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  1. v10 lag spikes, fps drops

    I have the same issue, although not nearly as frequently as "10-20 seconds". I seem to get it in bursts here and there. It's annoying as ****, but not the end of the world.
  2. How to slow the gameplay

    Apparently because we disagree with the OP regarding RPs and FOBs, we're "casuals" instead of some "hardcore player" or something.
  3. The most annoying one is #1 followed by #3. At least they fixed the bug where a server wouldn't show up at all. That seems to have gone away with the 'custom' tab actually being for custom servers. Now you just have to wait forever for the list to update - even when you know the server you're looking for is at/near the top of the list. Gotta have every single other server out there refresh as well.
  4. Responsibilities

    It's not about "doing what I want them to do". It's about SL's doing what's best for the betterment of the team. The team at any given point of the game has some pretty specific goals and every SL should be trying to advance those goals. The game is called Squad, and players have to work together. That doesn't mean that someone can go super FOB the first point or some random hill/compound in the woods because that's how they want to play, and that just because they paid their money it's okay and acceptable for them to do so. And that has everything to do with everyone else on the server, because frequently what one squad does affects everyone else. So let me re-iterate. You see that shit happening, call for an admin.
  5. Responsibilities

    No you don't! In fact this is a terrible attitude. If you have a squad that's off in the middle of nowhere ****ing around, you need to tell them that what they're doing is idiotic. You can do it without being an asshole, but it needs to be said. Because if you have 18 guys attacking and only 9 defending because the other 9 are off ****ing around... unless the other team has a squad that's just as dense, you're going to lose every match due to that one squad off in the boonies. If that's the case, find an admin and have that SL removed from the server... because all he's doing is hindering your entire team. Just because they bought the game, it doesn't give them the right to play it however they want at the expense of the other 30+ people on their team and the other 70+ people in the server. This is one of the things I both love and hate about squad. You're dependent on your teammates to win. Yes a couple good squads can make a huge difference... but generally you cannot win without everyone at least kind of working together. Which is fantastic and is what makes the game so great. Unless one of your fellow SL's is a ****ing idiot and constantly wants to go off doing stupid shit that does absolutely nothing to help the team. Then all that he's doing is hindering their entire team and affecting all 40 players on the team. And if it's really a steamrole, then they're affecting the entire server, because games that are a complete role are boring and suck for both teams. I just want to note - this isn't always the case. Sometimes a squad that's not on an active attack/defend objective actually makes sense (taking down a radio, intercepting the enemy, flanking, whatever). Usually it doesn't make sense, but occasionally it will - so always make sure to ask before going all Major Tom on their ass. But for example if you're the US and Castle (OP First Light) is your attack objective and Storage is your defend objective... having a full 9 man squad super fobbing Raildocks (US 1st flag) "just in case" is idiotic and hindering your entire team. And in that case, something absolutely needs to be said - or find an admin to deal with the issue - because that is most certainly an issue that needs to be addressed.
  6. How'm Does one set up Effective FOB Fortifications?

    Don't. Most of the time, it's a waste of resources (aka logi time) and man power that can be put to better use actually attacking or defending (aka shooting people). Additionally the best defense isn't your entire squad actually being in the compound you're defending (such as Village on Kokan), but pushing out from the point so that you have lots of notice of an enemy push. About the only time it makes sense is if you're on a key flag and control a key compound/building (such as the 2 story bldn on Storage on Yeho1 or FOB Papanov on FR3). But for the most part, you either run into the compounds being too big to effectively fob up, which means the attackers just find another way in, or they're too small, which means they can get right up close to the compound and start tossing nades in or mortaring it. Very rarely do you find one that's a good size with limited access points to the point that it's a good one to FOB. And even Papanov you can go over the fence simply by parking a vehicle up against it. One of my favorite things to do (and something I learned the hard way) isn't so much to build fortifications, but to use different barriers to just deny roads to enemy vehicles. For example, on Kokan as the US/RU, use a couple of those small single Hesco's to block off the entrances going into village. 2 of them on each way in completely prevents an enemy vehicle from gaining access to the compound. This can prevent an IED techie from blowing up the HAB. But it doesn't prevent access or egress. One of my biggest piss offs is when I find that one of the SL's on my team completely blocked off access to get out of the HAB compound. That's just idiotic. And as an attacker I absolutely LOVE it when they do that. Just means you need to get up to the wall and start tossing nades over. And finding a way over the wall usually isn't that hard (attack FOB/ladders, vehicle, or some building/etc that will let you gain access). Personally I'd rather my team hide the HAB and FOB as best they can, rather then place a shit ton of fortifications around them that just screams to the enemy "hey the FOB is over here". Even mortars should be placed WELL away from the HAB and FOB because they do the exact same thing. Ideally they have their own FOB close to your main so that your attacking/defending FOB is still somewhat hidden. I mean at least make the enemy look for it as opposed to putting a big red flag on the map announcing exactly where it is. Edit. If you are going to do it, there's some good advice above... but for the most part it's a waste of time and man power that could be put to better use.
  7. There is no option for an admin to demote someone. All they can do is kick them. Which means when some yahoo creates a squad, you can no longer force them to give it to someone else, all you can do is kick them from the server. And while sometimes they deserve that, it shouldn't have to be the only option. And honestly... I'm not sure I'd want admin's to have that power. There's times when it would be useful, but if you're getting to the point where you want to do that, you might as well just remove them from the server. And while this would prevent someone from creating multiple squads off the start... it doesn't prevent someone who's new and shouldn't be an SL from creating a squad in the first place.
  8. Required experience for being a SL

