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  1. Post Scriptum: Free Mod or Paid DLC?

    I could have another discussion digging specifically into why this is controversial, but I'm more concerned as to why no developers seem to recognize that it is. I've been hearing a lot of counter-points that don't apply to this situation... and simultaneously I feel that these details have been intentionally withheld for this long specifically because the development team knew it would be controversial. I'm not angry about this, however this issue seems to have become a recurring theme in Squad development: an almost chronic state of misleading the public. Now... I've been getting a lot of flak, but I think everyone outside development realizes that I'm not incepting the issue here... people would be upset about this whether or not I was the one to tell them (I just happened to be the one to openly discuss it.) Also, just because I agree with them doesn't mean I am the reason they are upset. This information should have been made obvious to the public long before me, and I am strongly suspicious as to why it wasn't. I see a lot of "Day of Infamy did it" and "developers need to eat" posts, but I can't stress enough how fundamentally those statements miss the reason people are upset... I can go into detail why this is self-destructive marketing, but I don't understand why I need to... the issues should be self evident. Additionally I don't really typically appreciate how I'm treated here, so I don't think its often productive to spend much time actively explaining.
  2. Post Scriptum: Free Mod or Paid DLC?

    Reminding everyone that I read these. I think you all think I don't read these forums offline, or everything for that matter. Rare to get a kind word on here Flat, I appreciate that.
  3. SteamVR Default Startup

    I have no idea why this is happening, but now every time I start Squad it forces SteamVR to startup and completely distorts the game. Really frustrating. Haven't figured out how to stop it. Starts up in VR every time.
  4. FYI for Youtubers

    Alright so this is just a random piece of information that is likely not going to be useful for the vast majority of people on this forum, but if there is anyone actually trying to earn money from Youtube (specifically military themed games) then this will apply to you, and you'll probably be thankful to know it. It's been a pain to deal with myself, and I'm passing on the very small information I have to you. So for anyone unaware, Youtube's internal infrastructure is very secretive and poorly documented (on purpose.) They manage a lot of things, and employ a lot of systems without telling their users. Additionally... they also can flag your channel or videos internally (without notifying you or anyone else) for a variety of reasons, and to a variety of ends. One of the things that Youtube does incognito is demonetizing content. They have the ability to internally tag a video (or sometimes an entire channel) and cripple that channel's ability to earn ad revenue. You won't know if or when this happens, you'll just suddenly see your videos making little to no revenue. Now channels/videos are normally only flagged for extreme circumstances... but there are a few (obscenely inaccurate) automated systems that can demonetize content indiscriminately. The largest of which is a system that demonetizes any content covering political conflicts. This was put in place a few years ago, with practically no information given, and with little publicity (since it honestly affects such few people.) You can read a small petition HERE which explains some of the details, although the petition itself is long since dead. Here is a list of videos on my channel that have been demonetized. We of course receive no notification of this from Youtube... but we track the advertisement distribution regardless, of which these videos receive none (despite having monetization enabled.) Squad v4.02 ► American Occupation (Full Round) Insurgency: Competitive ► ISIS Sniper Hacked by ISIS... lol? Project Reality v1.39 ► The Taking of Gaza (Full Round) It appears the system automatically flags videos with certain terms or topics in the title. However we're not sure if tags, related videos, or other factors also have an effect. Additionally... we're not sure if the terms change over time, or if possibly it sometimes takes into consideration certain combinations of terms? It also may have something to do with how the search algorithm pairs related videos, and if the video happens to pair with too much political conflict journalism pieces it's automatically demonetized. We've definitely noticed that using terms such as "ISIS" and "Gaza" are completely out... but for some reason words like "Taliban" or "Insurgents" rarely triggers the system. Often I've just found it safe to title videos off of historical battles or military operations (like Operation Bobcat, or Battle of Kamdesh) which still is appropriate for the video, but normally never triggers demonetization. This is why you sometimes see me titling my videos with operations that have nothing to do with anything, but don't trigger the system... while not being COMPLETELY irrelevant titles. I will try and let you know more as details come to light. I work part time with Machinima on business development, and this is one of the issues we've been researching lately. Unfortunately however... even Machinima is allowed limited insight into Youtube's inner workings, but I'll be sure to inform you as more information becomes available. Hopefully this helps any of you trying to start out, safe Youtubing! Cheers.
  5. Losing interest pretty quickly

