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  1. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    If you're going to do this, go all out. Get rid of the HUD, loose most of the GPS abilities on the map (give people an approximate location on the map vs exact locations), only so other SLs and your squad mates on the map (again in approximate locations) and remove the ability for SLs to point/mark things that show up exactly where they're looking (the attack markers/etc). Give people a compass and a rough idea as to where they are, then let them have at it.
  2. If that's the reason you don't pick it, honestly I'd say try it. Pick your favorite server, jump on, wait for a map you know well and try it out. Best case you get a couple of vets in your squad or as other SLs who will work with you and help you out. SLing can be a lot of fun - especially with a decent squad. It can also be very stressful (especially if you're facing good SLs on the other team). Depending on the team, the opposition and how things are going, I can either SL for maps on end... or I take a break every other map. One suggestion I'd make is if you're going to start SLing - lock your squad after you get 5/6 guys in it. Start with a smaller group as it'll make your life a little easier as you get used to all the different conversations that will go on. Let your guys know that you're a little green as an SL, and most will be willing to assist you without being an utter asshole about it. It's the same thing I say when I SL... anyone here new-ish to the game? If so, ask lots of questions. It makes your life easier to have an idea as to the exp of the guys in your squad.
  3. You basically have to be forceful and start handing out orders, and then just hope that they're going to listen. Unforatuntely there's really no other way. In AAS it's a little easier, as one good squad can sometimes overcome some crappy ones. In INV it's a lot harder as you usually need a lot more teamwork to get things accomplished.
  4. So I've been playing the game since version 3-ish, roughly 3+ years ago. I have well over 3k hours in the game. And while some of the layers are ones I've barely played, most have been played to death. Doesn't mean they're a bad map - just that there hasn't been a ton of change to them over the years. So I have a question to the devs. How hard is it to create multiple versions of the same map? Keep the factions the same and just move the flags around a lot more? I think the RAAS mode is a great start, but typically it's still just the same flags we're fighting over in similar locations. One would think that once the map is created and optimized, that adding in a cap zone (even a bunch of them) shouldn't be all that difficult. You could even keep the starting points the same, although it would be cool if those could change a little more often as well, but I recognize that this is probably a lot more involved then just adding/moving some cap zones around. Create 5-6 different layers (static layers with the same factions) and make it random as to which one gets selected. So while you know you'll be playing Fools Road US/UK vs RUS, you don't have a clue which layer you'll be playing until the map loads. RAAS is a good start... but it will (for obvious reasons) never change the 2nd cap point to one that's half way across the map. Sometimes you'll be fighting towards FOB Papnov, other times you'll be fighting towards Train. And sometimes you'll be fighting from Train to FOB Papnov. I get why some places on a map are a cap zone - because based on the map they make sense from a tactical stand point. And I get that to some extent Squad is trying to be realistic. But not every point needs to be like that. Not every cap zone needs to be a structure or whatnot. Make some tiny at the top of a hill. Make other's quite large. Make others at the bottom of a valley. Basically loosen up the military aspect of why you're fighting over a point, and just get some more points onto the maps. Yes this will make some brutal to defend - but that's okay (just don't make that a mid point flag). OWI has built some amazing maps... but it's a shame we're typically only fighting over the same points across the same area's most of the time. There's so many maps out there where you rarely fight over part of the map. The game doesn't have to be perfect... hell for anyone who has over 1500+ hours or so, they've already suffered through a lot of the growing pains. And while "new" maps are always a nice change... even just moving the cap points around so that you're fighting over different points on a map can change the whole feel of the map. Kohat for example was like that when 2 different layers fought up different axies of the map (across the valley vs up the valley)... it basically changed the whole dynamic of the map. Still not a fan of it, but little changes like that will go a long way to keeping the game "fresh". And more importantly changes like these are a lot easier (time wise) to implement then creating brand new maps.
  5. Upcoming and Veteran SL Rating

    Sadly this. About the best you can do is play on one of several servers regularly, and then get to know the regulars. You'll quickly learn who are good SLs - both for when you don't want to SL and just want to shoot noobs, and for when you're trying to figure out a plan and can see who's willing to work with you as part of a team, and who's more interested in doing their own thing with little regard to the requirements of the team. Personally, I usually either suck it up myself and SL (which was extremely painful over the weekend with the sale), or stick to a squad that a friend is SL'ing. If I'm with a pubbie SL, then I try to be helpful, without being an asshole. Sometimes it works better than others. As for the OP's suggestion ( @Dogtag19 ) sadly, it's just not all that practical for the reasons Zylfrax said. My opinion of a good SL is going to be pretty different then someone who's new to the game, doesn't really understand what their SL is needing them to do, and just wants to go off and do their own thing. And on the flip side, you could have someone who's good at managing their people, but just doesn't understand the game enough to be competent. So the first SL despite being very good and efficient, could very easily get shit reviews because he comes across as an asshole (or just is one) to those that don't under stand the game/mechanics. And the second SL despite not being all that effective or helpful to his team is going to get good ratings because his squad members like him. That said, I do wish there was an easy way to check the player's hours in game vs having to find the player in the player list, then look up their profile then hope that their profile is public. This at least should give you some kind of indication as to how knowledgeable they should be, as someone with 100 hours won't be as knowledgeable as someone with 3000 hours. Even something as simple as 500+, 1k+, 2k+, etc. Doesn't have to be precise, nor does it need to go all that far (aka doesn't need to say that player X has 7600 hours in game). Once you get past the first 500 to 1k hours or so, you should be reasonably competent. They might still be an idiot and someone you don't want to be in a squad with... but at least you know that you shouldn't have to back seat SL the entire game.
  6. UE4 Crash Debugging symbols

