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  1. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    "weight" is a mayor keyword here! the M4 and the shotgun animations look very overemphasized. the wehicle mounted guns animations are better but stillit looks very strange and absolutely not natural
  2. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    dysfluent is an alternative notation, though you are absolutely right that disfluent/dysfluent is particularly used to describe speech disorder, however i do not see why this term can not be used to describe something that's "not fluent" in general. as for the animations, take a closer look, it's very robotic, maybe that's a bit more suitable description...
  3. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    the animations are very dysfluent
  4. then again, why shooting people in the first place when they can be revived, it's all a matter of perspective.
  5. Squad.exe - No Disk

    you have to mount the image, install and then copy the crack to the main folder...oh wait...:D
  6. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    guess too many resources are already going into the shovel meelee animations?
  7. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    i am pretty impressed so far only the soldiers legs still seem to be "spring powered", it looks so god damn weird the vaulting looks OK when the model is moving, but the animation where the model is vaulting from a standing position looks so terribly wrong. i hope there will be two sperate animations for the vaulting action. sad to see that the weapons are still not interacting with the environment correctly, hope this gets done correctly at the end.
  8. destroyed building!?

    well, it depends... i am simply asking for a steak i have no intention of becoming a farmer. in general, i think i made a reasonable suggestion, so why are you seing it as "my perceived need"? i think "rough" looking buildings would add to the immersion and if someone who has the skills is ready to give it a shot, why not? i really do not see a problem here, nor the need for me to start learning how to create game content from scratch.
  9. destroyed building!?

    @Zylfrax791 i think, expounding the idea and maybe get someone who has some experience and skill to do it is a better starting point. not trying to get away but it's like, hmm i'd like a steak now. ok, first you need to learn how to run a farm and how to raise cattle... @Smee it doesn't have to be "dynamic" at all, just adding some bullet holes etc. to the walls would be perfect, if i understand correctly the work would be in creating new textures or modifying existing ones. shouldn't be that much of a big thing to do...
  10. destroyed building!?

    i could only find posts where people were asking for ACTIVE destruction but that's not what i am thinking of... that's what i am thinking of...
  11. destroyed building!?

    guess i'd have more replies if i had suggested jetpacks

    we were suppposed to push forward on the enemy flag while the rest of the SQUAD would secure the surrounding. we were also already under attack and there was no time to do anything. the stryker got destroyed shortly after so the time i had actually spent alone in the vehicle was pretty short.
  13. i've noticed all the buildings in the game look like the were recently built and brand new. it's not as obvious on the small barracks but on bigger buildings it looks quite strange to me. would it be possible to add destruction to the buildings!? before you say there are many topics on this, i am not talking about an active destruction system like in BATTLEFIELD, i am more thinking of static models that show destruction and maybe some wall textures with bullet holes etc.

    so i join a stryker as gunner, the driver disconnects after a while and i get banned for one day for soloing a vehicle, nice, really...
  15. [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU & #2

    absolutely agree!