crying out loud.
  13. Squad not support 7.1 Audio?

    @Arduras hold up...Far Cry HRTF? where, which one, and how. also dont worry because of VR HRFT is coming back...Unreal engine is going to have it native in the next update, valve has it, and so on. Edit: just to let you know EAX/ the old audio which is better than what we have now is gone BECAUSE of someone sueing the other until they had no money so they could close them down. use headsets without zero 5.1/7.1 of any kind this old old demo and yes the audio was use in games too. too mad they got bought out because of @#$#@%$ ..... also i like this old video very much opens up a good question...how "Real" should sound be for some games? dont think CT players will like sounds that appear to come from the left but because of physics is in reality from the right.
  14. Squad not support 7.1 Audio?

    the thing with what you are saying is that very question i have been asking you.if i can follow someone with my eye close only by using sound what will a proper configure 5.1 can do for me? the very best it can do is simple match that for me minus not having above/below audio direction. So personally i dont see how it can be better if the best it can do is match while being more difficult to achieve the result you wish. i just rather take pinpoint accurate sound in a full 360 degree plus of the Z axes on top of that personally. anyways all of this is kinda mute point because i believe we all started this because we wanted the Devs to have 7.1/HRFT right? UT4 just confirm the next update or two will bring Native support for 5.1/7.1/HRTF Audio. so all we have to do is pray the Devs decide its worth to make one last jump. which on that front i wonder what are their thoughts on Audio. do they think its worth the effort/have the manpower to make another jump?
  15. Squad not support 7.1 Audio?

    the audio Quality and the Driver Quality of those headsets are below 15$ earbuds. so for them to have "Decent" quality or even ok you need to invest more which means the price of those headsets goes up. even at 200 to 300$ a 80$ is better. dont know what that had to do with what was quoted but its ok No Pro player use 5.1 or 7.1 True headsets as well. they use Quality 2.0 Headsets that can reproduce sound correctly instead of these 5.1/7.1 true or virtual. Also i like to add that pro players are now starting to switch into HRFT. note some teams are and other are not. you completely missed my example. i try again with you. we making a headsets and we have to design a headsets that will fit a 150$ price range. lets say 50$ goes into the headset design, earcups, and so on. that leaves us with 100$ to put into audio drivers. simple math 100/ by 2 = $50 or 100/ by 8 = $12.50 per Audio Driver. By the way Logitech has not made a true 7.1 and Razor with their possible last True 7.1 10 drivers they ever create wont go on..why well because when Real Audio company came into the market with their Vastly better sound compare to "Real true 5.1/7.1" headsets for 1/4 of the cost. what do you think the market did? the consumer went and bought Hyper x clouds for the budgets buyers, other bought Audio Tech headsets, and the top end bought Senn headsets. why? because every other "Gaming" headsets couldnt compare to non of those i listed with their "High End" 300$ headsets. who will spend 300 when 60$ will get you something completely better in audio and build quality? The best part? HRFT/Virtual surround performances depends directly on the Audio drivers themselves. HRFT on earbuds compare to something even like HyperX is a completely different. which by the way dont use HRFT with those headsets of yours cause 1. they need to be on 2.0 and 2. that headsets simple will suck in terms of Audio Quality. just think how much of the budget went into 8 audio drivers. proof that razer is true 7.1 https://www.razerzone.com/gaming-audio/razer-tiamat-71 ten drivers in each earcub. No Pro gamers again dont use true 7.1/5.1 at all in fact. instead they use Quality 2.0 Headsets that can create the most accurate sound (lows,mids, and highs). So again this supports my point. also i like to make clear i am not arguing just incase the typing seems edging or anything. just commuting mate Edit: i would like to ask this question again to you if i can follow a player with my eyes close (yes i have tested this for fun) and have my cross hair either on him or near him when i open my eyes with HRFT. what will 1. having good true 7.1/5.1 headset 2. than 3D print a proper line up or having a headset that is not out yet 3. than setting it up will do for me on a personal level? how can it improve on something that accurate. I can already follows almost one to one with a player simple by hearing them move around so i personally don't see what True 5.1 will do for me. i mean the only level above that is having Daredevil vision ingame XD. I also like say that i have that ability with HRFT and also have above and below audio direction which no 5.1/7.1 has. which is why personality prefer HRFT than any 5.1/7.1. even if you are completely right that my issue is because i never set it up right...the best it will do is to match the Accuracy of what i perform with my eye close test. so even if they are = HRFT also provides me with above/below direction plus all i have to do is hit a switch and its all setup correctly for me. all i need is one great pair of headsets/headphones simple the effort/price to reach the same/lower experiences is not worth my time personally for me.