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  1. Like the game, dont like players.

    Tough experiences happen to me too. Absorb them or deflect them, and learn from them. Now, its much easier for me to lead the team when nobody wants to do shit. Please excuse my language. Also, a lot of ppl dont use mics now. like, what?
  2. Whats your favorite "Role" in Squad? :)

    All classes I really like and play, except the MG (autorifleman). I dont use that gun or class in INS either. Most favorite is medic, SL, or sniper. Medic is crucial to the team for revs and healing. I like to have some alive people with me, you know. SL: I like leading a team to success and having guys listen and suggest as well. Sniper: well i like it cus im good at it and they can really hit a team hard if they are good at it, which is what i did once. I remember seeing like 3 squads really putting my team down at a defense point, so I went low and flanked to the left. then, i sniped em all. Squad is great.
  3. US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, RIP

    Especially with elections. RIP Antonin Gregory Scalia.
  4. Squad blocked by firewall. Can't allow it.

    FREAKIN WEAK HELP ME UP But honestly, Norton isnt bad. it didnt do it to me.. so im happy
  5. Where are all the knives?

    bayonet i agree. knives might be for cutting something out in the battlefield...
  6. Where are all the knives?

    why do we need them?
  7. Taliban Eating a WATERMELON

    what did i just witness?
  8. day night cycle

    my point. its not our fault somebody will lone wolf. most of the players in this community are smart ( at least, the vets and oldies like me are).
  9. Lag and buggy

    Will do thanks. I hope optimization comes quick, because gameplay is already a beast.
  10. Lag and buggy

    I know its Alpha, yes yes. Dont kill for asking. But, the ping seems crazy high, lag is real, i have a decent rig. Intel Core i5-4210M CPU @2.6 GHz and its on Turbo using some program i forgot the name. Dedicated GPU is being used- NVIDIA Geforce 920M. Also integrated, which i dont use, is Intel HD Graphics 4600. Any solutions would be much appreciated. i want to enjoy this game BTW ALL GRAPHICS OPTIONS ON LOW
  11. Squad blocked by firewall. Can't allow it.

    I would recommend Trojan Horse, will give you a sense of history as well.
  12. Release Time, not date

    whoa, now it says 3 AM. for some reason, it said 3 PM before. i was so mad. thank god i will now stare at that till it ticks down
  13. Steam names

    i cant find u , but id like to play with you since you are good.and u have +rep in community. steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198099454469/ TLODG | ImUrBoss. everyone welcome to add me, and i hope to play with all of you
  14. Release Time, not date

    TOO LONG TO WAIT THATS NOT FAIR! :( :( :angry: :mellow: :huh: :o
  15. Release Time, not date

    What time is it being released? If its releasing at 12 AM EST, i need to know. I will stay up and then buy it. Thanks!