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  1. Founder Weapon Skins

  2. Fister reporting in

    Welcome aboard!

    @SteveLMAO!!! Steve from Ottawa???? Buddy, I AM in your backyard right now!!!!! (the Glebe) Head home Wednesday at oh-dark-thirty!!!!!

    Thx for the posts guys! I'm 61 myself and happy to take on all the young folks!!! LMAO!!! Let's see how many more of us are out there!?!?!?!? Come on guys - fess up!!!!
  5. @Kalith an amazing tool that, imo, is a necessity for this game! Bravo Zulu to you, sir!!!

    LMAO!!! Great idea!!!!!! and that's why I like to play medic so much!!!!!!
  7. Just wondering whether there: is any interest in an over 50 group/clan/squad/whatever to see how we do in this game? are there sufficient numbers to make it happen? If this topic intrigues you, let me know
  8. KCIV! Nice segue (pronounced: segway) I will elaborate a little and provide some insight into how I believe the medic role could be strengthened. Wpn - give me a carbine with no more than 2 mags. To KCIV's question - in the advance, I am another rifleman. On the objective, or when in contact, I am a lifesaver. KCIV, does that adequately answer your question? Stamina - give me more. A reduction in a heavy item such as ammo and an increase in a light item, say bandages provides good rationale to increase stamina for the medic. Eliminate rally points - imo this will do two things: it will discourage the lone wolf mentality as the only spawn points are now, potentially, really far away. Thus, if one is severely injured, one must weigh the benefits of waiting for a medic OR investing more time to respawn and get back in the fight. However, where there is a downside, there should be an upside, so, if rally points are eliminated, perhaps there is a reward for those who are waiting for a medic? For example, if the squad captures the point or the squad has no deaths for a select period of time or your medic successfully revives a certain number of team mates - then those on the squad who have not been revived, gain their life back (maybe if they are within a certain radius/distance from the SL)? it will encourage more cohesive small unit tactics and more speculative and suppressive fire. This will certainly see ammo usage go up, tending to drive more logistics play.
  9. As a very inexperienced player I will attempt to contribute in a positive, constructive fashion by adding my opinion. Fu*, some very astute observations that I really hadn't considered due to my inexperience - truly, I am still trying to figure out the game. Regardless, here I go: Trend 1 Lack of Early Rnd org - Perhaps the absence of experienced squad leaders could be mitigated by the presence of a platoon commander? He would set the map strategy for his squad leaders who would then figure out how to execute his intent; Trend 2, vehicle rushing - great strategy that I have yet to see (simply because I am too inexperienced); however, rather than hiding the objectives and spawning them as a reward for capping the identified obj, I like the idea of a non-linear map. In other words, all objectives can be seen at all times, BUT have the platoon commander identify the objective cap order at the beginning and adjust as required based on how the battle develops (rather than the software); Trend 3 - Low punishment for giving up - delete the concept of rally points. All players either spawn through an FOB or the main base - this reflects a real life logistics chain more realistically; Trend 4 - High volume of FOB sites - no comment, I agree with the observation Trend 5 - Optics - no comment; I play medic primarily therefore have no optics. Trend 6 - Medics - agreed. Usually very hard to get to 50% of the players. Lone wolves, not a chance! Sometimes the squad leader will detach some guys making it worthwhile to split his medics. It appears as though several sub-threads have emerged or the main ones have been expanded, so, in no particular order: Local Comms - if a squad were moving tactically (fire & movement or "pepper-potting"), then a local comms channel is imperative. Right now though, as one writer already observed, it is primarily used for medics assist, dropping rally points or creating FOB's; Lone wolf & a high K/D ratio - as a medic (primarily) and an inexperienced FPS player, I have a non-existent K/D ratio. I would like to be able to see the enemy and kill lots, but so far it hasn't been in the cards for me. Playing pub matches has been more satisfying for me as a medic. Lone wolves - will always have them and, even in a team game such as squad, they have their place (perhaps eliminating the rally point concept would discourage this behaviour?) Logistics (ammo, bandages, trucks) - ammo; nato and former warsaw pact troops usually carry 3 days worth on their person (no idea how much that would be but varies by wpn type). Bandages - every troop carries one and sometimes two compression bandages - therefore, I recommend that squad reflect the same?!? Logistics Trucks - needed at the location where an FOB is to be established + 3 guys - perhaps this will reduce the ability to "spam" FOB"s?? Trend 7 - Squad Leading - haven't done it yet BUT, since I can't see the enemy to kill them, I think being a SL is the next step for me (when I return in a week or so). Hope there are some suggestions here that will contribute to our enjoyment of the game!!! Cheers all!
  10. So after nearly a year away ................ what can I say, I've been in demand!!!! Turns out it was my modem/router combo. Upgraded thru my service provider and voila, no more issues....go figure!
  11. Backer Tag Redeem!

    well, that was fast!!! LMAO!!!
  12. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Kind of in the same boat as a few others in that I did not receive the aforementioned e-mail with the Perk Key(s). Have sent a request for them to resend along with the requisite receipt number with payment info etc , so we shall see - fingers crossed!
  13. That is so ha, ha excellent!!!!!