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  1. if you read i said i don't have nvidia
  2. pls just a reply
  3. hey,as the title says can i limit my fps in any other way i don't have nvidia i want a command or something i can edit vsync adds mouse lag for me HELP PLS
  4. Squad stutter... HDD Sound

    the game needs a lot of work,i don't know a game that is requiring 8gb of ram right now,the required settings in steam say 6gb i will try lowering the settings and to answer your question full texture loading is off thanks for your answers
  5. Squad stutter... HDD Sound

    i5 4460 3.2ghz (up to 3.4 ghz) Sapphire AMD R9 280x 3gb tri-x oc 8gb ram DDR3 1600 mhz WD 1tb HDD additional 200 gb HDD windows 7 64 bit i'm running everything on epic fps : (45-100) rs:1366x768
  6. Squad stutter... HDD Sound

    first thanks for your answers, there isn't a game that is requiring 16gb ram nowadays(i have 8gb 1600 mhz),plus this happens when i'm playing a map for the first time after playing a map after i got the lag it won't happen maybe because i haven't played all the maps after the new autofix,i'll get back to you when i play all of them and experience the stutter on all of them.
  7. hey guys as the title says i'm having stutter my game is at 45 fps - 120 fps my game drops like 3 seconds to 2 fps then back up when that happens i hear my HDD making a sound this only occurs in squad,i'm not having this problem with other games thanks in advance.
  8. Squad V9 Performance issues and long loading time!

    i really don't know it just got fixed perhaps the auto fixes ? :
  9. Another optimization topic

    i would say wait until there is tanks and maybe perhaps choppers and jets and urban maps then see for yourself
  10. Squad V9 Performance issues and long loading time!

    it's fixed now guys,i'm really enjoying the game now more than before i take back what i said about this update but thanks for replying guys
  11. Major lag spikes

    same problem for me bro i opened a thread nobody gave me a solution yet i hope there will be an autofix
  12. V9 update can`t join server.

    i'm having terrible stuttering issues and very long loading time v9 is unplayable,i can't even play on the firing range they completly screwed this build
  13. Hey Guys,recently like everyone i got V9 after launching i'm getting frames dropes from 50 fps to 2 or 1 frames that last about 3 secs then it goes up then it happens everytime,and also joining servers take like 5 min++,the game is completly unplayable i thought it was going to be a fleshed update but it's the worst so far i'm playing at epic settings like before i used to get (45-100 fps) my system: i5 4460 3.2 ghz sapphire amd r9 280x 3gb tri-x oc 8gb ram ddr3 1600 mhz (ps:game is installed on a hdd)
  14. September 2016 Monthly Recap

    people if you are having performance issues it's unreal engine 4 not the game,i don't think that the will manage to fix it or anyways,all i gotta say is upgrade your stuff and good luck
  15. September 2016 Monthly Recap

    when is alpha 8 releasing this month cause i'm getting bored and sick of browser crashing everytime