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  1. November 2017 Recap

    Great news, had goosebumps when i saw the snowflakes It's starting to take shape indeed. But this update does mostly focus on the overall "health" of the game (some essential stuff here) and is meager in the content department (and will be for the months to come ).
  2. Yet another FPS topic (low fps)

    Get any quadcore from the 6th Core-I Series onward. Every AMD upgrade that is not ryzen is wasted money. Got my Kit (i5 6600k, decent z170 mainboard and 16gb ddr4 @ 2133Mhz) used for 280€. A year ago. It can cost even less today. Combined with a GTX780 i'm gpu bound at 50+fps 24/7 and so will you. @Super Sniper Full Server with highest settings and 1.5 ssaa on a gtx970 = 50-70fps... [ ] You just mistook a 970 for a 1070 (slight performance diffrence). [ ] Your 970 is liquid nitrogen cooled, running at 2000+/2000+. [x] Bullshit
  3. can i run it on this pc

    Nah, physically not possible. Try these settings @ full hd don al basrah or Mestia 80p Server and you'll get ~30fps at best. ss 1.25, Settings @ medium and all pp effects "off" on a super overclocked 970 will get you those fps. Got a 6600k @ 4.7 ghz & gtx 780 classified (~10% slower then a 970 at worst) @ 1328 / 1600 (20+% overclock ) and i use the above settings with ssaa 1.0 and smaa "on" to get 50+ fps at any given moment. And yeah, it ranges between 50-100 fps. Imho the lows are more important then this highs. OP's system wont get 30 fps with low settings @ full hd on a 80p Server. His hardware is simply too damn slow. That said, it could be playable (30+fps) on a 50p Server or the Training Range. Propably?
  4. ^What are you talking about? There is no comparison between 60/144, provided you can push those fps... 50-65 fps. 78-80 Player Server. i5 6600K @ 4.6 GHz EVGA 780 classified hydrocopper @ 1319/3105 16 GB Ram @ 2344 MHz [email protected] SSAA 1.5x Everything low Shadows Medium Only Eye Adaption active. Gonna need a faster gpu. Could have ~5 extra fps with ssaa on 1.0x..
  5. FPS: 40-90 CPU: i7 3820qm @ 3.4Ghz GPU: GTX 780 RAM: 8GB 1600 Res: 1920x1080 Settings: High Now its atleast playable. Was impossible to enjoy with my old desktop (Phenom II x4 955 @ 3.8 & 7870 @ 1180/1550). Elitebook 8570w + eGpu feels way better.
  6. i5-6500 + H170 MoBo + 8Gigs Ram ~ 330€ new