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  1. Body armour and kevlar helmets

    It depends on the armor. It does happen with some armor. Velocity is important for penetration to like weight and materials.Also your definitely right about the unarmoured enemys advantage for the insurgents[emoji57]
  2. Star Wars: Battle Cry

    They also have a website http://swbattlecry.com/
  3. Lol tht was just[emoji1] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  4. Yeah its just some ppl think customization will get out of control but I don't think you have to be worried about that with squad devs as SgtRoss said.
  5. Star Wars

    LOL[emoji23] [emoji23] tht was funny
  6. New Dev: RoyAwesome

    Close calls = community on edge [emoji51]
  7. Body armour and kevlar helmets

    At close range velocity would be higher and the higher velocity helps penetration so if armor protection diminished at closer ranges it wouldn't really be artificial. Nice thought[emoji106]
  8. There doesn't have to be any fantasy or non standard issue gear to be character and gun customization. You can customize using standard issue gear. Armies don't look like clone armies the soldiers do look different.
  9. Body armour and kevlar helmets

    One advantage to putting in body armor would be people engaging at further distances because the armor is effective. Although ppl with armor might get alot closer for the same reason. So advantages disadvantages good to discuss them.
  10. What Kind Of Ai Would You Want?

    Lol wow that's kinda funny but not funny though...[emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji52] [emoji24] [emoji24] [emoji24]
  11. What Kind Of Ai Would You Want?

    Planning ai is a nice type of ai. I think it's named like hierarchical something I don't remember...
  12. Opinions On A Ranking System?

    This pretty much what I was going to say
  13. Game Title Opinions And Suggestions

    Combat Reality...[emoji41]
  14. Coop is fun too I hope it can be apart of the game too.
  15. Where Did You Hear About Squad?