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  1. rcon was fixed with 9.1 for Windows servers. I think I saw that Linux still had problems with rcon after that. Not sure if it's fixed now or not. Maybe ask on the squad hosting discord.
  2. Nice. Thanks. For the others, I did some progress but I still need to figure out how to show the grid position (like F3...). EDIT: Ok I figured it out. I'm now about to upload a test version with one map. EDIT2: Here's the test URL . This is not the final URL. Please test and comment.
  3. RCON doesn't seem to work with v9. Using TCPView, it seems SquadServer doesn't listen to the port I have in rcon.cfg. According to the Squad Hosting and rcon discord, I'm not the only one having this problem.
  4. I can pick it up if you don't mind sharing the code/technique. EDIT: I see that you have a tutorial and everything on the site, nice! I'm going to host and maintain it. Should be up very soon.