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  1. [Faction] French Forces

    Amazing work guys! Do you think that the developers of Squad will implement this faction in the core game? And will you let them?
  2. Ryzen 5 performance vs i5-6600k (stock)?

    Tbh the 1600 isnt far behind the 6700k even in most games, I would say its pretty even with the 7600k. In the future there are gonna be optimizations for games and drivers etc for Ryzen 5 too. You could also overclock the 1600 with the stock cooler nicely to 3.6/3.7/3.8 GHz. I am planning to get a 1600. If you buy it, tell me how it performs.
  3. Ryzen 1600 or i5-7600k

    So, you would go with the 1600?
  4. Ryzen 1600 or i5-7600k

    What if I overclock the 1600 to 3.8 ghz, the same as the i5-7600k stock, isnt the 1600 better then?
  5. Ryzen 1600 or i5-7600k

    Oh ok, hut which one is the best futureproof cpu? Like which one will be better in the future than the other?
  6. Ryzen 1600 or i5-7600k

    I watched some videos of benchmarks, the 1600 gets identical fps as the 7600k does in most games, even the i5-6700k gets identical fps as the 1600 too.
  7. Ryzen 1600 or i5-7600k

    So Im wondering what cpu would be the best for gaming, and possibly video editing (?). The two cpu's have almost the same prices here. If I go with the Ryzen 1600, I will put it in a Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming, Socket-AM4 motherboard. (Also really like the cooler that comes with it.) If I go with the i5-7600k, I will put it in a z270-a pro. Also I am gonna put 8 gb of Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 mhz. Is this compatible with eachother? I heard that Squad only makes use of one core, but in the future will it make use of all cores? Not thinking of overclocking but maybe. Does anyone know if the Ryzen cpu's run hot or if they are cool?
  8. Free Weekend April 6th - 10th + New Map!

    YES! Amazing work, finally a city desert map. Thank you!
  9. Please make a way to cancel a reload

    Or maybe even sprint while reloading, but then maybe make it so that when you sprint while reloading, you reload slower.
  10. Geforce GTX 745 Heat problems..

    My bad, I think its a gtx 650, not sure but is it still better with a 650?
  11. Geforce GTX 745 Heat problems..

    Also, I underclock my GPU as much as I can in MSI Afterburner and it still gets just as hot, maybe a little less but still. https://gyazo.com/46b0376c48fabbec3e648d26d38144d3 have cleaned the case multiple times, will try again, and all fans are running.
  12. Okay, so back in 2015ish I bought a prebuilt DELL pc. (dont judge me, didnt know a shit about pc's back then) It came with a gtx 745, at first it didnt get too hot and stuff but now the 745 overheats. Almost every single game I play it goes up to around 90 degrees. Thats why I havent played SQUAD since 2016 January after I bought the backer. My PC runs SQUAD at minimum settings, resolution at 1600x900, with like 60 fps but the gpu goes up to 90 degrees and the gpu fans go to 100%. Does anyone know what the problem is and how I fix it? SPECS: INTEL CORE i7-4790k 3.6 ghz 12 GB RAM GTX 745 4 GB WINDOWS 10 ALSO: I have a Geforce GTX 660 2GB laying around here somewhere, should I use that card instead of the 745 so I can atleast play games without the gpu going crazy?
  13. Are these specs good?

    Sorry for asking many questions, but the build you gave to me (the one on the website prisjakt) had RAM that was 3000 mhz which the motherboard supports but the cpu only supports upto 2400 mhz? Also one more question. What is the difference between a Intel CPU with a K at the end and a Intel CPU without a K at the end?
  14. Are these specs good?

    Holy, thanks, I think I am gonna buy that build. Man thanks alot for the help, you are awesome! Just need to sell this pc to buy a new one, you know I was dumb enough to buy a prebuilt shitty dell pc for like 900€. What about CPU Cooler though?
  15. Are these specs good?

    http://www.prisjakt.no this website gives you the best deal from all over norway.