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  1. On the overdone genre "World War Two"

    I played MOH:AA Spearhead (MPSH mod) for years, I have a soft spot for WW2 shooters and I don't seem to be getting tired of it.

    Wow, squads graphics have changed quite a bit ;)
  3. Kits, Roles, Limits and Steam launch

    Looking forward to these changes!
  4. I second this, I was on the other side in this game with my squad full, another partial-to-full and then 2 or 3 other squads people lone wolfing or basically not communicating at all on SL Net. It really does hamper gameplay a lot but at least I am recognising names now and the only way to tackle this in the short is to assure to have enough functioning squads - even if that means splitting full squads to guarantee there are appropriate manoeuvring units.
  5. New Medic system

    Apart from the obvious bugs in reviving the one thing I would love to see is the ability to drag and/or pick up fallen people. This would change the scope slightly for squads as this would then give the ability for a squad to hold bad a medic as such and form ad-hoc CCP's.
  6. Out of Regoin players (Kiwi's and Aussies need to read)

    Perhaps it would be an idea to promote a data and time for people to come online. Even if it's for just one night - it gives people focus to join up. You could simply advertise on the forums to encourage folk and even do some social media stuff.