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  1. Low FPS not reflective of hardware

    A single 970 will struggle to achieve high frame rates at 1440p. Simple as that. Also comparing it to games that have released as full versions is not likely to yield you much intel. Squad is still in early access, it is not a final product, its game systems are still changing and it is definitely not optimized.
  2. 1440p upgrade

    With your budget, I would not recommend moving to 1440p, since Squad performance is the principal consideration. A 1080p G-Sync monitor sounds like a much better fit.
  3. 1440p upgrade

    Hi there, I use a 980 TI Hybrid, an OC i7-4790K and an Asus pg279q which has a high refresh rate (144-165hz) at 1440p. If you choose to go this route, for Squad the technology that makes the biggest different is the variable adaptive sync technology - G-sync (or free sync for AMD). The higher refresh rate is nice, but you won't typically be pulling more than 80-90 frames in Squad at 1440p with a 1070. The good news is that most monitors that include Gsync also have a high refresh rate. If you're willing to spend $$$ on the monitor, I would prioritize G-sync/Freesync over the higher refresh rate, unless you play a number of Source games or older games where higher frame rates are more likely/necessary. In addition, TN panels tend to be cheaper than IPS panels, but have tradeoffs. For example, this monitor would be a good choice at 1440p. Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC It is a TN panel (so viewing angle / color not as good) but it also has a 144hz refresh rate. Hope that helps!
  4. How is the cheating?

    In 1,500 hours, I have seen less than 10 people "cheating" via hacks, and they were each extremely blatant, banned immediately. And I haven't seen any since V7 came out. It is possible there are a handful that have gone unnoticed using ESP, but that seems unlikely. The development team has done an excellent job in this space. However, a member of the Squad community QA team was caught abusing universal admin powers in a clan match to gain an advantage. This individual lost all trust and credibility within the community, and will likely never play a meaningful "competitive"/clan match again. OWI has also taken steps to prevent that from happening again. However, the individual in question remains involved in QA which is somewhat disconcerting.
  5. i could use some help

    Look forward to welcoming you to the PC gaming family. A couple q's so we can best help you. 1. What is your budget!? 2. Are you comfortable w/ electronics? (Assembling your own PC tends to provide the best value; you will pay more for a prebuilt/made to order rig). 3. Do you have a reliable broadband internet connection? This is imperative. 4. What graphics quality and resolution do you want to play at? Since this a Squad forum and the game is still in development, I'll add one comment. Squad requires mid to high tier hardware to run well. I.e. You could build a a relatively inexpensive PC that will many released AAA titles pretty well...but it would struggle to run Squad. To get started I would head over to Reddit's BuildaPC or check out Gamers Nexus list of builds: http://www.gamersnexus.net/pc-builds In addition PC Gamer has decent resources for starting off your research. If you just want to buy a pre-built PC I'm sure there are plenty of places that will take your money, but even if you go that route, you need to research the components that it will come with.
  6. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    32 GB SKILL TridentX Series (4 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 2400 (PC3 19200). Set to 2400 MHZ, 10-12-12-31-1T. I7-4790K is at 4.7 GHZ. I should note that if I turn all graphic settings to low and res scaling off I pull over 140 fps consistently at 1440p but the game doesn't look nearly as good (as expected).
  7. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    So the 1800x is being outperformed considerably by an i7 4790K at 1440p. And he has a superior graphics card to my set up.
  8. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    Do we know what resolution he's playing at? That's the real key: if at 1080p obviously very poor performance, if at 1440p low-middling performance, at 4k decent. For comparison, with a 4790k overclocked and 980 ti hybrid at 1440p I typically get between 80-100 frames w/ all settings EPIC, (except shadows on low; res scaling at 1.25x.) on full server. The exception is Gorodok of course where I pull between 60-70 on a full server.
  9. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    Without a doubt, we all hope that AMD and game developers, will synergize their products for better performance to cost for the average gamer. However, game development takes place over such a long period, it will be several years before the type of possible advantages you highlight will be relevant for most games. And in that time, hardware and graphics will continue to evolve - meaning that by the time those (potential) positives are reached on the software side, AMD and Intel will have new products in the market that will likely do them even better, and at lower cost. The big story here is the R7 1700 is true value for certain content creators. Why AMD decided to promote the $500 R7 1800X as its launch flagship for gamers, we'll never know... Fair enough, but Steve is an expert and trying to allow folks to make an informed decision. How you choose to (wisely or unwisely) spend your hard earned clams, will always be up to you.
  10. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    Intel's I7 7700k will still be better for strictly gaming. AMD's Ryzen R7 1700, when overclocked, might have some appeal for mixed workloads (i.e. 70 percent content creation, 30 percent gaming), depending on the software you need to use, given its lower price point (MSRP ~ $330). Under no circumstances should you buy an R7 1800X (OR an Intel I7 6900k) for gaming alone. To learn more I encourage you to read both these reviews or watch the accompanying videos. Steve is the best in the business: http://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/2822-amd-ryzen-r7-1800x-review-premiere-blender-fps-benchmarks http://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/2827-amd-r7-1700-review-amd-competes-with-its-1800x
  11. Also having the same issue. Played earlier this evening. Came back after a break, and steam had restarted with a small update. After launching Squad, when I join a server, whether populated or empty. I connect initially, render map, and then after two seconds the game disconnects from the server and goes to the black screen w/ "loading" in the upper right. It shows "Server Connection Closed" when back at the browser/menu screen in the top center. Have tried: Deleting Local App Data, Verifying files, Restarting PC, Uninstalling steam and Reinstalling steam, clearing user settings/data, and Restarting router to no effect. This is obviously an issue w/ Steam, Squad, and probably EAC. Let us know what you'd like us to try to resolve this. Thanks, Fu*
  12. Have played for over 1,000 hours since the move to Steam. Played earlier this evening without an issue. Came back and steam had released a small update to the client. Restarted steam, and now I have this exact problem. Squad launches fine, training range works fine, as soon as I join a server everything renders (just like a normal connection). After two seconds, the screen goes back to black "loading" in the upper right. Then the message "Served Closed Connection" appears in the top center. Doesn't matter whether it is a populated sever or empty one. Reinstalling steam, deleting APP data, restarting PC, and verifying files did not resolve the issue.
  13. Gun shot hints

