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  1. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Try looking through your email that you registered with for Squad Backer Perks & Soundtrack and redeem the code at the bottom on Steam. Then link your account again.
  2. Backer Tag Redeem!

  3. GTX 970 high core frequency

    I agree on Nvidia really slipping with their drivers. I've gone between a 6870 and a 560ti in my main PC for the past four years. I've had my fair shares of both AMD and Nvidia's problems and quirks. I should say that things like coil whine and fan noise and arbitrary and are usually manufacturer dependent, so I'm mainly going to list my problems with both drivers. AMD DRIVERS More bluescreens (due to drivers)More issues with games simply refusing to work. (Max Payne 1 refused to work on my amd card but had no problems on my nvidia when i swapped it. I've had plenty of other more recent examples but this one springs to mind)Drivers lack features and Catalyst seems to not run correctly sometimes. I recently had an issue were the catalyst installation became corrupt for some reason and i had to do a clean sweep of that driver. I'm pretty obsessive about what's on my pc and memory management so i run a clean machine. NVIDIA DRIVERS Seem to have more specific problems like the aforementioned dual monitor clock speed problem and other little quirksCorporate seems to be focused on forcing too many proprietary hardware/software than actual development of drivers (nitpicking, I know)Make slightly better cards than AMD in terms of hardware, but their driver reliability has dropped over the past year and half.I purchased a 970 a few months ago and the card has been great, the drivers not so much. People always claim that Nvidia has amazing drivers over AMD and always does a great job. It was only nearly 2 years ago now that they had big problems with a release for the 560ti series that saw people's card's overheating and causing artifacts. Both a friend and i had the same exact problem having the same exact card. Threads were reaching 60+ pages on the nvidia forums. it took them roughly three to four months to release stable new drivers for the 560 range. For those months you had to roll back.
  4. People would call me Ry; shorthand for Ryan. Which is pretty common I guess. I've never been too good with online names I've just been using it for years.
  5. Australia Server Discussion Thread

    It's great to see that you guys have taken measures for an Australian/NZ server so soon, so cheers for that.
  6. Rocket League

    I don't think I've had this much fun with a game for a long while. Bought it with a bunch of mates and racked up 15 hours within two days. Great stuff.
  7. New sounds are preatty spectacular

    i would love some radio sfx added to voice chat. Something like engage and disengage static. Nothing too obnoxious though. I feel that it was a nice subtle touch in PR that added to the immersion greatly. I really enjoy your work so far Anders. I can't wait to see what you come up with.
  8. Scope Implementation Discussion

    I'm completely fine with the decision that's been made. One of the things squad needs is rock solid performance. Good to see the overwhelming postive comments on how you've handled the problem
  9. Havok destructible physics

    Then how do you sync destruction between players?
  10. nice colour scheme and layout. I really like this. Great work!
  11. Server Browser

    I feel like it could harm what makes the type of Squad/PR gameplay so great. I'm not saying that things shouldn't be fun, But i think that there shouldn't be any optional server options like that to dilute the PR/Squad core gameplay experience. There is such a wealth to that unique style of gameplay that i think that if you give people that option to change the core experience to something more forgiving than the majority of people will usually just take the easy road and join those servers. Don't dilute the core Squad experience. It may just be only me who holds this attitude, but if you don't like this style of squad/PR gameplay; there are plenty of other games to play. Can there be more things done to prevent players from not following the rules? Yes. Should the core gameplay experience be changed (even optionally) to allow those players to play in a sandpit? I don't feel like it should. But hey, these are just my opinions.
  12. GPU Eating Shadows

    It's still early days. But i feel that UE4 is a great engine and the team will surely get the game to an optimised point. Personally i would prefer dynamic shadows instead of pre-baked. One over the other is going to be the best in terms of workload effort and it would work better for allowing the time of day/lighting to change on a map.
  13. PR 1.3 Standalone is out!

    Unfortunetly i seem to be having an issue relating to prmumble. It's good to see that this update has revived PR though. (if only for a while)
  14. Recording software

    I use a combination of Dxtory+Shadowplay. In Dxtory I use 1080P 60FPS using the Lagarith codec. Sometimes full RBG for quality but mostly YV12 And then I use Shadowplay for catching something that happened in the last 5-10 minutes if i wasn't recording. It's a great setup.
  15. I too am on this side of the fence. In the vein of Project Reality, I think that for a game like Squad, You should have to pay a standalone price once and be entitled to that game. I also think cosmetic DLC is a terrible idea for this game, and not in the spirit of Project Reality. Look at a game like Insurgency. Quite popular because they've focused hard on the gameplay, and not complicated or diluted that gameplay with frivolous things. And because of this it's done quite well and has a sizable community.