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  1. Iron Mountain [WIP]

    Looks very nice! Always loved iron ridge back in the days!
  2. August 2016 Monthly Recap

    If you can read the v7 update post states, that pretty much everything they have been working on that month was implemented in the update, so they didnt make a post. People need breaks, otherwise your boss, country, school or whatever could tell you the same. Also: It's their hard earned cash they are spending. Also: If you were trolling, you totally got me.
  3. your connection to the host has been lost

    Can't join aswell. Didn't have any problems yesterday evening. I also get this error, after leaving the game
  4. Will be more weapons in this game?

    Yes, but no scar or Aug in sight. Lots of AK variants, M4 variants, and marksman rifles. A sniper role isn't planned yet. All of this is not 100% secure, just what I read up on the forums.
  5. New 3 Faction Game Mode: Peacemaking

    Sounds fun, but not so fun to code. You would need a new game overlay aswell...
  6. Thats because in afghanistan an older pickup is probably more widely used than a new shiny one.
  7. Night time adjustment.

    Speeeeck pliss mek it staaaawp
  8. New Class: Mortarman

    Well then the mortar will be pretty much useless, since Pr's gameplay is significantly faster than Armas.
  9. New Kit

    Dont like it, but its interesting. First off there are tons of balance issues which come with it, and also i feel like this takes away a potential role of the commander which it currently has in pr. In pr the commander has uav on certain maps for a certain amount of time until it need to refuel. Works relatively well in my opinion.
  10. Price for the full release

    When it's in early access.
  11. Price for the full release

    check out the kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/offworldindustries/squad
  12. Dust coming off uniforms

    Quoted for truth
  13. Debating wether to get the game

    Dont worry. Started playing PR with 14/15 and i had a high voice aswell. Sure you get a comment on that here and there, but as long as you are mature there will be no problem. Also disregard psyko, his name says it all. IIRC he has the deepest voice i have heard on this planet to date
  14. Sniper gameplay...

    Was about to correct you, now I applaud you.
  15. Sounds good, different from Pr, but still very interesting! One thing that I can see though, is people just giving up in order to have full combat effectiveness immediately afterwards, especially if theres a rally around... to me a simple once you were unconscious, next time you go unconscious you will be dead thing rule would be sufficient. That way you would still force people to be evacuated or move back to a bigger FOB. Thanks for the great flow of updates!