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  1. Whats the perfomance impact with those, if any, regarding a map full of carpets in the wind, like sumari?
  2. Just being the awfully nosy guy I am... did you contact the devs on wether they'd be interested on including your EoTech, or are you waiting for them to ask you`? Greetings
  3. I know i'm late to the party, but i really love your work! Even tho you can be a miserable bastard, your work on scopes in general and this '552 is outstandingly detailed. Now someone sneak this in v10. Greetings, Tillee €: Also, thanks to you I'll never forget that the Aimpoint is just slightly too big... dammit.
  4. Well i can definitly tell you it's a good idea joining the Modding one. Not too many people arround. I'd say it's as said , a thing of priority. Why create a possible dangerous because unsafe and regulated way to compile your mods, when that feature is on it's way anyways. So I rather see the current implementation as a bonus, as a headstart til Modding really starts with the release of Steam WS support. Greetings, Tillee
  5. Wouldn't have thought you to think like this, especially as your tinkering with Scopes and such got a big and wide amount of attention of both modders and dev's on the Discord. Of course the devs are prioritizing the game, and doing the SDK additions and tweaks as a secondoray project, but if you'd be active on Discord you'd see how much of their time the guys dedicate to us. Greetings, Tillee PS: I cant wait for Basrah... urban areas are so much fun to fight in.
  6. Looks amazing! Nice to see what dedicated community members come up with in their free time!
  7. Chaos. Definitly Chaos.
  8. More of a proverb or saying i guess. Don't take it so literally. If i were to accuse the OP for something, I'd write it straight away. Also, patience is a virtue. Or maybe it's me being impatient, and I need to confirm it to myself over and over again? Be more patient. :P
  9. With the localized damage states for vehicles, i believe we will probably see something like this. Have patience.
  10. Well, than that's were we have to get the playerbase. Adapt,or run.
  11. I'd love to see inter-crew com's for assets as the Stryker, MTLB, basically everthing heavier than the Techie's. Maybe you don't even need a new Keybinding, do it the ACE³ way and make the Driver, Gunner and Commander positions automatically "radio". The rest of the Squad would hear them normally speaking, whilst the positions named would hear their mates louder and with a slight radio-filter. Doesnt clutter controls, allows the Infantry to continue chatting and the Crew to be able to maintain comms at any point.
  12. Guys, calm your t*ts. ^^ The game literally didnt put out a single standalone release, let alone show the features they want to incorporate. Wait for it, and if you don't like the finished product, don't buy it. But judging the quality from a single 40p closed early pre-alpha test , wich was basically Squad with WW2 assets, that's ridiculous...
  13. More developers =/= faster development. That being said, I'm sure Squad will evolve from this already great Base, and can't wait for what the devs have in their backhand. THAT being said, a complex system to adjust weapons would be sweet. Windage is neglectible in my view, but at the very least true-to-life range adjustment, with simulated drag on the bullets would be sweet as a pie. Greetings.
  14. It's pinned on the subreddit, that i know of.
  15. Great progress! I hope our gods overlords devs look in here sometime.