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  1. Keyboard bind for "Look left" and "look right".

    You can create that with mouse, no worries. It were discussed in lenght back in early 2015. Here is one of the many implementation done correctly.
  2. Going in/leaving vehicles & stealing enemy ones.

    That would be so cool... The ability to take ditched rubber tired vehicles would really create more depth to the gameplay as the units moving and scouting behind the lines would have another layer of stategy. It would need somesort of "lock this vehicle" ability. The ability to take the vehicles from bases and other spawnpoints is not preferred by me. Not unless it is part of some more exotic gamemode idea.
  3. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    Hah, I were waving the SQD flag here and there as like you said it sounded too good to be true.
  4. Pace of battle - tactics vs. strategy

    One thing in AAS gamemode (I speak only with this since it is the most familiar to me) is that with current ticket based win-loss ruling the outcome of strategic actions are more or less random or hidden. The team playing doesn't have actual feedback how the round will be ending if they do this or that move. In that light it would be better if the win-loss logic would be based on the CPs owned at the end of the round (which ever decide that.). In overall these kind of discussions should be spoken based on gamemode, not so much in game wide as the strategy is heavily influenced by the gamemode rulebase. AAS is not the deepest mode on the strategy vice as the strategy is heavily inbuild on the capping order (or recources/assets given to team) chosen by the mapper, this is a good thing as it works on public servers (the capping order acting as a backbone) better than more open ended gamemodes.
  5. Slow movement

    And what you do if you need to jump in example from roof A to roof B over a one feet wide space?
  6. Squad radar

    Only thing I dislike on the map aproach is that it is open more than 50% of play time. Haha, gems from the early days of the project.
  7. Release: Alpha Version 9.5

  8. Going in/leaving vehicles & stealing enemy ones.

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to drive a wheeled vehicles.
  9. Squad.exe - No Disk

  10. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    Shovel accuracy you meant?
  11. Please no shovel melee

    That sounds funny.
  12. Please no shovel melee

    Think the bright side. Shoevel melee attack from AI will be hilariously scary!
  13. Please no shovel melee

    You are hanging it to semantics now, but you are correct on your statements.
  14. Please no shovel melee

    You should remember that applies to every game there is. Players always have opportunity to use 3rd party VoIP communications. Atleast shovel kill 'might be' more stealthly that putting a half a clip of rounds to enemy.