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  1. Any ETA on V10?

  2. It was never a problem pre-steam, now it just feels arcadey, annoying and cheap. parsonal opinion tho.
  3. crap hit detection (getting hit by a 50 cal = no damage), stale maps, bad layers (Fools V3), jumping, the general quality of public players (getting better but just as that happens we have another sale), full auto spam....
  4. August 2017 Recap

    its been mentioned that the mocap that was done by Ross/other who is a different height to the ingame model. animators are still going through matching it all so it should all be aligned properly by release (touch wood)
  5. August 2017 Recap

    its probably a sign of me getting older after being here for so long haha - Im not trying to be a downer, I think its just harder for me to get abit of hype knowing that really its not gonna be here for a while. I get you though - just seems abit odd to me, pre-emptive kinda thing.
  6. August 2017 Recap

    Taxi confirmed on reddit they have the TrackIR SDK and are trying to make it work at somepoint but its not a promise - theyre trying though I liked the recap, only thing that throws me is - its all cool seeing a TOW/ZU23, but why> they wont be added for quite sometime surely? (without proper counters IE tanks, helicopter?) surely it would be best to show stuff we WILL get soon? I might just be abit cynical though. keep it up.
  7. [Discussion] What makes a good Insurgency map?

    Korengal-esqe variable height-maps, compounds, valleys, basically nothing flat and like said above, nothing in a hut surrounded by nothing. imagine a game of minesweeper building wise.
  8. Alpha 9.6 Released

    No they didnt - its changed to 'respawn' - telling people to suicide online is apparently too harsh.
  9. Alpha 9.6 Released

    hideable HUD elements should hopefully come - I dont need to have a icon telling me if im stood up or not, id rather have the option to turn it off. If you need/want it thats totally cool, but hopefully give us options as to how much information we are spoonfed.
  10. Any ETA on V10?

    to me its more like a war with Russia is entirely "possible" in our lifetimes - I see what youre saying, and If the game does include it then cool, ill just change to a server that currently doesnt have that round on - choices etc we're all free to make - it will just take me out the enjoyment if its something like US vs UK
  11. Any ETA on V10?

    I know ill be leaving any server as soon as British Vs US loads - obviously if you like that thats cool, but for me it would ruin the immersion side of things. Brits wont come until the animations anyway, no point rigging twice.
  12. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    So chances of the British/plus the SKS using bayonets?
  13. Devblog - Out and About

    yeah I guess its abit hit and miss with some, Id say the weakest aspect is where the two meet, the buildings are clearly just placed ontop, and theres no blending - not crucial obviously, but it would be nice to have a overhaul down the line to keep it up to par/increase its prettiness
  14. Devblog - Out and About

    is there no chance of using that technology for textures? id say ground/building textures are the weakest aspect of squad atm (I accept the perf issues, but Id like to see improvement eventually)