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  1. VRAM leak (since v17?)

    Here's Gorodok raas right after joining with a ingame timer of 01:49 (10 minutes into the round): Don't forget to add a minimum of 1gb for Windows(services) and Steam. It get's way worse on Kamdesh invasion layer towards the end of the full round. Nevermind my 12gb current and 14gb max load, i got a couple of background services running right now. And... you're definetly cpu bottlenecked ontop of that. Upgrading from a i5 6600k to a r5 2600 (lower per core performance, many more threads) solved a couple of problems. Honestly i was okay with the occasional stutter back then, but my psu destroyed itself , my mainboard and gpu (i was forced to upgrade). That said, my problems back then weren't as bad as the vram leak is now... the stutter/freezes are really bad now.
  2. VRAM leak (since v17?)

    I'm pretty sure that Squad has been using upwards of 8gig's of ram for a while now. Even before i upgraded my rig 1 1/2 years ago. Nowadays it's consistently between 8 and 10 gb, which i would classify as normal behaviour for a modern game engine. > In my case there's no system memory leak present.
  3. VRAM leak (since v17?)

    Hopefully we can collect a couple more hardware configurations related to this problem. There are are plenty topics related to gamecrashes caused by 100% vram load, but thats not the case here. The game simply runs like poop as soon as the video ram is clogged up. Both vega56 and rx5700 are more then powerfull enough. Throwing money at the problem does not seem like a promising solution.
  4. VRAM leak (since v17?)

    Same problem in Beta 18 Public Test. what gpu & driver version are you using?
  5. VRAM leak (since v17?)

    OS: windows 10 x64 (v1909) CPU: AMD Ryzen R5 2600 GPU: AMD Radeon Vega 56 (8gb VRAM) RAM: 16GB 3200mhz cl14 I noticed that the game became very heavy on vram after the v17 update. My 8gb of VRAM are being fully utililized at 1080p low settings (SSAA off). This may have been the case prior to v17, but it's only now that i get constant stutter and framedrops. My gpu and amd chipset drivers are up-to-date. I've tried out older amd drivers aswell, without success. First off, the game uses 3900-4500mb of VRAM in the menu/server browser. This is at 1080p lowest settings and SSAA 1.0. Thats ridiculous in itself, but it gets way worse after joining a 80p server. 1080p low settings (everything turned down): 6500-7000mb VRAM usage immediatly after joining a server. Finally reaches 8000mb after a couple of minutes of gameplay. 1080p medium settings and above: 7500-8000mb after joining a server. Mostly clogging up all my available VRAM in an instant. Another odd behaviour: joining a server with lowest quality settings --> raising the quality settings to medium --> immediatly changing back to lowest settings ... results in the same VRAM usage as playing the game on medium to begin with. The VRAM doesn't get cleared when switching quality settings. What i've tried: -cleared game cache -completly reinstalled Squad -removed amd drivers with DDU (through win10 safe mode) and reinstalled the newest drivers -activated HBCC memory segment in the amd driver. Now this is intresting. It even conceals the stutting, framedrops and generally bad performance to some extent. When doing so, the vram usage can reach up to 12500mb (1080p, medium settings, SSAA 1.0) after a long session. But it makes the game somewhat playable in the current state. Greetings, moe
  6. 8gb ddr3 ??

    8 gigs of ram wont suffice. Even with 16 gigs your system still falls beneath the minimum PC specs (steam page). It won't be a great experience. you can build a whole pc system which surpasses the steam page recommomended specs for less then 600€ NEW. Thats german prices, add ~20% € for down under, subtract ~10% € for the us. Parts used: rx580, r5 2600, 16gig 3000mhz ram, b450 board, 550w 80+ gold psu, 500gb sata ssd, budget case Get the important parts used (gpu, cpu+ram+board), use leftover parts from your old system (case, psu and hdd) and it drops to more like 250€. Results in nice and smooth (as smooth as squad can be) gameplay at [email protected] medium settings with ssaa off. The very same system will be running rdr2 medium settings 1080p at 60+ fps and high/ultra settings 1080p at 30+ fps. Whomever convinced you that you need to spend 4-5 grand in pc parts for a smooth experience in any game was straight up lying. I'd recommend not paying these people any attention.
  7. Low FPS