    A more viable muzzle flash would definitely make target acquisition easier for players using iron sights or red dots, who often are at a disadvantage relative to M4 ACOG or AKS74 w/ Optic in terms of target acquisition (with the exception of CQB). Whether that is feasible given engine/performance considerations is the key question.
  14. For folks out there I would offer the following BLUF: We have offered feedback on how the current implementation of the game's feature systems have affected the overall "meta" game in Squad in this current v7.5/7.6 Alpha iteration from the perspective of experienced FPS players. Since we know the developers are already updating the systems in the game, since we know each set of features is not final, and since we assume OWI has their own vision for the game, it is most helpful to describe the key trends in meta gameplay from a player experience rather than to offer outright solutions / answers to trends. Instead, providing qualitative feedback on the "meta" at one moment in time and allowing the developers to draw their own conclusions may ultimately be more useful. Several key trends were identified. They could be categorized in different ways. Here is one possible rubric: - The current implementation of logistical systems and map size, map characteristics, and flag proximity makes vehicle rushing to uncappable flags in AAS the dominant strategy for experienced players. - Early round organization is essential to success. General disorganization and inexperienced squad leaders at start will severely hinder a team's potential to win in the first 3-5 minutes of AAS. When this happens, the current meta often makes this an unrecoverable position for that team. - There is low penalty for death and little incentive to coordinate w/ a medic. You are more likely to return to action faster and with greater efficacy for your team by "giving up" rather than waiting for a medic. - Laying a spawn network (FOB/Rally Volume) to return players quickly to transport to the frontline w/ full equipment requires minimal squad/team cohesion and low risk. - Squad leading is demanding and playing as a medic is a challenging yet crucial part of teamplay. - The intermediate optic kits (M4 Acog and AKS74 w/ optic) are the dominant weapons on the battlefield and ammunition is plentiful. - Novice players may have a difficult time appreciating the long-term vision for Squad (relative to its predecessor Project Reality ) based on the current meta as of v7.5/7.6.
  15. Explosion sounds.

    Have observed the same thing since v7, especially in v7.5. Hand grenades, rockets, 203s, even vehicle explosions will stop rendering sound. The problem cuts in and out. Can't tell if its because of multiple explosion sounds stacking on top of each other, but definitely notice it more when several explosions happen in sequence. All graphics, visuals, and damage remain functional during this period, but you have to see it (or feel it) to know it happened. Later on you'll hear a grenade explode, and then know the issue has passed.