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  1. Left Click Bug

    If its NOT fps issue, it happens, and the fix is to press enter or esc to open up a menu then back out of the menu. I have this issue due to multiple monitors, and sometimes my mouse click to my desktop without knowing, which causes the the buttons to not work.
  2. As the title say, It's not available and hasn't been since V7 released, Is this an ongoing issue? Also, I've even uninstalled the game and deleted all files related to squad, and still have not seen the weapon skins in options after reinstalling.
  3. Crashing to Desktop

    I noticed my related crashes has something to do with OBS, if I have both running my game closes with no error. This is a new issue it used to run fine with both. UPDATE: I've learned that a Windows update that was pushed on 03/08/2016 caused hook scripts to crash games with OBS Studio, they are working on an update. This is my issue with it.
  4. Crashing to Desktop

    bump, having the same issue, can't browse through the menu without it closing to desktop
  5. Sound "cutting off" issue, lets talk about it, shall we?

    I thought more maxchannels means less of the sound cutting out, because the more you have the more audio files it can load at once, limiting that by lowering it = sound cutout. I experienced this in Squad and Arma 3 (JSRS soundmod), the fix was to max the sound channels in game settings. As far as Squad goes, It rarely happens, when it does it last for a few seconds, mostly during heavy firefights in one area.
  6. Horrible lag spikes when you turn

    I've also experience the same issue with the lag spikes when turning. GPU: GTX 670 CPU: I7 3770K RAM: 12 GB OS: WINDOWS 10 64-BIT
  7. Connection to the host has been lost

    The fix for me was to restart the game in THEN join that server, and it all seemed fine. You have to repeat it every map change.
  8. Project Reality vets sign in here

    PR since 08.
  9. Special Forces

    Special Forces, meaning Green Berets? Or Special Operations? Because U.S Army 75th Rangers would be an ideal version of it, since they operate like a grunt unit just with more training and better budget.
  10. Servers are messed up!

  11. Except shadowplay, what else do u recommend?

    OBS seems pretty good for me.