    I heard vehicles are going to be removed from the game and there's going to be a bigger focus on making Squad play more like Insurgency. Complete with custom skins on the workshop. So don't worry you'll be running around on 100m squared maps with Hello Kitty gun skins in no time. I think that's what we all really want deep down.
  6. Special Forces

    Maybe you need to reread what I posted. I'm quoting what we were planning on doing for our own modification of Project Reality. We had a design, and about a half built modification which took more conventional forces and placed them in unconventional scenarios, but still with a focus on squad cohesion and teamwork. As opposed to taking forces with unrealistically advanced (and extra-national) weaponry and focusing more on single man play styles. This is what we felt more accurately reflected real life special forces scenarios, as opposed to what a lot of our suggestions were (which were more similar to Splinter Cell / Metal Gear Solid themes.) Then I linked the mission we were planning on doing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Anaconda We were implementing it alongside community made maps for Afghanistan. Like I'm not sitting here telling you what's right and wrong. I'm literally just telling everyone what we were building based off of the feedback we've gotten from the community. Like okay so Rangers aren't "Special Forces" and are instead "Special Operation Forces," alright... sure. However at the end of the day, the main point of this project is to show Special Forces (or Special Operation Forces... okay) in more conventional engagements, which AS FAR AS WE CAN TELL is where they are mostly used. Here were a few other scenarios we were planning on creating: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasion_of_Grenada https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_invasion_of_Panama Like honestly if you know more about this than us, well then you'd probably be someone we'd be interested in hiring for military advisement. Although you're right, I don't understand the difference between special forces and special operations... sounds like the same thing to me. Especially in all the research we've been able to do on Wikipedia (which I should remind you is our only source.) However our plan was to recreate Special Operations scenarios in Project Reality... which I just assumed is what Special Forces is. Either way, that's what we've been making, and that's how it differs compared to what most people tell us they want in a "Special Forces" mod. So please. Tell us everything that we don't know about the difference between conventional forces, special forces, and special operations. Enlighten me. Genuinely, tell me. It's what makes our community our money. I'd genuinely probably pay you to help oversee some of our projects if you actually know what you're talking about more than everyone else here.
  7. Disappointed by the current state of the game

    Squad currently plans on reverting to a more pixel art graphic style, similar to Due Process. So I'm sure most of your performance issues will be solved when that happens.
  8. Special Forces

    Jesus, chill. Like I said, everything I know is simply second-hand, or haphazardly pieced together from things I hear through people like yourself. Feel like I made that pretty clear. If you know more about the subject please feel free to correct me or expand on what I said. The main thing I was pointing out, is that a large majority of people who request special forces factions on the Project Reality forums have a major disconnect between what they think special forces are, and what the special forces actually are. I'm not saying that because I know anything more about "special forces" or how they operate. I'm literally only saying that because I constantly see people like you get upset whenever someone asks about special forces on the forums. So obviously there's a disconnect there. I can piece that much together. I think you're trying to put me down, and I'm not even trying to gain credentials here. I'm just randomly talking about this subject, and pointing out things I've heard/seen. If you want to elaborate on it, or tell me differently feel free. I'm not going to be somehow completely mindblown that something I've said may be misinformed. If anything I feel like that would be pretty standard.
  9. Special Forces

