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  1. horrible frame rate still

    People hate my posts. I don't give a shit. The development cycles for this game are lackluster. By the time January 2017 rolls out and this game reaches nearer to finality there's going to be a better engine and better immediate optimization. The progress of hardware alone speaks for itself. If this game is going to sustain the next year before something similar steals our attention our devs need to buckle down, FAST. I post this shot because I care. Most of you are happy and are content with the general early access market, and your expectations are limited by your limited expectations. PC hardware is at another cusp and the limitations of the PC genre are going to be pushed to the limit in the next year in regards to the VR experience. At this rate, this game is going to be a fart in the wind. UE4 is a good engine, but in 6 months we'll be saying good riddance.
  2. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    All these fanboi's like, "what do you expect???" I'm like.. https://imgflip.com/i/16g78h For some reason I'm thinking this mentality is just an easy way out for developers. Why bother getting anything done when our fanboi's will support us no matter how aweful we are?
  3. Great set-up. too bad you're only getting 70 fps. Hopefully there's some REAL optimization to come. If not they can always just blame intel or nvidia next... Oops! Too late!! Nextup... it's Linux's fault!!
  4. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    Rolling into v7, with 15% less FPS than the last update! Go get your skylake 6700k and gtx 1080 and run it in 4k for a solid 15fps!! Great job devs!
  5. Need help with fps performance

    just wait for optimization buds. You've got a very good rig. I bet you'd have the same fps if you ran epic settings with AA, AO and post processing turned down. Same for everyone. Shame really..
  6. Can I run it?

    This. You should be able to run it once they optimize. Who knows when that'll be.
  7. Higher Frequency Ram isn't that much of a performance increase. I've read that 2600 mhz ram over 1333mhz gives less than a 5 percent increase. This said, lower timings are much more important than frequency. Watch the video below for a good explanation. As long as you have ENOUGH ram, it's not that big of a deal. Unless you are a major enthusiast, I'd just focus on a good CPU and GPU and an SSD. They are definately a better investment than buying high frequency ram. Don't worry about your computers performance when it comes to playing SQUAD. It's still terribly unoptimized.
  8. Squad - CPU Core Useage

    Those viruses are likely false positives. However, I haven't downloaded it so don't take my word for it.
  9. Tell us aboout your rig than runs the game welll

    Levelcap goes on in this video to talk about how the devs have a lot of work to do in regards to optimization. I've given up for now, maybe it'll be good by 2017
  10. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    Noice! See you in-game when the update releases! Hopefully the optimization is real and the community and playerbase gets back to a healthier state.
  11. http://www.pcgamer.com/intel-puts-a-stop-to-overclocking-on-non-k-skylake-cpus/
  12. Why it is so pixelated?

    Yeap!! For a game that really doesn't look all that great, it sure sucks the life out of your PC components. COD4 looks bettar.
  13. Anyone running with a Radeon HD 5850 1GB?

    While above minimum requirements your rig wont run the game well in its current state until you upgrade both your cpu and gpu. however, this is not your fault, and I've made multiple posts in regards to how the requirements for this game are bullshit "buy bait". People will agressively defend the dev team and my words as fanboys but the game features and its requirements are both misrepresented in the steam page. Unless you call running the game with recommended settings at 30 fps a "win" and your response to everyone's complaint is, "Its an alpha, what did you expect?" then you're in the right. Those that still cling to the notion that game devs have a good reason to misguide the public and fall back on a disclaimer are naive fanboys. Early access is a plague on game development. Unless you read the "fine print" on the steam page, the trailers for this game suggest that vehicles have already been implemented. The only argument I've seen so far on this topic has been, "it's your fault you didn't read the fine print." Such a sad way to promote and value your dishonesty. The game was released on a platform that gave the devs the opportunity to list minimum and recommended specs. If your game is nowhere near its finished product, you should list the necessary specs appropriately. Otherwise, reading between the legal lines, It's false advertising. Just because the vast majority of us are accustomed to early access dissapointment doesn't give anyone the right to abuse the trust of the public just because "everyone else does it.". You shouldn't have to think like your signing a mortgage or signing a lease when you buy a computer game, period.
  14. More customization definitely cant hurt anyone. I'm all for you having the opportunity to bind keys any way you'd like. In regards to my comment about the mobility issue has anyone noticed the same? Try crouching while aiming down sights and use the focus zoom feature as you try to strafe around a corner using the a or d [or whatever keys you use]. It only works one way.
  15. I dont like to toggle ADS, I like holding the RMB.