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  1. IMO the explosion sounds are overall very satisfying but I just don't like the 40mm high explosive and also the hand grenades I would like to change, here are the samples I would like to use, how do I do it? https://clyp.it/ixtxhroy https://clyp.it/a3l2busz https://clyp.it/odymit2o https://clyp.it/hfehltl1 https://clyp.it/ai4p1d53 https://clyp.it/ahjq1j4u https://clyp.it/xczzqoo3 https://clyp.it/i1jjd4kn https://clyp.it/2xtjdkgb
  2. Projectile physic system Like warthunder?

    quick question to save me from creating a new thread, does Squad have a bullet ballistics system? I don't seem to be able to know for sure even when playing, I suspect it has not as I can see the impacts almost instantly after firing my rifle, no matter what distance!
  3. Arma 3 weapon resting.

    i agree a cover system is nice, but the risk is that aiming becomes so easy that the game turns in to a point and shoot fest which will ruin the game, decreasing survivability, decreasing squad maneuvers around the battlefield all becuase aiming gets easier!
  4. thanks for this, I had no idea. I might as well go to W10 next time I reformat. As for WIndows 10 it is appalingly configured from the box, and takes a good 1-2 hours to strip it down and disable all the crap, but afterwards it is a decent OS. Antibeacon is a good bit of software for tuning Windows 10
  5. Soo many threads here with people stating perfectly capable rigs yet complain of low FPS like here for example.... IT'S NOT THE GAMES FAULT, IT IS YOUR COMPLETE LACK OF ANY SORT OF CONTROL OR KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR RIG AND OS. Probably because their running Windows 10 with some sort of bloated Norton/Mcafee security package and a bunch of crap running in the background. Getting your rig stable is fairly simple.. 1. ditch a spinner for an SSD and install Windows and your games to the SSD, use a spinner as a data drive. 2. install good fans with a fan controller. cooling is key for performance. a warm PC will clock itself down to prevent getting any warmer. 3. Install a custom slim Windows 7 x64 Pro or Enterprise like from Lite8 4. Use SDI to install your drivers 5. optimize BIOS config by following a guide for your motherboard 6. install only what is neccesary i.e Office, sumatraPDF, VLC, qBittorent, 7zip, Chome with adblock addon, and that is it for 99% of you. 7.no need for active security/antivirus, just no need for it ditto.
  6. Yes it is the ultimate challange to a sound modder, but at least my samples come close. You cannot find better explosion sounds than those samples, believe me I have scoured the internet for years. I purchased the base sound sample for about £3 many years ago which is what I used to create the variations in the other samples. With punchier and louder BOOM type sounds for explosions, the game will take on a whole new level of immersion and realism. Sound is truly the medium in which a war game experience is most criticallly dependant on. p.s did you say you are Ranger qualified?
  7. Agreed we need better distant sounds, at the moment they do not sound good at all but it's understandable they are simply placeholders for future work by Anders. I'm very happy with the gunshot sounds, Anders has really nailed them with sharp snappy and loud - a great achievement any sound modder will agree. I still think the main issue at present is that the explosion sounds need replacing altogether, they simply do not sound like an explosion, they simply MUST be mixed with my samples here... https://clyp.it/i1jjd4kn https://clyp.it/ixtxhroy https://clyp.it/2xtjdkgb https://clyp.it/hfehltl1 https://clyp.it/ai4p1d53 https://clyp.it/ahjq1j4u I know those samples are not PERFECT, but they at least sound like a powerful punchy and rounded BOOM, and have tight, dense bassy freqencies that do not spill-over in to a weak sounding mess that most games explosion sounds are like. Mixing the existing explosions with mine will create more of a BOOM type of sound rather than what we have at the moment which I cannot find words to describe. I'm not saying they are bad sounds, in fact they are probably the best explosions sounds in any game to date, all I'm saying is they are completely and utterly devoid of the punchy BOOM that explosions sound like!!!! why the hell doesn't anyone else agree with this?
  8. HMG bullet burst flashing

    Yep I'm looking forward to seeing more tracer special FX in future versions, and also louder bullet impact sounds. I want to feel frightened when under fire. Sueprsonic snaps and cracks would just be the icing on the cake.
  9. I'd argue that if implemented in the way I suggested they would make for a very nice strategic and tactical dimension to the battlefield. a squad with a mortar team would seek to set up their mortar and would encourage communication and coordination with the other squads to take best advantage of the barrage such as immediately before assaulting a certain position, or denying an area of ground to the enemy, or saturating the ground of a known enemy reinforcemen route.
  10. I love how you only get 6 mags in this game, it really adds a dimension to fire control and scarcity of ammo so engagements are periodic and never last indefinitely, just like it real life. Please don't ever do what every other game does and give us unlimited ammo! As for checking which mag you have, I would love to see it like in Rising Storm where you remove the mag and a message tells you if it feels light, medium or heavy.
  11. I can't understand how opinions can differ so vastly. The explosions I uploaded sound far more like an explosion that what is currently in the game at the moment and I'm sure Anders can clean up and mix up those samples to be even better.
  12. M240 7.62mm machine gun implementation

    Awesome mate so you know how cumbersome and unweidly this weapon is, and that to represent the weapon in a realstic way there needs to be quite a detailed animation system as I outlined in the OP. Simply having the M240 act like an M4 in-game is just not acceptable! I think Rising Storm did a great job of portraying medium machine guns.
  13. M240 7.62mm machine gun implementation

    lol have you every held an M240?
  14. M240 7.62mm machine gun implementation

    Yep but it will take more than a bipod system to properly implement these weapons as outlined in OP.