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  1. Hello guys, Last game I played, I had little "covert-ops" squad, we crawled our way to flank enemy FOB. When we got in we encountered vehicle behind sandbag cover, ATGM and some HMG emplacements. Since we were a small squad we couldnt take them on, so we tried diversion and to deconstruct some things. Short story, after all effort and crawling they heard us when we begun shoveling and killed us . So I was wondering if it could be possible to give Squad Leader or some other role "Thermite tactical grenade", which we use in insurgency, for situations when you can't be loud. Place it on HMG or ATGM to destroy it. Place it on logi truck to damage its engine, use it to destroy ammo crate, or at least reduce ammo points when placed on it, and things like that... But nerf it so you can't 1 shot FOB radio or maybe make it impossible to use on that, make it ineffective against HABs, Tanks, APCs etc... What do you think ?
  2. Resolution problem

    Thanks I did full reinstall of system and squad but same thing. I hope you'll find the solution. Please keep me posted... Regards Drxi
  3. Resolution problem

    Still no help about this topic...
  4. Resolution problem

    Anyone ?
  5. Resolution problem

    Hello people, I've been having this strange problem with resolution in Squad. I mean I did change it and everything but since v10 came out my ingame map markers are not accurate. They've been shifted to "right and upwards" (pics posted took with phone since screenshot doesn't show cursor position). It is the resolution definitely, since when I change to any other resolution it gets OK. My native resolution on windows is 1440x900, and such is in game as well. I never had problem with this before, but now I even think that my FPS suffers because of it, or since the last update. On some "desert" maps i had like 70FPS, now I have on same maps like 50 or 45. Green maps or Narva I don't wanna comment :/, Narva on Geneva Apartments 15FPS. Uploaded images: https://ibb.co/cyFkun https://ibb.co/dTWQun SPECS: CPU: i5 3570k RAM: 16GB DDR3 1333MHz GPU: NVidia GeForce 970 (4GB) Strix HDD: Samsung EVO 850 V-Nand 250GB (Squad is installed on it)
  6. BMP-2 for Militia

    I dont mind MTLB it has shitload of variants (so does BMP) and it's not that rare afaik , but yeah i'd love to see BMP as counter to Bradley
  7. AFAIK all of the russian vehicles that have 30mm can choose between high & low rate of fire it's up to gunner to decide which one he'll use (would be nice feature in squad too), but Bradley could use proper counter like some of guys already suggested BMP 2 which could be used in various factions. But looking forward to seeing Breadley's rollin' i hope they release some more pics or even a video of some features for vehicles
  8. Alpha 9.13 Released

    Nice update, and nice map (altho fps consuming) i've been driving around a bit and found one intersection where there is "flying" part of road and u cant turn on it from one side you can see for yourselves. Picture of position: https://imgur.com/a/CI7IT
  9. October 2017 Recap

    Awesome content when will some of it be released finally we didnt have proper content added for a while now
  10. The Road to Fallujah, Part 1

    Looks dope guys, well done.. it's gona be hell of a map ! Keep up the good work
  11. Alpha 9.12 Released

    Nice update, shame about M1151's any idea will we get them back soon or at all ? And i guess v10 in 3 weeks ?
  12. Any ETA on V10?

    Yes mate when i put foliage/shadows and stuff lower it increases my fps.. but it aint that when it comes to looks worst thing is it worked just fine in earlier stages of squad ( maybe it didnt have so much stuff on those maps as it does now.. wouldnt know really )
  13. Any ETA on V10?

    Yeah that map aswell.. basically every map that has load of foliage on it..
  14. Any ETA on V10?

    Im encountering FPS issues aswell, but it's mostly on Woodland maps ( Gordok, Fools Road,etc..) it's constantly jumping between 25-35 on these maps,i've mostly stopped playing lately cuz of that FPS problem im having which i didnt have before..any help would be appreciated. (might be bit offtopic but since most of people are complaining let's give it at try) My Specs: i5-3570k @3.40Ghz 8GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 When it comes to ingame settings: Effects - Epic Shadows/ViewD./Foliage - High Rest is mostly "Off"
  15. Cheers for answers then mate ! Looking forward to new recaps/updates !