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  1. That's because it's a video game and players place little overall value on their lives. About the only time I really care if I die, is when I'm in a vehicle, or have just spent a long time flanking something while trying to scout out the enemy. That or my SL needed me for a RP and I let him down. Otherwise, while I'd obviously rather not die, it's not a big deal.
  2. And apologize. Saying shit, I'm sorry I didn't see that (or I messed up or whatever) goes a long way. Although if it starts to become a habit, then it would be an issue. The mines can be a bitch - especially when a teammate puts them in the stupidest spots where they're much more likely to hit you then the enemy. But it's no different then if you flip the BTR or striker or logi. Shit happens. Apologize and move on. Accept that you'll get picked on a little for the voice/age, but most SL's and teammates won't care if you're half decent, listen to the SL and willing to learn/know what you're doing.
  3. Ego play - what you do ?

    On the flip side, depending on how many people were in your BTR/squad outside the objective, having more bodies on the point would actually do a lot to help stabilize the point and ensure it's not capped. That said, as long as the vehicles in question can be effective and are doing what's needed, I do not really see the point at bitching at them unless they're just being completely retarded. 2 guys manning a vehicle is not even close to the same thing as a whole squad guarding against a "back cap". The latter, I would and have done the same thing (deal with it as an admin). The former? Meh, shouldn't be a big deal. Probably not the best idea if the player in question is an admin, and he's threatening to boot you from the server. Just saying. That said, it's a great feature that was long overdue.
  4. Is minecrafting ever effective?

    Gotcha! Yeah, that would make for an interesting experience.
  5. minecraft 2018

    Pretty sure it's because the range has alwaysvalidplacement enabled. This allows you to place a FOB without 2 teammates standing near you. It also allows you to really stack up things you're building. I built some massive massive castles back in the day with this feature turned on. But on a live server (that's not in custom) this isn't an option... and thus you're limited to the building rules the game has in place. Annoying at times.
  6. Ego play - what you do ?

    Never had that issue. Because A) I'm either on the attack/defend flag, and thus there's no reason for someone to be bitching at my play style. And B) if they are bitching, I can clearly communicate why I'm doing what I'm doing and why it makes sense and is logical based on the situation in game. And when what you're doing actually makes sense (aka not putting a FOB down 300m from the objective while blocking every other FOB placement), people won't be bitching about it. That said if someone is bitching, just quickly explain why you're doing what you're doing. As long as it's actually something useful that isn't hindering the team, it shouldn't be a big deal.
  7. Is minecrafting ever effective?

    What difference is from what we already have in a FOB? I think I'm missing something.
  8. Russian 30 mm too OP ?

    No it doesn't. It takes 2 strikers or 1 striker and an MRAP to handle the 30mm. Or you get a couple of LAT hits on him first. That's not a "ton of assets and coordination". Especially when for the most part, vehicles go along predictable paths. We frequently play maps with the 30mm, and while it's something we have to be weary of, it's not usually a big deal - you just need vehicle support. And as others have said... those in the video above were playing like idiots. At no point did any vehicle work together to handle him. The one that also killed him was working alone. That said the strikers should be wolf packing it anyway. I think the hardest map is Chora/Chora2 where the US just gets 1 striker vs the RU BTR and 30mm. Then you need to really be smart about it and hope that you get help (inf/MRAPs). But the rest of the maps easily give you enough assets to handle the problem - if you work together. But otherwise, you just wolfpack the strikers and you own everything on the map. Which is what you should be doing anyway and that includes RU with the BTR/30mm. Everyone breaks those off and sends them out alone. Keep them together with a smart driver/gunner and you're very very hard to deal with. Doc's office are masters at this on Yeho1 as the RU. Almost a guarantee that they'll own you vehicle wise due to how they wolfpack all 3 of those BTRs together.
  9. Russian 30 mm too OP ?

    They already do. Just not 1-1. But on every map where the RUS get the 30mm BTR, the US gets multiple MRAPs/Strikers. They just need to work together, either with other vehicles or with infantry support.
  10. Please Fix the visibility.

    And now we know why you're not on the design team. It's a video game. It's mean to be fun. So while that means balance isn't everything... to even suggest that it doesn't even need to be taken into account is completely asinine.
  11. FOB Building guide

    I think the separation between FOB/HAB really depends on the quality of competition you're playing against. The moment someone gets into the HAB (or near it - and eventually they will) and doesn't hear a radio, they start looking in all the usual spots. And the moment they suspect that there's more than 1 HAB down (such as the example above with the N/S FOB), they immediately know where to look, because the only way that's possible is with the FOBs placed in predictable spots. It might take them a little time, but 1-2 guys who are dedicated about it, will eventually find it.
  12. Is minecrafting ever effective?

    In my many hours in the game... I can probably count on 3 hands or so how often it's actually worked... Even if I just look at the hours I have in v9+, it still rarely ever works, and when it does, it's usually because the attacking team didn't take the time to step back and logically think things through and just kept tossing bodies onto the objective. Now between mortars (and how accurate they are), smoke rounds, the ability to boost/vault over walls that were never options before - especially with a rifleman's sandbag down... the idea that a FOB is completely defendable is - except for a very few select cases, false. And the only thing that changes the equation is the attacking team being stupid and ****ing up. There are a few cases where it can work. Tunnel snaking it on Fools Road, Tower FOBing it on Al-basra or Narva, or camping it out in the meta building on Yeho1. But short of that? It's almost always a waste of time. And even then, odds are that the time spent actually supplying the FOB and the shovel time could almost always be better spent. But the trick is, if you're actually going to do something like that: - To be ON the objective - To have a lot of room to move around within your 'area' - To be safe from mortars (either completely or just partially) - To have extremely limited entry points to protect - To have a good field of fire to keep enemies at bay - To have flat terrain, or to be on a hill - just do not be in the low ground And even with all of that, and with some time to build... you still need your team to be dedicated enough to sit and wait for the enemy to attack you. We once tossed wave after wave of guys on the meta building in Storage on Yeho1 - never even made a dent. So we collectively pulled back, waited 5 minutes without attacking... and when the other team got board of not engaging (yes they got board), they came out of their FOB and came to us... We killed enough of them to take the flag, and then as they kept attacking, we were able to take the next flag. We never once successfully took their FOB, but we won the round due to their stupidity.
  13. Exactly. If they feel this is a huge issue, then at least do it when players have a chance to easily change kits. I mean imagine starting a round as the optic SL, getting to where you're going with the logi, and before you can put a RP or a FOB down, you lose just enough people to drop you from that slot... and you lose your SL kit. Now you cannot put down a RP, nor can you place a FOB, and you basically got ****ed, and the entire squad and team gets screwed... all because of something you had zero control over. It's retarded.
  14. The getting kicked part I get, as it enables you to have X kit while not part of a squad. But even that, at the bare minimum should be a basic rifleman kit. But the piss off with this, is it's not something you or your SL has any control over. You lose 2 people from your squad and you lose access to certain fires support roles. You have the HAT, and you lose someone, you lose that kit. It's the most idiotic thing I've ever seen OWI do - and they've done some stupid shit over the years.
  15. They were not kicked from the squad. Yes.