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  1. -new maps -new animations -weapon resting/weapon environment collision -free look -vaulting -physics (right now almost everything feels odd, armoured vehicels seem to "weigh" nothing) -of course more optimization
  2. i highly apologise if this has been discussed already but i think this might be a not so bad idea having something similar like this! the idea that someone is dead and then magically gets revived (not to forget the funny jump off the ground animation) seems a bitt silly to me, i would very welcome showing injured players still being alive and moving instead of "playing dead". this would also play out perfectly with the hopefully soon coming "drag wounded players" option. i also think that headshots and explosives (within a certain radius) should be 100% fatal.
  3. i was never a big fan of ARMA but this does indeed look very good!
  4. the new scoreboard is way too big and confusing, what was wrong with the old one?
  5. press windows key, type in %localappdata% and delete the SQUAD folder. iirc you can "clear" the settings in the game menu also.
  6. so it's out, finally!
  7. yeah, seems like they are using the "just cause" engine! the game looks pretty boring to me but the visuals are simply stunning, needs a bit more research, maybe it can be modded, maybe there are already mods seriously just imagine SQUAD as it is with the terrain quality of this game! i mean graphics is not everything but comparing visuals and performance of SQUAD, not good at all.
  8. the terrain looks so good, not into hunting games but imagine SQUAD having such a visual quality! not sure what engine it runs but if this is using unreal engine then something is definitively wrong with SQUAD.
  9. i am a bit confused, is A9 now finally released or are you people referring to the A9 test version people were talking about earlier in this thread? just curious as this week is slowly but surely coming to an end also...
  10. judging from some of the A9 videos recently showing up on youtube the new sounds seem pretty badass, especially the AK variants.
  11. that's actually a pretty nice idea! thinking of russian forces against US militia (resistance :D) on US themed maps, that would be fun!
  12. i understand your point completely! what i have learned so far, if the SL does not speak or if you are in a team that's in general "quiet" the best thing to do is to disconnect and go to another server. if there is not a better server, exit the game, try again later i've been looking for a server where people are playing and communicating in a more serious way, unfortunately if you want to play this way you need to find a team and play closed, talking non public servers, or PW protected servers...
  13. i see very litle communication on this forum but yeah, absolutely my fault thinking that the official forum should be the first and main place for communication, sorry
  14. agree