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  1. 5.56/.223 Recoil

    Well, is it still populated? Biggest reason I didn't go try it.
  2. 5.56/.223 Recoil

    I didn't play RO1, did they have a similar system?
  3. 5.56/.223 Recoil

    I think Red Orchestra 2 does something like this. There's a small circle around the crosshair where you can move your gun without it moving the screen. I'm sure you're already aware of this though.
  4. 3.9 is live! [Results]

    Ahh nuu, Cheeki breeki
  5. Faction Kit looks

    Is what model your character has determined by what kit you're playing as or is it random?
  6. 3.9 is live! [Results]

    Oh hell yes, track suits!
  7. 3.9 is live! [Results]

    Has anyone who played screenshotted what the new Militia faction looks like? Like the rest here I won't be home until later tonight.
  8. Militia map

    I'm a little curious about the map where Militia fight the Insurgents, forgot what it's called. Aside from a gameplay perspective (the non-conventional armies fighting each other), is there a real life scenario where something similar happened?
  9. Vehicle space

    That it does, thank you.
  10. Vehicle space

    Not sure if this has been brought up somewhere else, but how much space will the transport vehicles have for players? One of the most annoying things to me in PR was sure, the transport heli as 8 slots, but at least one of those is for the pilot, which meant one player was being left behind. Will this still be the case or has it not been decided yet?
  11. Rifleman keys rolling out

    Can you pre-install it? I won't be home until 9:30 pm EST due to school.