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  1. Squad is dead or not ?

    makes no sense sorry
  2. Squad is dead or not ?

    i have nothing against a "less serious" approach on the game but the game should be still playable at this point. it does not have to be super milsim but it does not have to be a total shitfest either where people are simply not participating in the game. this is like people going to the cinema and then playing angry birds on their phone through out the entire movie... i don't get this, seriously.
  3. Squad is dead or not ?

    yeah, the servers are full, full of pople doing anything but not playing the game. there is absolutely no valuable communication, only people talking random stuff, telling bad jokes and basically refusing to play the game. i've tried quite a few servers and it's always the same.
  4. what happened to the sound?

    I'll try that Razer Software, though i am not sure if it will work with my setup as i am using an USB AD/DA. Generally i like the Sound too it's jsut something about the location that does not work correctly, at least for me.
  5. what happened to the sound?

    It's been a while since i have posted here, guess i'm back and as usual i have to complain! What the hell happened to the sound? It seems like it's getting worse and worse from update to update. At this point it is almost impossible to locate where a sound is coming from. Everything sounds like it's sitting on top of the players head. Especially wehicles are extremely hard to localise, it always sounds like the vehicles are directly next to me, no matter if they are in front of me, behind me, 10 or 100 meters away. Same for gunshots, it always sounds like i am being killed by someone standing right next to me, even if there is nobody around. Maybe i am wrong but i remember that it was pretty easy to locate sound sources in the earlier stages of the game, or maybe not? Anyone else thinking the same? Maybe it's a bug?
  6. Mic not working only in squad HELP!!

    same here, mic was working a few days ago, now it doesn't. it does work in Windows and everywhere else but not in SQUAD
  7. Please Fix the visibility.

    believe me, i do, but i'd still prefer this to a "zoom"
  8. Please Fix the visibility.

    EXACTLY, it's always been like that and it will always be like that until computers become powerful enough to provide life like photorealism! generally i think that you simply do not get my point, adding zoom is not a solution for this issue, it's more a very questionable compromise, that might help with visibility problems but also kill immersion like it does in ARMA.
  9. Please Fix the visibility.

    i play in 1080p on an old as dirt samsung 24 inch and i can easily spot enemies that are 100+ meters away. i also do not understand how this is frustrating, frustrating because you get killed or for what reason?
  10. Please Fix the visibility.

    hmm, when i quoted you, your post did not say anything about 1st/3rd person perspective, i guess our posts overlaped as you were editing. generally speaking, so many suggestions sound like people trying to bend and twist the game so that they can have an easier gaming experience. SQUAD can be hard and some people seem like they can not manage it properly. threads like "fix visibility", "add more zoom", "reduce recoil", "enable multiple mouse sensitivities" etc. make me think like that by the way.
  11. Please Fix the visibility.

    so now the only thing missing is the ability to switch from 1st to 3rd person view so you can spot enemies easier who are hiding behind cover etc.
  12. Please Fix the visibility.

    i would absolutely not mind the perspective of the second pic it if it was fixed all the time but that zoom in/zoom out is simply stupid sorry. by the way ANY 1st person shooter does this incorrectly, things like perspective, FOV everything is comnpletely messed up but things won't change because it's exactly what people are expecting and because they do not know anything else.
  13. Alpha 10.1 Released

    uhm, it's a Razer BlackWidow X Chroma with German layout.
  14. Alpha 10.1 Released

    anyone else having this problem?