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  1. So new

    Hi Guan, YES Sir. PRTA Sunday is pure recreation for me because it is so much fun to play with you guys. Unfortunaly I was to tired to play the last weekend. I feel really bad about it.
  2. So new

    Not so new to this type of games. I like the teamwork aspect of Squad and also the Playerbase here in the Forum and on discord. Thanks for quick help yesterday. If you see me on the Battlefield, i might be a Medic. See ya'll. Game on One good Server I like to play on: https://squad-servers.com/server/7843/
  3. Game crashes on boot up

    Was what helped. Thanks Bro Version: A12.2 Type: Gamestart Description: Game starts till startpicture with game keys. then freezes. Taskmanager says "not responding" I have tryed to start the game out of steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Binaries\Win64. The game starts without the anticheat. sure i can not join a server but game start
  4. To make a BF2 Mod better. PR better, That´s what I have heard. Now I see it is a remarkable Game and the videos make me cry out for fun. I play these kind of games quite a time. Think this is what I was waiting for. We will meet on the Battlefield and see. You will find me as a teamplayer. So long, good Job and thank :wub:s, btw.