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  1. Actually it were not a squad which I did refer, but DF / JO, there is certain vibe on a few moments on that teaser + name of the incoming game + the fact that one of the footbook admins do have DF:BHD "wall paper" on his account. I just hope this will have the fluidity of the movement of DF/JO without the clunkiness of so many games (ie. insurgency is top of my head) and that there actually is something more than brain dead TDM servers at the end. If so, it might even be popular (...if they manage to extract the best of DF/JO infantry gameplay regardless the game mode, just hoping TKOTH, CTF gain popularity as TDM is so no-brainer that it definitely will be the choice of the masses). Hopefully nice hardcore mil FPS for quick in and out games after a workday.
  2. I did manage to skip OP flashpoint at the time, maybe because I'm not that heavily of milsim, but more of the theme of gameplay over realism kind of person. OP:FP definitely do have its merits especially on PvE and depth of system (which is pita, if you consider that I barely could drive a jeep on game, while IRL it is no-brainer ). But I can imagine how cool the OP:FP experience were back in the day (hopefully Squad is making same kind of eureka moments for new players coming from solid arcade ...BF,CoD,CS etc..).
  3. Squad founders- where are they now?

    LOL "Dude your gun's tan!?" poor ol' Para. btw. There is one more even older group than Founders/Backers .... Donors, who with IIRC $10 act of good will towards the project got a "Donor badge" on the forums, without any guarantee of anything, this started early 2015, before OWI were founded IIRC.
  4. The influence giver is pretty obvious. I'm doubtful, but did signup for alpha... The there is one flaw though, only TDM, CtF and TKotH. Might end up to be the worst parts of DF, who knows, but I have always been more TKOTH / AAS guy than TDM / CTF. I'm also wondering if they are generating it from the scratch or using some proprietary UE4 systems, ie. squad engine modifications from OWI. This or that I hope it will be successful.
  5. Squad_JO [Gameplay Modification]

    Oh.... Sweet. Btw.. JO did have "player deploy-able assets" ... kind off.. There were the armory top of the truck if you still remember, but rarely seen outside custom maps. There were two much annoying weapons one is the sniper (minor) and the tubenade (major PITA), at least at the later years when there were only handfull of players.
  6. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    ... But there were no animation for pushing the rag-doll out of the door ... so immersion were broken.
  7. Game needs non owned servers

    @Zylfrax791 Yes. I do also agree the view of game as self regulating as in build feature set of game mechanics. It were good at the Pre-Alpha when OWI had one official server at each continent plus the Jensens Range. Unfortunately they did shutdown them at certain point (prolly Iron and Trooper have blown all $10 I did donate to them by now to coke and hookah.).
  8. Squad is dead or not ?

    I have said from day one, there will be PR:S at some point.
  9. Squad is dead or not ?

    Delta Force: Black Hawk Down 8 Joint Operations: Combined Arms 5
  10. Squad founders- where are they now?

    I'm here as always, unfortunately there is not as much arm-chair mastery involved in forums as used to. ..But where are the donors.
  11. Parallel or Simultaneous FLAGS

    It could be done, but if you open the capturing order too much the idea behind the AAS do dilute and you end up something that is more of a conquest than AAS. What I did try the parallel AAS at those few moments my initial understanding were that it was too open (the layer and CP placement) and made the round play poorly and were confusing. Especially with big impact of players who most probably are not familiar even with linear AAS. Solution might be to make a few CPs with parallelism at some points on map, but keep the distance between them relatively short. Conquest have the drawback that it is way easier to create a total mess with it in public environment than more rigid AAS, which when properly implemented have inbuilt layer of structure. This of course when you put hundreds or even thousands of hours to game make AAS more repetitive as single layer compared some more open ended modes. Some kind of map rating might be good at some point, so one can see if the map is hard or easy to play as a team. Coin do have two sides of course and this might create some kind of easy fix phenomenom and leave more experienced players as minority.
  12. Squad For Linux

    Edit. Not worth to start.
  13. Anti-personnel mines

    Some ancient discussions back in -15... I can understand the IIRC non said reasoning on it.
  14. Teleport from main base?

    I'll hope that you there your developer lairs also judge the spawning mechanics based on the game modes, so that some modes could have a different mechanics. Teleporting is lame btw. because it is something that can not be interfered by player (opposing) actions and yes rallypoints are like that also and I do not like em personally (though the current mechanics are better than in the past some point).
  15. Future plan of expanding team size?

    100v100 leek can be heard..