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  1. my maaaan! im out the game but i'll catch you and the lads soon enough until then enjoy the beers and pizza lookin at you @madhouse
  2. is this swag looking for a new game to play because of the valve ban for fixing matches?
  3. tournaments in an unfinished game oh my!
  4. Squad unplayable with no players

    there are still smaller infantry layers of the maps used for seeding and they work quite well for that
  5. any tips for squad leading?

    good down to the thread 2-3 posts down about 100+ things learned while squad leading,
  6. How the stryker actually looks like in combat

    ill say it now not all strykers we're lucky enough to be deployed with extra armour thats for sure and i wouldnt be surprised to see both varients in the end game
  7. Is it time for dedicated Roles aka Driver.

    crewmen kits for military apc,tanks,helos.. rest should be accessible to everyone.. but i believe general consensus well in communitys ive been involved in since my pr glory days is squad name role gets priority and is enforced by admin/community member's as first in first served and works quite well but until the games finished it might not be a standard, sure as hell works and people can either play on that server follow the rules or leave
  8. best to take it up with these guys.. https://usalegacy.us/ links to discord and support. being a kick and not a ban i wouldnt bother so much more than trouble shoot from your end.. where are you playing from and what is causing the high ping? are there any server near you that have a lower ping ect, either way im sure community server owners have some right in control over conditions to who populates their servers as i live in Aus and well i dont even bother playing on any other servers that Australian servers.
  9. [USA] Legacy

    haha wrong thread.
  10. Ping way too high

    psyrus you never cease to amaze me haha
  11. Hide inactive white flags from map?

    i would be down for that especially if they get the random flags meta back from PR so it could potentially be one of three flags you next have to take instead of (x) layer = (y) flags - from PR " many of the Control Points are set to be random, so each new round of AAS has a different flag layout, immensely increasing the re-playability of the game mode " im not sure how deep it could possibly run but if they added a system close to insurgency modes intel system so (x) amount of points taken earns the next flags location could work out well?
  12. IED Suicide bomber is pretty good success

    its official!
  13. this guy right here pretty well hit the nail on the head in my experiences the fact nametags pop up form halfway across the map means you don't have to be as cohesive in comms... they need to make a server options to limit the name tags popping up as i know its been a huge debate since the start but they really need a way of culling it down. also in PR they had the built in bf2 commander option which 10 folds team cohesion.. having someone to relay squad status and orders is what its currently missing.
  14. Hip fire needs some lifelike characteristics

    since when has the hip fire been a disadvantage? that shit is lazer beams people just dont do it enough haha watch panda from 1:21 best clip i can find atm.. but is no disadvatage at all with hip fire..