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  1. Graphic Improvements Guide

    Thanks Olsen! Added it to the first post : )
  2. Hello fellow Squad players! I recently was interested in finding ways to enable more Unreal4 graphic options with Squad. I know the devs likely do not recommend this as it will cause bugs, but I discovered via shortcut target, you can enable EDIT: Shader Model 4 actually looks to downgrade the graphics. Sorry for the confusion! Disable Post Process Anti-Aliasing (Makes AA better!) Navigate to Squad\Squad\Config and open DefaultEngine.ini. Within the file hit CTRL+F to find "r.postprocessAAQuality=1" and set the value from 1 to 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Perhaps if anyone has discovered other config / shortcut tweaks we can use this thread as a place to post ways to improve visual fidelity. Of course I'm sure it's only a matter of time till the devs enable these features sch as improved shaders, SSAO, tessellation etc. But it's fun to find ways in the meantime : )