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  1. Scorpion for body, multicam for equipment, since the equipment is like phase four in the Army's transition and won't be converted to scorpion for a few years.
  2. The M240-L has short barrel, collapsible stock, and the receiver is made out of titanium for light weight, I have a friend who's a team leader for an MG squad in 101st air assault.
  3. Yep Kiowas are being pushed out and those units are receiving AH-64E Guardians I believe.
  4. Heh, the best thing I can suggest is, slow down, watch your surroundings, pick your targets and relay that information back to your squad or anyone around your vicinity. :D
  5. I'm just waiting for this to happen.
  6. Current Militia textures are placeholders.
  7. I posted this during our Greenlight campaign on Steam some while ago. I can see how people missed it.
  8. The professional part of the Russian army doesn't use them, the conscript part of the Russian army doesn't use them so no. Like Z-Trooper says unless they adopted them then maybe.
  9. Honestly I thin,k they're fine. If you need precise shots, hold your breath (holding shift) and it will focus. We've had this discussion one too many already. If anything it is more realistic, and shows the problems that the AK's have when it comes to accuracy.
  10. Funny thing about headbob, is that your head doesn't jump around when you actually run. Just imagine if your head was jumping up and down side to side when you run.
  11. Quick note on the UI, it isn't completely finished, although you can see the direction we are headed, but still rather cool .
  12. Everything is work in progress. I mean we're actually building the game as you play it (crazy right?). Of course performance isn't great, and probably won't get to the point of AAA games anytime soon (don't know why everyone compares it to studios that have 100+ employees). As our game matures, along with UE4 engine, optimization will improve.
  13. With such limited content (which we acknowledge), it was bound to happen. Rest assured we are working on content and features.
  14. Duh, everything happens in USA. Now if the show was made in Australia, of course everything would happen in Australia. USA USA USA!
  15. Heh, I noticed it some months ago when I was playing around with the lighting. Just never said anything. Also the sun should be brighter imo .