    There's no number that the game provides (kills, score, teamwork, hours, etc) that isn't very flawed. And many of the current player base cannot be trusted to properly 'grade' an SL. They can usually tell you if one is absolutely terrible - but that's easy. Determining if someone is any good is a little harder, unless you actually know what they should be doing and where you should be going.
  9. Marker restriction is absurd

    I still like the idea of a single generic marker for some roles (scout, marksman, etc). Perhaps it's something that could be expanded on... to something as you suggested... but overall I still do not think that the issue of accurately marking 'things' is that big of an issue. If the mark is important enough, the SL will mark it... but they do not need to mark every single enemy the team see's... because as you said, within 30 seconds it's likely useless anyway.
  10. Required experience for being a SL

    This. On multiple levels. I remember a squad mate (the new SL) telling me that the SL I had just kicked for defending a already capped flag 2 flags back and a FOB with 9 guys was a great SL, and that I was an idiot for kicking him after all the SL's had begged and made repeated attempts for him to get his guys up to an active objective. But hey he had 48 hours in the game was a "great SL".
  11. SL kit force

    Against insurgents or militia? Sure. Against the Russians or Americans? Yeah, not a chance. You need 2 LATs. It's very rare that things are so far away that a regular optic rifleman can't accomplish the same goal. You send him to a high point, and he's going to be able to spot things for you. He won't effectively be able to kill them - but he will be able to spot them, at least to the point that you know where the enemy is or is coming from - which is the biggest selling point of that role - at least to the marksman fanboys; "I can go scout and spot the enemy and call them out to you". I wish there were a way to either have 2 optic rifleman or 1 marksman as a regular role. Then all that yahoo's who really want that kit can have it, and it's not negatively impacting my squad. It would also leave the infighting to the squad members and not myself. V10: 1 SL, 2 medics, 2 LATs, 1 GL, 1 MG, 1 marksman, 1 rifleman. vs V9: 1SL, 2 medics, 2 LATs, 1 GL, 2 optic rifleman, 1 rifleman
  12. SL kit force

    It's not that I don't try as hard - I always want to win. I'm just not as strict about having 2 LATs (I always want at least 1). My reasoning is that the other team doesn't have multiple strikers/BTRs that require more than 2 LAT hits to destroy. Odds are you hit a BTR twice with a LAT and it's leaving - that's if something else didn't touch it as well which would then kill it. 2 LAT hits destroys a BRDM. Which means while having 2 LATs would be preferable, I really only need 1 to keep the squad functional and able to complete the tasks I want to do. Add in the fact that people like these roles (usually Marksman) and rightfully rarely get a chance to use them, and I'll let them do so when it doesn't really hurt my squad (like it would say vs the US on a map where they get multiple strikers). I'm strict and ruthless as a SL when I need to be. But I'll be lax when it's possible to do so without hurting my chances at winning. On the flip side, my play style of 'get on the ****ing point' is also pretty counter productive to having a marksman kit on most maps vs INS/MIL. Hell, sometimes as the SL I don't even want the optic and will frequently just take the red dot/iron sights. Smart players who realise this switch off that kit. But then given how few smart players would actually take it in the first place... I guess that sums up a lot.
  13. SL kit force

    Yeah but spotting those targets is really important!! As if you can't hear the BTR from a mile away :rolleyes We were losing a defend point the other day, and this marksman who I didn't want as one, but we were playing the militia so I'm not usually as strict about it was on the ****ing hill outside the cap zone "killing lots of them!". After many repeated attempts I finally threatened to boot him from the squad if he didn't get his ass down the hill into the cap zone. He grumbled about how he would be more effective and get more kills up on the hill, but grudgingly came off the hill towards the defend point. When I asked how many kills he thought he had, he said at least 10. I looked in admin cam/mode and he had 1 with 2 downs. But yeah... "killing lots of them".
  14. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    I'm torn on this. I was part of a BF4 community for 2 years and loved every second of it. And due to the game style that BF4 is, when in TS, we would have a LOT of fun, and it generally allowed you to get to know your clan mates and form some great friendships. Squad doesn't really allow this. I mean we're all in TS... but it's not the same. The game is way more intense and way more communication/teamwork orientated to the point that it's hard to have casual conversations while still playing semi seriously. If you're a grunt, sure - but usually at least one of us is SLing... and if the rest of us are chitchatting, he's muted his TS.
  15. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    Even that is flawed though. I've switched teams a bunch of times when the other team blows... and the issue I frequently see is that unless some really strong SL's remain behind, that my new team will then just roll the other team. Not always... but when you have 4-7 strong players switch - a couple of which who SL... that's usually all it takes to roll a team.