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  1. Hello Squaddies and Squadettes Are you tired of those pesky vehicles fires when you "accidentally" flip your brand new truck over? Do you wish there was some magic way to flip your vehicle over to the other side? Introducing the Vehicle Recovery Winch! What do you guys think? I think it would be interesting, instead of costing you a ticket, you can use a little teamwork to recover the vehicle and makes it a little more realistic for the game.
  2. The Military Media Thread

  3. Hello Squaddies, I'd like to know if adding fleshed out water mechanics and physics is included in the development feature. Currently all maps have really shallow rivers and streams and do not act as any form of natural barrier. I'd like to know if players would ever be able to swim (or drown) in water, and how vehicles will react to water. Also, what is the possibility of having boats and island map. Having such a feature would open up doors for modders to create a wider variation of map content. Let me know what your guys thoughts are on this subject, and what you would like to see done to this game.
  4. The Weapons Thread!

    A few minutes of searching I found this.
  5. The Weapons Thread!

    Yes there are.
  6. That could be a really good compromise. Thats in case if the new logistical system is broken or buggy, you could always rely on the older games. But you would think that you would need a new build of the game in order to implement a Main-to-FOB system. So in not sure if each version could be capatible. I just hope the devs leave the groundwork for a in depth FOB system. Or That building FOBs becomes more relevant in the game. Currently they are only being used as a forward spawn location. I was thinking if they added a combat engineer class that had a special tool to build 1.5× faster. Then that could be a viable stratedgy.
  7. I second this. Irregular forces have a great variety of weapons to practice.
  8. Incorporation of Water into Maps

    All great suggestions guys. Really appreciate the input. I realized that this was core feature missing in this game. I know it would take a lot to animate and program, but if the developers would lay the groundwork. The modding implications would be huge. There would be so much you could do with a fleshed out water physics and mechanics.
  9. Really like your map ideas! I'd like to see map locations from less known places in video games.
  10. So, when do the other factinons get artillery?

    They They lost that round btw. They got pushed all the way back to radio tower. The arty barrages only suppressed the US forces temporarily.
  11. Even at high levels of play. I can agree that it is very difficult to get any good value from using it in the game. The best thing it has going for it is area denial and suppression, but the logisitical strain, lack of accuracy, and killing potential really limits its usefulness. I think the emplemention of mortors will really give insurgents that precesion indirect fire support they need.
  12. The Weapons Thread!

    Combined arms has always been the vision for the game. They are ramping up the heavy vehicle assets so that the game is still balanced. You can check out the Javelin model they made a few months ago. That thing is ready.
  13. The Weapons Thread!

    Decision was already made and finalized. VIEDs are not in thier development plans. Right now they are focused on adding factions, air assets, maps, and heavy vehicles in the next year. We could always use modders to put in these assets into the game.
  14. The Weapons Thread!

    Totally agree, but for a comercialized game they dont want any negative press. Im almost 100% sure someone will just mod it into the game. If you guys saw last month's recap. The future of IEDs and AT Mines looks promising. I am pleased to see that.
  15. The Weapons Thread!

    There will be no Suicide bombers or VIEDs in the vanilla game because those item are too contrevorsial. Javelins are already planned. You can expect the PKP, PKM, m240, and other GPMGs to make it into the game. Now what I REALLY want to see is Optic systems for the RPG and SPG with the correct grid style sights. It would greatly help lead shots for moving vehicles and sight in at great distances.
  16. Is the Scout class useful?

    Yeah I totally agree with that line of reasoning. And the tripwire would be a great addition to the kit. It that could be utilized by the SL in the squad in a variety of creative ways. I think with the addition of motors and IED's having an extra pair of eyes for the insurgent will become more and more valuable in terms of combat effectiveness. At the highest levels of play. Information is critical to the success of a team. A scout can certainly help provide that information. Your right. The scout shouldn't become a psuedo sniper class.
  17. Is the Scout class useful?

    Okay, makes sense from that standpoint, as it stands his ammo is woefully inadequate. It'd be cool if the alternate kit for the scout would be a mosin nagant is a 2x PU scope. He could be a pseudo sniper class for the insurgents. Yeah I would give the insurgent scout that old chocalate chip DCU's with a tan shemagh to match. I thought the Raider class was supposed to get the IED's, but I could be mistaken.
  18. The Training Map Has Great Potential

    Yeah your right, I'd like to have an option of what layer I'd want to play in when I load up single player. Not to mention the fact that their adding in UK armed forces too.
  19. The Training Map Has Great Potential

    The BIGGEST thing they need to do is add in insurgent and militia factions. I love the training range. It is a great tool for ranging in and testing GL, AT, and rocket arty shots at distances. With a couple of friends, you can have them drive around setting up moving targets. It also helped me range in the SVD and M1011. Squad Ops uses all the time for their basic training program. That being said, I liked the open range before they added the buildings. I would suggest having the building on just one side or widening the range a bit for vehicles to drive around.
  20. Is the Scout class useful?

    I agree, the current insurgent scout sticks out like a sore thumb. I wish he had camo. The scout needs more clips too. Standard bandolier holds 20 clips which is 200 rounds. With the binocs and the SKS I can spot targets out to 300+ meters and reliably kill them if I know where to hold. A second pair of binocs can be invaluable for a Squad esp cuz insurgents and militia are at a disadvantage.
  21. Please no raised weapon as default

    I believe there is a way to achieve this without any overly complicated keybindings or controls. I think the primary benefit to game play is that it remind players to slow down and observe their surroundings. Listen to sounds and focus. A lot of players get into the "meat grinder" mentality and always push into the fight and try to take fights head on and rely on their twitch shooting skills. This would encourage more tactical and strategical play.
  22. Hello Squaddies, The addition of rocket techies have been great as the first iteration of indirect firesupport. There are only I few things I'd like to see changed l. 1. Currently, the rocket pod resets to its resting position whenever the techie is moved. This makes it difficult to make windage adjustments. I'd like to see it the pod only move when the gunner moves the pod. 2. A way for the gunner to see the angle of the rocket pod and make fine tune adjustments. If the gunner could visible see the exact angle this would make it easier to range in their targets. Which would benefit public as well as competitive players. Let me know what your guys thoughts on the rocket techie and if precise angle adjustments should be a feature added to the game, because I know it's not necessarily realistic because rocket techies are kinda hog pogged together out in the field.
  23. V8 Rocket Techie Feedback

    Thanks for the response Z-trooper! Totally understand that line of reasoning.
  24. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    I like that idea a lot. I feel it will neccesary in the future where high ticket assets that need specialized kits to man and operate. For a competitive or hardcore server. this would insure competency and remove any issues with claiming assets after the start of the match.
  25. Is the Scout class useful?

    I love the scout class. and with the addition of rocket techies he is an invaluable tool for spotting and guiding in barrages.