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    guns, gym, guns, girls, guns, music and also guns
  1. Backer title

    Hello everybody, I came to the forum after the long time and I see that many forum members has founder and backer title. I am also backer, I bought the rifleman back one year ago and I would like to know how can I get my backer title. Thank you for all your answers, RobinoSVK
  2. Cyber Monday Merch Sale

    Hello, from what o´clock starts this Black friday sale on your Squad store? I want to get me some nice hoodie. Thank you, RobinoSVK
  3. Steam editions

    Btw I preordered rifleman man back before 56 hours and still didnt recieve any email, its normal?
  4. Steam editions

    Guys you really make me think about buying SL pack and join you in the game. However at bus going home I was reading another post about fps drops and now I worry about my performance (8GB RAM, Intel i5-2500K, AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB)
  5. Steam editions

    I have the cash and I dont like games like CoD but still I want to be careful about prordering games:) I believe that Squad is in good condition but I rather play the game and them buy the better edition of the game. So there will be no other way to get soundtrack and alternative skins after steam release?
  6. Steam editions

    ok good to know:) But will I have the soundtrack and skins if I donate after steam release?
  7. Steam editions

    Hello Squad members, I bought 30 dollar version a 2 days ago but I am thinking about upgrading it to SL edition. On one side I really want to support devellopers for their amazing work but on the other side I want to be careful about preordering games now (preordered a few games and regret it- GTA V etc.). So I decided to stay with 30 dollars edition and wait till I can play it and see how many players will be playing it on steam. If I am happy I want to support developers and recieve soundtrack and alternative skins.. So my question is if there will be possibility to upgrade to SL edition after steam release or at least buying some deluxe edition upgrade on steam? Thanks for your answers, RobnoSVK