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  1. i do no know where to start, the last week was absolutely frustrating! i thought it would be over when the free weekend is through but everything is getting worse from day to day. no matter which server you join it's always the same, there is absolutely no communication, within the squad and within the team. the other thing is team killing, people start to kill each other out of the sudden, i don't get it... the last week i was able to join two games where communication and team work was flawless, thinking how many times i actually tried to play the game this is absolutely sadening. it feels like hundreds people bought the game just to be able to ruin it for others. i would not blame it on the free weekend completely, people are simply morons it's always been like that and it will always be like that, though i surely see certain tenencies...
  2. what you are doing with you screen is another thing, the FOV ingame should be fixed, just as the graphics settings, mouse sensitivity etc. the game should be way more hardcore than it is in it's current state. i also absolutely do not think of SQUAD as a competitive shooter, i just do not want this to become another COD clone.
  3. yes,that's the one, i have a feeling we might get something very similar in the next update!
  4. unfortunately you are the one who does not understand a single thing, scopes have higher sensitivity than let's say iron sights and surprise surprise i am refering to a god damn REAL LIFE situation. it's this way in real life and it should be this way in a realistic game. everything comes with pro's and con's, with a scope you can see further but your aim is way more sensitive. move the rifle 1mm and you will miss by 1meter at certain ranges. having different sensitivities in the game will eleminate the con's and make it 1. easier to play and 2. less realistic that's why i think that it's bad but well, some people simply do not want to understand... in general making things realistic is the BEST way to balance a game, if it was for me personally i would restrict the moving sensitivity by adding realistic physics that only allow as much movement as possible in real life. for example, if you are carrying an LMG, well this thing is sort of heavy, you can not swing it around 360° like nothing. more weight>slower moving, does that make sense? this would automatically lead people to start playing a bit more seriously and it would require more skill and patience. you may think of something like this as a major disadwantage but it isn't, especially when it counds for everybody. oh, btw FOV should be fixed for everybody! graphic settings should be somewhat fixed, for example, having terrain detail on LOW vs HIGH is a day and night difference. i like to play on HIGH as it looks much better and adds to the immersion but it is such an disadvantage when facing people who have the details set on LOW. i am crouching in deep grass thinking that the enemy won't see me and all the enemies see is me crouching like an idiot on an open field. is this balanced or competitive in any way? nope i don't think so. but that's how it works today, people will rather spend hours of tweaking settings to get the most advantage out of it instead of investing the same time to actually learn/adapt to the game and get better by developing a sense and feeling for this certain game. as you have mentioned games like CS and BF above i am going to tell you something you probably won't understand. when i was younger i enjoyed playing fighting games. so, while everybody else was picking the characters who had the best and easiest moves i always picked the chararters whosy fighting style i liked even it was sure that these characters were not the best when i came to balance. what do fighting games have to with this? well, nothing i am talking about the mindset of people. looking at battlefield, i was an very active BF3 player. the game has such an extreme variety of weapons and customization and guess what, everybody was running around with the same rigle, the same suppressor the same foregrip etc. get the point? it was simple stat comparison and even the game was trying to be as balanced as possible at the end people found the things that worked together best and used this exclusively. in my case i always used the guns that were optically the most appealing, as for the mods i modded the rifle to the point where i liked it optically, i did not give a **** about the stats and i was by all menas not a bad player back then
  5. damn i was just about to post if the dev's could redo the US models! they all look so god damn tall
  6. that's not what i am talking about, fact is the sensitivity wehn using a scope is higher. having a high mouse sensitivity for "looking" and a lower sensitivity for aiming, (which does help immensely and that's why people want this ;)) is simply wrong. it gives a big advantage but it's wrong. thanks! i guess that's because i am from a different generation, where gamig required skill to be better and not an ingame option
  7. that's right, BUT, even if you move a scoped weapon very very slowly the sight picture will still be very sensitive and "shaky", so having the mouse movement reduced when aiming down spoces would be extremely unrealistic. if you need a fast mouse movement without using scoped than you have to live with the fact that it will be extremely sensitive when using scopes, it's a compromise of course and you have to work around it. if you set the mouse to a lovwer sensitivity then aiming with scopes will be easier but you will not be able to react quickly looking around, i think that's OK and fair.
  8. a scope will always have a higher sensitivity, the bigger the magnification the more sensible it is, so why taking this away jsut to get an advantage in the game, i don't get it...
  9. well, i was always against any restrictions but hell, i am no whiny kid, guess that's why. i remember when i played Battlefield 3 actively any server had it's own questionable rules, no grenades, no explosives, no snipers, no tanks, no weapon XX... i always thought this was extremely childish and stupid. i eagerly awaited a server coming up with the rule that you are getting kicked instantly when killing an enemy player, indeed i was kicked often enough by killing the server admin kid... while this has nothing to do with baserape directly, i see the term "base rape" in a fairly similar way. why is the base excluded from the game in the first place? if a team is good enough to capture all flags then, to be honest the next step would be to "eliminate" the enemy base. of course it's a bit different when somebody is rushing to the enemy base from the beginning but then again if you are unable to locate and eliminate this threat then well, it's your incapacity as a player. nowadays people do not play for fun they play to WIN, at all damn costs. people try to bend and break games and rules to fit their desired experience instead of learning to play with anything that's possible within the game, adapt to it and sometimes even FAIL, whihc in my opinion is not a damn deal breaker. i've had som many games where my team was absolutely DESTROYED, still i had great fun playing and vice versa. just my 2c, no need for discussion as i know 99% will disagree.
  10. c'mon stop teasing, even if it's a common practice nowadays, just be nice and give some real info dude!
  11. yeah, i agree, that's why i wrote this at the end of my post "i wonder what the dev's could achieve if there were no performance limits..."
  12. i've seen some PR videos recently and there was a similar map but it looked very "eastern europe like" to me, any idea which one it was? i'd love to see something like that in the next few updates
  13. man this looks great, especially the vegetation! though Unreal Engine can look pretty amazing i feel like it's not really meant for large scale games involving natural landscapes. i see so many other games having insane forests etc. where SQUAD's vegetation looks pretty poor to be honest. i wonder what the dev's could achieve if there were no performance limits...
  14. +1 i absolutely hate it when games do the shilouette thing, be it on characters or usable items, it simply destroys the immersion!
  15. what kind of a mic ist is? if it's an USB mic/headset make sure to plug it in BEFORE you start SQUAD or even steam! for some reason when you plug an USB mic after SQUAD was launched the game will not recognize the mic.