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  1. Community Clan Fight Night

    Not sure if this topic been talked about before.. Would CCFN and clans be interested on these 2 optional rules? New Optional Rules For Clan Matches "No Rally Points" No more placing RP, accidentally setting down an RP will result to -15 tickets loss at the end of the each round. The commentators will be the referee on illegal rally points. If a player accidentally spawn on the RP an additional -15 tickets loss per spawn will be enforce at the end of the each round. “HAB Placement” HAB’s should not be clipping through buildings or walls. A HAB Unit is a building of its own and should not be placed in one. Trees, rocks, and bushes are currently fine if the HAB Unit is showing clipping. Building in which are acceptable for placing a HAB Unit are the very large warehouse buildings that is big enough to house them. With these 2 changes of the game will change the pace, the value of life and the respect of FOB. This will make most interesting and challenging game play.
  2. Communities opinion on VOIP Mute

    No mute button. There is no need to mute a player, if you was wishing for a mute button on someone then 99% sure that person is trolling. Just kick the player out the server and if the person continues to ruin everyone experience, ban. Muting someone is just taking a valuable spot up in the server, rather have someone else in playing the right way.