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  1. looking for Admin

    You should blame @Nordic then.
  2. Rocket Artillery

    Hmm... Make a makeshift "zero grid"/elevation mark(s) painted to the windshield for the "gunner".
  3. Comms network

    Luckily there is Mumble and TeamSpeak, where one can organize things further. *provocation ends*
  4. My limit goes in about 3 to 4 players per squad. Mainly because of non-native English speaker. More than that I can not communicate my intentions clearly enough and everything fall to pieces. For three to four player (SL included) can be still hold together with example and minimal verbal leading. Unfortunately, I often found (when I still played semi-actively as now I'm just waiting the beta and major gameplay tweaking) myself in situation, where I needed a) to be a SL b) the squad were full nine persons. Being as a grunt in 9 person squad isn't much more satisfying as the whole communication fall to pieces and all my attention goes to keeping on track who is speaking and if the spoken things had any importance.
  5. partially hardcore - no name tags

    Only in a dreams they belong to world of auto healing. The nametags are essential, without them the whole game is just a major nutfarm. Just like the PR were when it got standalone and thanks to SQD huge amount of new players jumped in. A game without nametags works against AI opponent in public or in 'closed' pro-servers. Only when every player do have separate character model and animations we can start argument that it does belong to arena shooters only. If you do want something that belongs to arena-shooters aka autohealing category you can start with the RPs and discrete throw controls of handnades or discrete steering of vehicles.
  6. Gun reset after fire

    How that video clip of a first timer shooting something that looks like Desert Eagle (which doesn't serve any meaningful purpose, except being hilariously over powered half-automatic) with probably .50 Action Express ammunition relates to this topic. Every grunt that is send to serve which ever country have extensive training with primary weapons, just to avoid that type of surprises and not to be the worst enemy of own troops. If the grunt is so hard-headed that he/she doesn't get it on the training, he/she is send to home or acting as a clerk in a food and cloths company.
  7. Were there in DF1 a coop missions for online play or were it the basic TKOTH,TDM,FlaggBall ? IIRC, in DF:LW there were Coop-missions, but I'm not sure.. Too long time and too many hours in JOps, to smudge.
  8. Rally Point Discussion

    Indeed. And the same note is written in awfully lot of places from many new and old players of SQD. The RPs are still problematic.
  9. Logistics of Personnel [OP summarized]

    How I didn't notice this thread before.
  10. Rally Point Discussion

    We have vehicles now... What's next stage for RPs?
  11. Rally Point

    No Rally Points have a bucket full of problems to the gameplay-experience with current implementation. The "Radar" feature is just one of many. Edit. BTW. Here is what were discussed about a year ago:
  12. Smaller, faster game modes?

    Well thought out Team King of the Hill mode with a few well laid out maps would be a good quick fix mode for SQD, both in seeding and for those that happen to have only a limited time to put in for a variety of reasons. The portal theory is real, more active players in close enough game modes the better.
  13. There definedly is a problem and NotBrad is 100% right. For this part. AAW FOK this new quote system in the forums are PITA!
  14. More realism at rally spawn

    ..Or remove rallypoint entirely and use FOB/HAB/FAB toolchain instead. Kills a few flies simultaneusly, increases dying punishment, removes some of the arena-shooter aspects (current RPs), increases the significance of logistics (if respawning reduce the supply points, does have pros and cons) and fobs, makes the "defend FOB until mates also respawn" more valid than drop in to fight spawning happening right now. When enemy is killed in the area, only medics (player involment) will bring the enemy units back in action, this also clears the area and phases the fight to what devs have talked from the beginning (silent. silent. oh crap ENEMY!!) not ENEMY ENEMY ENEMY ENEMY ENEMY *meh* ENEMY ENEMY ENEMY. Atleast with these kind of gamemodes like AAS and Conquer the RP in current state / implementation is not good and couses much more harm to entire game-experience than good.