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  1. ..but 8-inch is like a highway what comes to width.
  2. Easy fix. Reflecting damage. If you shoot somebody in main the one who will take all the damage is the shooter no matter where he/she is, outside the main or inside of it.
  3. Yep, it is a bit frustrating. Even more so that there still could be a handfull of other more open ended modes with all sorts of bleeds, randomness, rushes and mechanics (name doesn't matter). It seems that Eggman implemented the AAS to ProjectReality, based on community gamemode mod and not knowing excactly what kind of animal he were handling, pity. The AAS mode itself in a way atleast we both know it, were spot on. It brokes my heart that all sorts of "battlefield" heritage (which is not a bad thing itself) is still hanging there that brokes the core of the game mode I were hooked on almost ten years and the "fixes" proposed (in here past two years) are more of a bandaid than cure.
  4. Please also consider (..to read) https://www.tacticalgamer.com/forum/simulation/squad/1793333-rushing-meta-discussion-of-poor-flag-layout?p=1793887#post1793887 Cheers.
  5. Nah, don't be a *** , but I'm used to this on here at this place. It is funny how ***-headed, childish and narrowminded certain group of people are with their "play on good server" replies. @InvisibleBlue have really good points, it should be possible with admin tools and there have been plenty of games where have been a good server tools and good bot admins. It is really childish to say one should just left because the game do lack of proper RCON/RAT system. For someone who is proficient in coding about any general language it shouldn't take a too long to implement a such layers on top of the current RCON system. Free RCONs!
  6. I would take bullet detonating / disabled IEDs and mines over EOD(or anyother acronym) robots.
  7. Actually it is one method used with EOD robots, a special shotgun slug is used to mechanically broke the bomb to pieces. Most military explosives do not detonate though from impact of that sort.
  8. Would be OK feature, to allow them to blow up. It would also allow the disposal of enemy IEDs by shooting. PS. Gas tank will not explode by shooting it, not even with tracers that is a movie myth. Gasoline needs oxygen to burn and gas tank do not have enough of it to truely blow up. In best case several tracers will only ignite the gasoline leaking from bullet holes. In WW2 era IIRC there were some model of early armoured vehicles that had gasoline tank in a such position that a leaking gasoline did ignite from the redhot exhaust system.
  9. Yes it did. Ages ago (Pre-Alpha) I couldn't hit anything moving, since I took too much lead, not until the shooting range did come out in somewhere in time I got my aim truely functional. Also like said target test shooting and building a muscle memory for the game mechanics, while boring and repetitive with passive targets it works. The
  10. I wish you would seen it on Pre-Alpha and earlier. The current is "no recoil" compared to that time.
  11. Me likes, especially gamemode and general gameplay tweaks. I'm not a after a content, but a general playability.
  12. This is one of the essential things that should be in game to avoid situations that only creates a bad karma for entire game community. None will go to seek a such information to some webpage somewhere if even clearly stated anywhere.
  13. WHOOOT !!! Is this still implemented like this. When they implemented this terrible brainfart (from separated kit numbers, bardon my language) somewhere at the Pre-Alpha/early Alpha I went from happy medic to medic who constantly curse that he have wrong pack of kit on hand ... terrible .. terrible .. terrible. Unfortunately it seems to me that awfully lot of people also do not understand the importance of the two medics playing together. If you have two even average medics playing together they literally are more than the sum of each. Also what makes me mad when I'm medics (or were when I still played, now I just wait beta) is that when you try to keep the squads life maxed out (one of the most important tasks of the medic, not so the reviving) people just don't freakin' stop running around like headless chickens .... Or when they stop you get a gun barrel to your forehead and you need to babysit the basics to the friendly soldier that his most important duty in that situation is to keep us both alive, by scanning the surroundings.
  14. 6km x 6km woot woot.
  15. "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." - Jefferson, Thoreau et.al.