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  1. Permanent zoom? NO!

    Can you please elaborate?
  2. Alpha 2 had instant head shot kills and it was not fun to play at all. Let alone adding neck, heart and lungs into the list.
  3. 'normal' humans yes, but not the ones who carry 30~kg of gear on them That's coming New animation system will allow for animation cancelling Please show mercy for the players with low-mid end PCs will ya Choppers and new toys are planned. Planned, planned, will be tweaked in the future Sometimes your SL may decide to change the spawn location in the last second for his whole squad. I wouldn't count on it.
  4. If you see an 'EAC Banned' message on every server after each connection attempt that means you were banned by EAC. However, If some servers are accessible for you that means you got banned by a server admin/owner. You must find out what server it was and contact them regarding ban appeal either on discord/forums/ their website if they have one.
  5. Squad on ps4/xbox

    There is no tactical shooters on consoles because these games wouldn't sell well, that's a completely different target market you're looking at. Is it possible? Technically yes but I'm sure there would be a lot of compromises done in comparison to the PC version e.g. the player count. Will that happen? who knows.
  6. For EAC related bans you should contact EAC staff directly at https://www.easyanticheat.net/contact/ For all other bans you can appeal to the respective admin/server owner
  7. Direct x 12

    Delete those parameters from Steam. UE4 as well as Squad does not support DX12 yet.
  8. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    Pure awesomeness!
  9. Deploying mines

    #Alpha #EarlyAccess
  10. Hello guys. I would like to upgrade my PC but I can go for one upgrade only. Which upgrade should I go for? I only care about having more fps in Squad. I play at 1080p. A CPU upgrade from i5 4690k to i7 7700k or a GPU upgrade from AMD R9 390 to GTX 1080? I wish I could do both hehe, but unfortunately thats not possible. Much appreciated!
  11. Iraqi style insurgents in Al Basrah

    Current Insurgents models are placeholders. They will be completely redone the same way as the US Army got redone.
  12. The OP stryker.

    Stryker needs 4 heat rockets to be taken down. That means 2 LAT guys need to cooperate and coordinate with each other. You also got HAT that 1 kills every vehicle and SPG techies. As always: gameplay > realism
  13. How do you feel when you lose?

    ''Yeah, well, we deserved it''. And move on to the next match with a hope that this time we'll win. 1 Squad can't win the entire match in most situations, if not in all.