    Yeah I guess it all depends on your idea of what "special forces" are. Everyone think special forces are like... fucking metal gear solid or something. When in fact a lot of them do more political things, like the CIA dropping in Afghanistan to recruit local tribal forces into opposing regional regimes. So we had an idea of creating a mod to represent things like that. Not 1337 silenced sniper thermal vision badasses, but more believable "special forces" scenarios that still used conventional equipment, but in more light handed ways. For instance even the US Army Rangers are considered special forces, but that doesn't mean they're going around splinter celling shit. We were thinking about making a mission like Operation Anaconda, or something else more realistic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Anaconda So yeah idk, I think the biggest thing here isn't whether we should have special forces or not... its what people think special forces is, as opposed to what it actually is haha which isn't MGS shit haha Honestly I would say the modern military has more "special forces" than we've ever had before, especially because of counter terrorism taking a larger role. They just don't operate like people think they do. At least, this is what I've heard from my friends serving/applying to serve in the rangers.
  10. Special Forces

    WHAT!? NO SETHAL FORCESSSS!?!?!?!? How am I going to do my 1337 HALO drops!? Lame. Actually we did work on a minimod for this in PR that was never finished, called Shadowspear. Essentially just Insurgency turned around, with a larger faction (like MEC) defending, and a more infantry focused BLUFOR attacking, all set during a night map. Kindof like the insurgency for Khamisiyah actually, just at night with the Dutch forces.
  11. User Interface Concept Art

    Black Gold... swag. That's my favorite map =P These look great btw, I love looking at UI prototypes, like crack for some reason
  12. Kit & Weapon Exchanging

    Wait why do you think that stacking medics in the back suddenly make them less vulnerable. In 99.99% of all situations you have no control over the direction you're going to be assaulted from, it's not like all conflicts go down SWAT style. What is going to happen, is you're going to stack everyone up on a door... with the riflemen in front, medic in back... and then a dude is going to come up from behind and shoot the medic first. When that happens, and you kill the guy that came up behind you, I think the preferred reaction would be "okay let's get the medic up and fall back" instead of "well fuck it... okay... god dammit... can you respawn? no? are there any respawns around? shit... well we can't revive you. I guess just respawn at main, no I can't put a rally down. yeah just respawn at main. oh... nvm he disconnected" which is exactly what happens. literally all the time.
  13. Even penetration just makes the static objects awkward and cumbersome. If a table gets hit by an RPG, that table shouldn't exist anymore... I'd rather have no table at all, and focus on destructible FOB emplacements than have permanent statics with penetration. I wouldn't even mind if they were made into metal containers, or something more believable... but a lot of these static layouts seem to be more counter-intuitive and overly complicated. Which I'm not sure is something that will change.
  14. Kit & Weapon Exchanging

    Uh, no? First off, targeting the medics is almost completely impossible. They are in no way unique or obvious, they will be killed almost always randomly, so that being a controllable aspect of gameplay is minimal at best. I have never heard or seen anyone say "target their medics" because its practically impossible. Everyone should be able to revive each other (or at LEAST move/retreat one another) because it promotes squad cohesion. Additionally if we're going to go the realism route, all soldiers on the field are trained to be basic medics. Anyone with the ability to fully "revive" someone is a full blown doctor who will be stationed at a forward base, or military hospital (which the soldiers will be extracted to.) Now assuming that we're not planning on building an entire medivac system, that means we're stuck with doing one of two things... either giving all players the ability to revive one another, or breaking up squad cohesion for the sake of making the medic "valuable." The medic can still be "valuable" by providing the ability to fully heal players, carry more medical supplies, and possibly revive faster. However making the medic the ONLY way to revive anyone on the field, is what breaks up player cohesion. Hell I would be all for the idea of allowing non-medic players to ONLY revive the medic when he is wounded... but forcing a medic to respawn just because he was wounded is absurd. There needs to be some alternative action. The medic will always die randomly, there is no way to "protect" him or have him be less vulnerable than the other players, and honestly he shouldn't even have to be "protected." It's not like in real combat all these squads carry around a little fragile "magic doctor" that they have to baby the entire time. When the medic is not being a medic, he should be a soldier. Killing off his ability to help the squad just by getting wounded is not only unrealistic, nonsensical, and frustrating... but also simply promotes poor gameplay. Alright that's what I thought, but the wording was confusing.
  15. I think also if we ever DO see larger destructibility, like blowing up buildings etc (as we see in PR) cutting down on the amount of statics will probably make that much easier to implement down the road.