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  1. Cheers for answers then mate ! Looking forward to new recaps/updates !
  2. Just a simple suggestion/question if nothing, can we expect Coax MG on the 30mm BTR/MTLB to be added soon & usage of smoke discharges on APCs. It would come in handy for people that are into supporting their squads with Vehicles. Also we're expecting tanks in future updates so can we expect that as well as part of defense mechanism for those vehicles in order to ensure greater suitability on the battlefield ?
  3. August 2017 Recap

    I wonder if ZU-23 will be mounted on Technicals for Insurgent faction & MTLB for Militia, i think they showed MTLB model with ZU mounted faaar back in alpha if im not mistaken ? As for animations, crouch sprint looks kinda weird to me but as they said it's not 100% done yet so i guess we'll see looking forward to the update, awesome work guys keep it up :))