    Amount of players on the server? Roundtime? If its a full 80p server and a couple of minutes or an hour into the map then this looks quite typical. Deployables and other dynamic objects can pile up like crazy in a cramped area like the basrah city. Then again, if 50 fps is your avarage across multiple maps... there's definetly something wrong.
  8. A better armor and Gear system

    The fantasy of half a unit being sent out into a barren wasteland with 1+ km sightlines equipped with naked sa80's is just that. A fantasy. See, two sides of a extreme. Neither of them are realistic nor authentic. Yet we're still stuck with ^this stuff. A definite no to kit customization tho. That could result in a massive hussle for Squadleaders (micromanaging 8 diffrent kit's... ehh, no thanks).
  9. No Shadow has to go quick

    ^this. Plus you guys make it out as if turning shadows off instantly grants you wallhacks. Why would anybody complain about something as minor as disabled shadows when there are Maps/Layout out there that legit turn one Fraction invisible due to lackluster camouflages? Three words. BRITS ON KOKAN ... aka. Bushwookiees. Get your priorities straight.
  10. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    quality work!
  11. Yes it sounds crazy and illogical. Just like focing the player to wear fisheye glasses. That's an example/analogy. I did play bf2 and you're right. Such a harsh bullet spread isn't nececary in Squad to balance out a 20% increase in maximum engagement distance. Depth Haze is realisitc and can actually occure in reality, fisheye glasses most likely not. Yes. This is depth haze. Unnecessarily stronk depth haze for that matter.
  12. You're constructing a strawman argument. I never advocated for a 1:1 ratio to real life. I stated my experience with a 4k 32" compared to a 2,5k 24" monitor in Squad and ArmA3 and then proposed possible solutions to a real problem. It may not be a common occurence but it's non the less a problem disrupt the balance of the whole gunplay. Limiting the maximum fighting range by level design is certainly not an option. This is a combined arms Game, not a pure Infantry game. By doing so, you would inevatably nerf all vehicles even further. They are already not as effective as they should be / countered easily by above avarage players. 5 out of 6 of your examples aren't implemented yet due to time constraints and the fact that this game isn't released. Those feature will inevitable become more realistic and complex. That was the plan anyway. Why the torque of vehicles is increased compared to real life counterparts? I don't know. I'm not a Dev. But i can tell you that that is not limiting me as a player in any case. One Example: Wheeled vehicles are too fast in comparison to tracked vehicles and are disrupting the gameplay. You have two solutions. removing every fourth wheel from every wheeled vehicle (cripeling the vehicle) reducing the power output of those vehicles (balancing the vehicle) The Developer chooses option 1). Now, since the Developer isn't aming at a 1:1 realistic game, this should not be a issue, right? Why is taking away the ablility to see propperly diffrent? In a game like Battlefield, this would be less of a prolbem. Tracked vehicles could get a hover function as a solution and nobody would bat an eye. Battlefield is neither realistic nor authentic. Squad is. The only thing the lack of zoom accomplishes is artificially making ironsighted weapons inferiour to sighted weapons and increasing demand of third party zoom tools. The maximum engagement distance for iron sighted weapons is around 200-250 meters. = comfotable range for ironsighted weapons The maximum engagement distance for sighted weapons is between 400-500 meters. = comfotable range for sighted weapons Doubleing the zoom won't make it possible to hit targets at 800 meters. This is because of ballsitics and weapon system limitations. How Assault Rifles Ballistics work in the real world (simplyfied): Increasing the zoom to 2x (90° -> 45°) wouldn't change sighted weapons much, because of the given limitations of the weapon system. There simply isn't enough room for improvement. What would increase, is the ablity to make out enemies i.e. spotting them. Additionally to the limitations of the Rifle, limitations of the ironsights and optics play another role. Some iron-sights wont allow a zeroing up to 1000meters. Example: L85a2 iron is