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  1. What the hell is going on with the server issues lately? Ive been playing this game for years, bought it before it was on steam. The server issues have never been this bad. i seem to get disconnect from from a match atleast once every 2 hours which is extremely frustrating considering queue times.
  2. When a medic revives somebody, it should take a bandage from them if they have any in their inventory. In reality theyre going to use the wounded dudes med kit, then the medics bandage should be for situations when the wounded have none.
  3. Progress updates.....

    thanks man
  4. Progress updates.....

    Im not sure if there is something im missing or.... but ive been supporting this games for a very long time now. I payed over $100 dollars for it before it was available on steam and im feeling a lack of information being passed about what is going on with the game. Even little small 1 paragraph updates every once in a while would be great. Not sure if im the only one feeling it.
  5. Squad leaders with no idea what they're doing

    Fully agree with all those points. Mainly what I would like to see is something that limits a new player to be SL, for example, before finishing 10 full matches or something like that. I'm all for helping out new players. But a system to vote out bad SLs would be good for the team.
  6. Something thats been a real problem in the past few weeks more then the past, is the competency of squad leaders. Yes obviously there are new players and somewhat of a learning curve to the game but there's also blatant disregard for the rest of the team. It's so frustrating when there's a squad leader wondering off to the middle of nowhere with his mates as the rest of the team is trying to rangle him in and hes simply in goring everyone. I feel there should be some sort of system implemented to allow you to be a squad leader, whether it's a rating that's effect by overall teamscore or number of matches played. Also I feel there should be a system in place were the SLs of the team can vote another on from his position or the squad itself could do so.
  7. Squad Merchandise

    not sure if its been brought up or not, but a squad coffee mug is something thats missing from the store
  8. Squad Merchandise

    A coffee mug and dip cups would be a guarenteed seller
  9. why do the servers that are 70+ players keep coming and going, the game is supposed to be 100 pvp and runs smooth with 50 easily so lets start dipping into bigger games. and a higher player willl obviously allow awesome battles to happen for those youtube videos you want