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  1. I would also like to add that is better to buy 2 stick of ram (2x4GB) instead of 8GB (1x8GB). If 1 stick fails, you'll have the other one.
  2. Make sure your monitor is set to 60hz or whatever the refresh rate it supports
  3. Toggle sprint would be ok to have. But auto walk? Nope
  4. Can you make EAC ignore the intro file?
  5. Even the oldest mountaneers do not possess this kind of knowledge
  6. sniperzomming

    There are no snipers in Squad. There's a designated marksman role which is a bit different. There will be a completely new scope system that is in the works but that doesn't mean there will be different scopes, however the current ACOG scope on M110 will be replaced by Leupold scope which indeed has a higher magnification.
  7. The very same devs that created mortars in Project Reality will create mortars for Squad. That's why such speculations exist. + one of the Squad game designers used to be a mortar operator. There is no ETA for mortars, they're just in the works. Hope that answers your question. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too!.
  8. We just got new content 6 days ago.
  9. Yes. There will be an engineer class i believe
  10. What soundcard/motherboard do you have?
  11. There are no snipers in the game as they don't promote proper teamwork and i doubt we'll see them. In Squad there's a designated marksman role with a bigger magnification than the rest of the roles. DMR's role is to support your squad with a long ranged fire. Bolt-Action rifles are planned but there won't be real (PiP) scopes due to the huge performance cost. Nope, only people who backed thegame before it got released on Steam got access to Founder patches which are located on the soldier's right arm. Recent update brought the possibility of having 40vs40 people on a server. Before that we had 36/36. Once the devs optimise the game, we'll have 50vs50p Helicopters yes (including the fastropes), CAS probably not (could be AI controlled though but after 1.0 release) Currently there are 9 maps + 1 which is a training range. More maps are planned as well as the expansion of some of the existing ones. Ofcourse. Just don't be shy to tell your SL that you're new. The community is very friendly and helpful to the beginners. (seen alot of instances of that during the free weekend) It is similar to the one from PR, but better imho. There is an ammo box for changing kits and resupplying that an SL can place in the fob range
  12. This issue is already known by devs and it appears also in different languages aswell, no matter what the resolution is
  13. Wonders of the Alpha stage
  14. Issue known for about a year or so. It will be fixed after introducing the new animation system and/or coreinventory.
  15. price

    Wait untill Squad exits the Alpha stage or whenever you think its worth it. There won't be DLCs before the game is released and it keeps the bad kind of people away (like trolls and cheaters) hence the price Man, you're offending me. I paid $80 for Pre-Alpha