limited to 200 meters. Increasing zoom won't affect the maximum engagement distance for this weapon in any kind. The maximum egangement distance would probalby change on a whole as following: iron-sighted weapon: 200-500 meters. sighted weapons: 400-600 meters. (1P29 optical sight on AK's is limited to 400 meters) ^This is still short of real life figures. This would not make the game into a simulation. Ironsights in reality aren't as frustrating as they are in Squad and many older games. Optics are not supposed to convert a Assualt Rifle into a Marksmen Rifle. Thats why the russian Military - up to this day - is still mostly using iron sighted ak-74m's. It's not because they are poor or don't care about the regular soldier. It's because ironsights work quite nicely with Assault Rifles. sighted weapons will retain a advantage over iron-sighted weapons in firefights at the maximum engagement distance. Additionally it'll still be easier to make out enemies with sighted weapons. The overall engagement distance would increase by ~ 20% tops. Rapid (fully automatic) fireing at anything but close range would still be much easier with sighted weapons. If you now use a 32" (4k) over a 24" (FullHD) monitor you'll get an additional zoom of ~1.5x. This would correspond to a 30° FoV on a 24" (FullHD) monitor You wouldn't get a significant benefit from either iron sighted nor sighted weapons. They are already close to their limit. Now you can artificially increase or decrease this limit by adjusting the bullet spread and thus reducing the maximum effective range. This - in my Opinion - is how things should be balanced in a realisitc shooter. Reducing the ablity to see or taking away basic features is a less elegant way to do it in a above avarage realistic Shooter. Now, this is one of the three suggestions i made. No opionions to the other two?
  13. Alright, let's try it another way. Do you know the effective range, maximum effective range and the "comfortable" range of a AK-47, Colt M4 or any Assault Rifle is? edit: I'm asking because i need to be sure what gap you're talking about.
  14. You're implying that increasing zoom also increases your weapon accuracy. That is not correct. Like i said. Weapon accuracy has to be the limiting factor if you want a even playing field in this matter. Sorry, but i still think that 1k+ 4k Users and OWI Game Testers would've noticed something. I didn't get what youre saying at first. Never said that we should take away or ban 4k monitors. That is what you thought. I actually states some solutions that have nothing to do with penalizing 4k monitor players. 144Hz vs 60Hz does not compare to this, since you're not actually gaining additional detail through a higher refresh rate. It's also not a matter that can be easily solved or improved, like in this case. Lets take a 24" Monitor: 530mm wide and 300mn high. You're sitting 720mm away from it. Now take a wall, make a 530x300mm hole in it and position your head 720 away from it. Your visible horizontal FoV now decreased from ~114° (human eye) to ~41°, but the proportions of objects behind the wall stayed the same, right? Now, do the same ingame: reduce fov to 41° and remain at a distance of 720mm. Now objects in real life and in the virtual world are excactly proportional to each other. Compared to default the picture appears zoomed in. If you now park a toyota hilux at a distance of 1km in game and in real life, they will appear to have the excact same size in both cases. You now have a natural FoV. i could've copied the mathematical formula to calculate the natural FoV, but i thing this makes it clearer. In Arma you can switch between a defautl FoV (which factores in your periphery) and a natural FoV (which is not perfect, since it does not accout for monitors of diffrent sizes and therefore simply takes a median FoV.). This natural FoV makes it much easier to approximate distances and is therefore very important for Simulations in particular. This is excactly what the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive is doing to prevent nausia. edit: To get the lowest possible FoV in Squad (i think its 90°) to appear natural, you'd have to position your head ~260mm away from the monitor. Just so you can get a sense of the relations. edit2: I also did not say that i want a natural FoV by any means possible. It's just one of the options, which i would prefer. I also tidied up the quotes.