    So I tried un-installing the game and deleting the Squad folder and then re-installing things... no dice. Have opened a TT with OWI... guess now I wait. But thanks for the attempt. @oTec
  7. UE4 Crash Debugging symbols

    I read that before and I tried re-installing it, and no dice. But re-reading that page, I never deleted the Squad folder from the Steam directory... so I'll try that again and see if that works.
  8. UE4 Crash Debugging symbols

    Glad to see I'm not the only one having issues. Played earlier today (and yesterday) no problems. This evening... no go. Tried restarting the computer, re-installing the game... no dice.
  9. V12 insurgency

    There's also an issue with how the INS spawn on the caches. Full ammo, and enemies close by do not block or slow down the spawns. Basically v12 made the game mode practically unwinnable.
  10. God I hate the new ammo setup. One essentially must spawn at a FOB or forever be significantly handicapped. Your LAT/HAT is next to useless without a FOB. I get the idea behind it... but when vehicles take so much to get rid of them as it is... not having these kits spawn with ammo, or your rifleman getting a fresh ammo bag (or a bigger bag)... your RP basically turns into a 1-2 shot attempt, and then you have to abandon it for a FOB due to a lack of ammo. This is even more so when the enemy gets the number of vehicles they do. And when the maps are so big (most seem to be getting bigger), or you're playing on Sumari or OP First Light where just moving a vehicle around is a major pain in the ass (good luck dealing with mines or stealth), you basically get your attempt... maybe a second one... and then are done. And it's even worse in INS game mode, when the SL (even when spawning at MAIN) doesn't spawn with a ****ing incendiary grenade. Twice now I've gotten onto caches only to realize that I forgot to reload at main to get that specific and very needed item. The first time I didn't even think about it until I realized I didn't have it, and the 2nd I just plain forgot because who needs to reload when they spawn at MAIN! Also, INS just seems completely broken. The insurgents can spawn with full ammo on the cache and it doesn't seem like there's a cool down timer when enemy (RUS/USA/UK) forces get close to it. I've had half my squad outside the building looking into windows at a cache only to have so many INS spawning on it, that they blocked the nade I tossed to burn the cache. The game mode is a fun concept... but it's really broken right now. And while the 60 minute time limit is fine... it taking what... 6 minutes for a new cache to spawn after you killed the old one seems wrong. Especially when added in with the issues in the game mode. I've lost more games due to the timer running out then running out of tickets.
  11. Little squads, many vehicles v12.

    Its a player count issue. 40v40 is great for infantry. The issue pops up when you have 2 fuller squads doing 'vehicle shit', plus a mortar squad. That can tie up almost half your team. Get things to 50v50 or 60v60 and then it's much less of an issue if you have 20ppl off doing specialty shit. I don't think it's the suppression system or anything specific besides there being new vehicles to play with and players wanting to use them (even if they're not very good with them). But that's me... someone who's never been in a Bradley, tank and only been in a warrior a very few handful of times. But then I also find that as a decent SL, I have a much bigger impact on the game by being able to wrangle 8 players to get them onto the needed points to cap/defend a flag.
  12. That's because it's a video game and players place little overall value on their lives. About the only time I really care if I die, is when I'm in a vehicle, or have just spent a long time flanking something while trying to scout out the enemy. That or my SL needed me for a RP and I let him down. Otherwise, while I'd obviously rather not die, it's not a big deal.
  13. And apologize. Saying shit, I'm sorry I didn't see that (or I messed up or whatever) goes a long way. Although if it starts to become a habit, then it would be an issue. The mines can be a bitch - especially when a teammate puts them in the stupidest spots where they're much more likely to hit you then the enemy. But it's no different then if you flip the BTR or striker or logi. Shit happens. Apologize and move on. Accept that you'll get picked on a little for the voice/age, but most SL's and teammates won't care if you're half decent, listen to the SL and willing to learn/know what you're doing.
  14. Ego play - what you do ?

    On the flip side, depending on how many people were in your BTR/squad outside the objective, having more bodies on the point would actually do a lot to help stabilize the point and ensure it's not capped. That said, as long as the vehicles in question can be effective and are doing what's needed, I do not really see the point at bitching at them unless they're just being completely retarded. 2 guys manning a vehicle is not even close to the same thing as a whole squad guarding against a "back cap". The latter, I would and have done the same thing (deal with it as an admin). The former? Meh, shouldn't be a big deal. Probably not the best idea if the player in question is an admin, and he's threatening to boot you from the server. Just saying. That said, it's a great feature that was long overdue.
  15. Is minecrafting ever effective?

    Gotcha! Yeah, that would make for an interesting experience.