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  1. It's being worked on, the Squad Discord is a great place for info, try it out.
  2. Take the path of least resistance...
  3. SQUAD, now with airstrikes !

    Hopefully some sort of MLRS is added and it's as terrifying as this https://www.funker530.com/separatists-treat-casualty-under-terrifying-rocket-attack/
  4. Update delayed for one week

    Aw one whole week? I'm in the field for another 40 days so by the time I get back I expect basic ground vehicles to be implemented.
  5. SVD Sniper - Guide

  6. EO| Exiled Order - Recruitment

    We definitely need to ramp up on members who are active daily! Hit us up anytime!
  7. Base-Hugging and Super FOB's

    Not always the best strategy I agree with you. But sometimes stealth FOBs outside cap zones can easily get spotted by 1 person and get taken down by only 2 people versus it taking a team effort to destroy a heavily defended one.
  8. I think it's getting better and better. It was a nightmare upon Steam release but has improved VASTLY.
  9. If view distance = low, it removes A LOT of stuff at distance, some surfaces become pretty much bare, making it super easy to see enemies that are supposedly "hiding in grass"

    Cannot compute, noob overload, noob overload. LOL I played for a little bit at lunch and got shot at by 10 different friendlies within 5 minutes. Pretty tough to help people without mics also.
  11. Is grass not rendering for some?

    view distance = low = no grass on most surfaces at distance, kind of cheap actually.
  12. Exiled Order SQUAD Gameplay- Epic FOB Defense

    My perspective when contacted from the north at 2:04 in OPs vid.
  13. Marksman = Trolled

    Regrouping with squad post-troll.