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  1. Really like the idea.
  2. It depends on a lot of things. The terrain is one of them. Place a FOB in East Central Village and you're laughing. Don't place one there, and due to the flat open fields surrounding the small town, you're screwed. In general, is it a good idea? No. But that doesn't mean it cannot work. It'll be interesting to see how much the HABs change things. I mean no longer will we be able to hide the FOB in a bush, or in some other spot to conceal it.
  3. Agreed. But it really needs to be the right map. Too hilly or not enough structures/compounds, and it's kinda meh. For me, anything other than Sumari currently, and it's probably not worth it. But as with the list of issues with it, until those are fixed (especially the cache not spawning - something that could kill a server if an admin isn't on), it's probably still going to be a niche mode.
  4. You're aware that it's only Wednesday, and that the week isn't even half over yet?
  5. Other than the fact that the turret is a fraction of the size of the chassis?
  6. Depending on the map, and specific circumstances (time, place, game situation and all that jazz) there could be some value in that setup. I wouldn't automatically say it's a waste per say... but other than the fact that the CROW gets the amazing zoom option, those assets could be replaced by inplaced weapons, thus freeing up the HMVYs to be mobile.
  7. Other than getting some flak for sounding really young... it'll depend on how you play. Play as a teammate, and you'll be accepted. Talk crap or just excessively (which is almost as bad) and act like most 13 yr olds and you'll get shunned and mocked.
  8. I doubt that the exact same system will be in place when more assets get rolled out. I think this is more of a temp solution to see how it works and to tide things over until they see how it works and what tweeks may (or may not) be needed.
  9. You should. The more people that buy the game, the more money OWI has to hire coders, the more incentive they have to keep coming up with new content and the sooner they can release said content. And that's in addition to more noobs to shoot and more server options out there.
  10. Until some useless fuck has the role and doesn't do crap, at which point your team is screwed.
  11. Yep. I can count on one hand how often I play the medic role on the US side. But will happily take the medic role on the non-US side. I know why they did it... I just disagree completely with why the US team doesn't have red dots for the medics.
  12. Something I haven't seen addressed yet (that or I missed it) is whether there's going to be an option to repair the vehicle. I mean if you take fall damage or get winged but do not need bandaging, a medic can fix you up. With these vehicles that are expensive resources, if they take damage... how do we fix them? Or are they damaged forever until they're destroyed (at which point your squad faces an 8 minute penalty for losing the vehicle)? Perhaps parking it near a FOB or in Main to slowly get repaired? Or someone like in BF4 with the torch to "repair" the vehicle? Not sure what exactly the answer is, but if squads are penalized for losing a vehicle, then you'd think there'd be some option there to reward squads who were smart and effective with their vehicles, vs encouraging SLs to just dump a damaged vehicle at a FOB/Main to let someone else grab it (and likely lose it due to the damage) just so they don't get penalized. Also, while I see that logistics are there for FOB building, other than a 2.5 minute penalty to activate the FOB as a spawn, I'm not seeing anything that will prevent a 3 man team from laying down stealth FOBs around the map that can then be used as they currently are after a 2.5 minute delay. So while this will stop a YOLO FOB that's placed poorly out of dire necessity (due to an inability to get logistics to it - am thinking in the tunnels on Fools Road), it won't do anything to prevent a FOB that was placed down 3 minutes ago from being used exactly as they currently are today. Last question. How are these vehicles going to handle going "off road" ? Just curious as to how this will affect supplying a FOB and FOB placement. Rarely are FOBs placed near roads in A6. Sometimes, but they're usually placed off in remote places so they're not found. This would be an issue for supplies as logistics get implemented.
  13. Really good question. I'd think not, but man would that be awesome if you could.
  14. If their SL is across the map, why are they respawning at main... shouldn't they be with their squad? Then how do you prevent that? If you yourself acknowledge that just letting anybody jump in and go is not the answer... and the only "special" kit we currently have is the SL... then that kind of limits things no?
  15. The main benefit however is that squad members cannot just go do their own thing with a vehicle - they need a SL. And as the SL can't gun and drive, he needs a squad member. Which means in theory we should have as many asshats that just get in a vehicle to go joy riding at the detriment of the team.