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  1. Permanent damage

    Ok. Thanks for the info.
  2. Permanent damage

    But you can still take damage and live. Therefore, my statement stands.
  3. Permanent damage

    And it's in alpha. It's going to change. I just thought I'd put a thought out there.
  4. Permanent damage

    All I'm saying is that a medic irl won't be able to fill a gaping hole in your arm with what he brings to the field. Sure he can patch it up, but at the end of the day, a chunk of your arm is still missing. Again, not saying half your health should be gone, but enough to make you more conscious about taking damage.
  5. Permanent damage

    Well do medics fully heal you? Edit: and a health bar is not necessary for my idea to work.
  6. Permanent damage

    Well I plan on buying it in the near future and as far as I'm concerned, this is not in the game. I also think it will add to the gameplay.
  7. Permanent damage

    Maybe every time you take damage, a little bit of your health bar turns red, meaning that that bit can no longer be healed. Not a lot, but enough to make you rely less on medics and more on not taking damage. Also sorry, I don't play squad so idk if there is a health bar.
  8. Grenades and death.

    Inconvenient or not, it would add to the realism.
  9. Grenades and death.

    Why wouldn't you tell your team if you are throwing a grenade?
  10. Grenades and death.

    And if you are out of ammo and are sure that you will die, it could be used as a sort of kamikaze-type thing. (Leaving a live grenade at your dead body.)
  11. Grenades and death.

    But if the fuse is long enough then it would be more useful to pick it up and throw it. It might also damage nearby built things if that is implemented.
  12. Grenades and death.

    I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me: I'm walking along, until I run into a pack of enemies. As I pull the pin on a grenade, they notice me and I get killed. The end. So I was wondering if, when you pull the pin on a grenade and get killed, it will still explode. I understand that if you and your buddies are in the same area and you get killed, they would have to run or get blown up, but a way to counter this would be to allow teammates to pick up a dropped grenade and to quickly throw them. Thoughts?
  13. On supply crates

    I like the different crates idea. Maybe, if a crate hit the ground too hard then it and a fraction of its cargo is destroyed. This could make it so that the enemies can shoot down supply drops, which gives pilots a choice, risk being shot down, or risk the cargo not safely being delivered.
  14. Blood

    such a nice community. I have high hopes for the future :D