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  1. Rally Point Discussion

    The whole point I see the rallies is that they can be implemented wisely and not so. Inbuild game mechanic like rally point can be used as unnoticed sheep herding mechanism of public and common feel of the game, as stated many times "we" are looking something that is not entirely grinding, but something that needs the use of your given brains, but still ultimately being fun and easy to jump on to (while hard to master those nyances, which makes some teams and player great in big time). The rally system as it is mainly now, is kind of cheap readily available dope, which creates more harm than good. At least I do see that the public game needs to be self-regulatory (in un-noticeable way.. Not those BF style screen layers and death timers "Do this or DIE!". This also extend further ie. to thing like maps geography and gamemode layers used in wide) to make it great on truely smooth and solid, if not there is no success and if no success the die hard fans do not have enough player mass in the pool to draw players to more serious gametypes and servers etc. to keep the game going for a next decade and further.
  2. Rally Point Discussion

    Get the **** out of my thread with your locked squad arguing.
  3. Destroying Vics At Main

    Put a speed wreck vanishing, speed spawn, no ticket lost and teamkill for the shooter, case closed. Next!
  4. ...Or just a standalone RCON service tool that include the ban/kick bots etc. advanced RCON/RAT tool do have. WolfRAT for JOps were superb. ...But obviously a configurable inbuild feature is always better.
  5. Switching weapons while in vehicle

    Well it is based in realism in sense that there is tendency to avoid such a imaginary things like hovering tanks and UFOs. It is a game though, not simulator or even a simulator-game, but something that fills the cap between simulator-game and arcade/arena shooter. Kind of like entertaining science show, instead of a theory book about political psychology in 13th century China (which actually might be interesting read).
  6. Animation System Update

    Mutchas gracias for the insights. The artwork looks fluent (as always), but I'm eagerly waiting more refined mechanics.
  7. Switching weapons while in vehicle

    I suppose you do not find such a video. As far as I know the M72(Ax) LAW technical safety protocol basically prohibits to drift around (at least outside the hot zone) with the tube open and ready to shoot as seen in the game. ..But here you can see the inside space of the Havoc, Svarun, Badger, Rosomak/Wolverine or Patria AMV depending country. "Plenty" of space. Ie. here is also picture inside. https://www.armyrecognition.com/us_army_wheeled_and_armoured_vehicle_uk/havoc_apc_8x8_modular_armoured_personnel_carrier_vehicle_technical_data_sheet_specifications_picture.html Naturally this is only one vehicle model.
  8. Capzone height limit.

    What do you mean? The crate can have C-magic implied to it under the hood and properties added (in theory).
  9. Shift+N for a Map zoom out

    There is no reason why not to use the mouse scrollwheel for the zoom in both directions.. In matter of fact if there would be second key besides N it would be already possible to bind the mousescroll for in and out zoom of the map. The following lines added to the INPUT.INI would allow to use Ctrl+mousewheel to zoom, just as you use it for typical web browser (ie. Opera, Firefox). ActionMappings=(ActionName="MapZoomIn",Key=MouseScrollUp,bShift=False,bCtrl=True,bAlt=False,bCmd=False) ActionMappings=(ActionName="MapZoomOut",Key=MouseScrollDown,bShift=False,bCtrl=True,bAlt=False,bCmd=False) As now it only works in one direction, but it is still better than hitting a keyboard.
  10. Switching weapons while in vehicle

    Well considering that you can hide a LAW/RPG to your backpack I wouldn't consider the taking it out (switching) a big deal. Besides typical APC have "plenty" of space, at least so much that you don't need to sit on the lap of your battle buddy.
  11. Vehicular Turret Gunner Controls

    Nice to be right... Now I need only figure out how to monetize these ideas before someone else does. https://pilotonline.com/news/military/local/the-u-s-navy-s-most-advanced-submarines-will-soon/article_5c24eefc-8e70-5c4a-9d82-00d29e052b76.html
  12. key remapping advice

    I only see 1 bumped thread (my old, now partly obsolete thread I need to rewrite) about keymapping and 2½ new topics. Good note about the %localappdata, didn't remember it correctly and tried %user variations.
  13. Capzone height limit.

    Give the FOB a elevation penalty for logistic resupply, so the higher it is from mean surface level of surrounding the more it take exponentially time for resupply it from logistic vehicles.
  14. key remapping advice

    Go to windows CMD (CommandPromt) Type: DIR /a/s c:\squad ...and hit enter.. This can take a while depending how huge your drive is. If not found in C: go your another HDD drives and run the same DIR.. command.
  15. key remapping advice

    Hmm... I have no idea what directory Winblows10 is using if not User, sorry. The appdata-folder do have at least in win7 a hidden attribute. So you need to be able to see the hidden files (somewhere on the windows settings it have been possible to turn on... so far.). Easy route is to use a filemanager like DoubleCommander.