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  1. anyone make maps for dfx2??

    Well, Brandi, Thank you for starting the question about dfx2 stock map "fire-base viper". It has been just about 3 years since that time. Since no one responded in that time, I figure no sense in chasing it further. Thanks again; See you around!
  2. anyone make maps for dfx2??

    Hello PPL; I'm the friend Brandii mentioned in her recent post, looking for the MIS File for " FIREBASE VIPER" -TKOTH DFX2". The file name it's under is "ColdS_TK.bms" in their "Stock Maps". I pulled it out with "Jackles PFF Editor". I'm reaching out to the gaming community / mappers of DFX2 for this file. Novalogic decided to protect this file [bMS] and "Bms to Mis" will open all other file in the game, but not this one. Nothing special about it, just some sort of logic by Novalogic. Email me, Please if anyone has the MIS file, or knows how to get the MIS from BMS file. Early Thanks in advance, RLC