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  1. there are dedicated logi squads and when they are run they pretty much guarantee a win, its not hard SL medic rifleman = 2 shovels freeing up other squads into pure attack defensive roles while you set up shop and run the truck back works quite welll and is a common practice
  2. F**k the knives give us those sweet sweet bayonets!
  3. sprry if it was a second thread somewhere.. but the gameplay was awesome good to see a map like this will soon be in rotation the amount of options open to the map for both teams is awesome... cant wait for insurgency on it also congrats on the map to all of those involved
  4. cant wait till the release watch the action now.
  5. yeah the only real place i can see it happening is for squad leader animations as they place markers to observe,attack defend and what not besides that no real point... i mean in doing that it would make squad leaders stand out to the enemys :P\
  6. why balance something that hasn't even been close to being finished yet.... that is all. p.s if infantry is close you're doing it wrong
  7. while that is true if you couldn't recover it or died was lost it for X amount of time.
  8. the solution is pretty simple its not that the HAT kit is to strong and the Mech units tickets are too much it is more the mech units have a timer once lost why shouldn't the HAT or specialty kits? .. i dont even know if they planned to but its definitely what helped PR be what it was if you lost a kit you lost that for 5 minutes (or what ever timers were set to how important that kit was) means people wont rambo out in the middle of a field just to take a stryker out they will wait for the right opportunity and well if they lose the kit noone can use it giving a reason not sort of like chess holding a rook instead of a pawn in chess is allways a better option. its just that simple yes a stryker is worth a lot of tickets but it can be taken out in 1 hit vice verse that kit becomes worth alot of tickets and if you can lose the HAT kit prior to taking out a target you are stuck with a situation where its a bunch of guys unmatched for some time giving the other team a chance to move forward... if they can work the dynamics around chess instead of paper scissors rock it becomes a beautiful thing
  9. only reason cs:go is big is because it hasn't changed much at all since it started as a mod (17 years??) its consistent doesn't need a yearly number added too it with a new release.. i've been playing since you had to upload CS through half life... same maps same stance am i good at it? to an extent but all the people that play it is because of the consistency . i miss going to server seeing familiar names booking servers for 5 v 5 scrims or 1 v 1s it was all time, it was a challange between you and the other and it never changed only your performance changed and thats what makes you come back to a game like CS, much like golf love hate relation ship but you allays go back to test yourself. build something right the first time and you'll never need to change it.. only difference with cs:go is they have found a way to capitalize money with out actually changing the game skins,drops ranks? boosters buy 20 accounts sell em...what ever
  10. with more vehicals coming to squad will this mean certain vehicals will be able to dropp ammo boxes to gear up our AT crews? and also will that lead to kit restriction timers ?
  11. adding a FreeLook capablilty is completely "free" for all to use it. would mean simply binding a spare mouse key or what ever key you want to (trigger free look) + mouse.. you don't need to run out spend any money at all.. its just with it added those that do have or made their own can use them accordingly. i got a bug once.. mute the music if you need... but it would help alot with player spacing and awareness.
  12. the gun sounds have changed that many times over the last year im sure its going to happen again.. the problem with loud gun sounds is everyones goetting PTSD and deaf lmao
  13. only time when its relevent is in a BTR and playing icecream truck songs
  14. been active on PR and squad for 10 years the community im involved with is always open to server rotations and special event/ community game nights. its not an argument but a statement there are many layers of maps with no area attacks at all in PR... if you don't like them don't have them in server rotations or play on servers that do, i just don't see why there shouldn't be any at all when variety will mostly add more to the game its no different to having infantry only layers or armour only.. some people just love that sort of thing why deny them out right? the resource thing is just a suggestion why shouldn't it be suggested Im sure it can be refined in many ways.. could be the first flag both sides starts the supply/set up (like repair stations for re-arming mechanical units, once full the commander can drop a full barrage or just 3 rounds or 6 if he chooses after a squad request? both teams have that ability until the last flag is captured. but as it stands there is just not enough players currently on a server to justify having artillery pieces player controlled.. let alone Transport squads and logistic squads as well armour, infantry.. on attack and defence.