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  1. ..Deleted..
  2. "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." - Jefferson, Thoreau et.al.
  3. Indeed, it nice to see something totally new in the gamemode front ..and the map size if it truly is (6 km)^2 and not sqrt(6)!!
  4. Pretty idiotic rule if it comes from what L.J. were after. The 90% of times I join the server I face the same situation, all squads are full, I sit on the list some time. I then have two options create a squad or leave the server. Now (or while I still played time to time) I created squad and often did ask if anyone is interested, now I just quit the game. tbh
  5. The question should be why not to allow them to shoot. It would be only right decicion devs can make.. If not allowed it just creates yet another artificial restiction to gameworld. Now it should have high penalties of inaccuracy, but the gun MUST go BANG at all times you pull the trigger (click the apropriate key).
  6. The game experience is dominated by the quality of Squad Leader and/or language barriers. ..But you are exceptional toddler.
  7. Is the old defaul.ini vs. Users\...\Squad\...\something.ini still relevant.. Someone have thrown my keybinding tutorial sticky to byte heaven and I can't get arsed to retype it.
  8. Are you also implementing a knife sharpening procedure down the line.
  9. Goodie.
  10. Don't it is dangerous, almost as dangerous as posting memes. Soon^tm
  11. This is how AAS capture logic is meant to go (hopefully I did remember it right). Timer, no tickets. @LaughingJack can describe with better english how the capture and lost and ownership steps go when CP is under attack. ..And before Tartantyco or anyone else comes to rage how too simple nadanada it is. I do want to point out that it works a damn well on public servers, where all those loose-ended gamemodes (conquest included) turn to cluster**** and only works in clan type servers where the majority of the players are regulars. That said I'm more than happy if and when the SQD v1.0 do have more loose-ended gamemodes than only Insurgency and AAS.
  12. Oh man, I wish I still had the time to put on those kind of hours **** the life gaming is all that matters. (some say that Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse. THEY are wrong. ) Sry I'm a bit tipsy at this point I need to take a small time-out and rething what I were supposed to write.
  13. Or make them only work in CPs radious and with the "wave" system of somekind.. That is for AAS mode, other gamemodes could have something else that might fit their needs better.
  14. Yep. The stance animations adds a lot, but I feel that most of the time they are done wrongly. Ie. It prevents you to move entirely or moving will cancel the animation. While right route would be that it plays the animation while you move, like while you get sprinting from the prone, you push up with your freehand while you draw your opposing leg and spring out up and running not from standup position but half way falling back to the ground (like you sometimes see on those fail compilations, where people end up to their nose). Edit2: PS. Also what I have noticed on Squad that annoys me a great deal is the speed difference (or the lack of) between crouch and walking and the lack of visual input that I'm moving crouched. Also I don't know if you did encounter the first iteration of the sprint system, but the delayed turning were really hot. Seriously, while it were really proof of concept level it still were really nice, unfortunately they removed it for reason or another. It had some stupid bugs (inconsistencies) though, but what to expect it were P.O.C. What gaming goes, yep I DID play a lot 8h straight were something I did atleast once a week back then and every evening atleast 2 or 3 hours. Damn, unhealthy by looking it now. I think a pianists have a name for that injury on the little finger.
  15. Isn't the CS franchise also like this? Your gun shoots middle of your upper torso. If you want one game that did take it correctly take a look at the DF:Landwarrior to Joint Operation games (the camera). I unfortunately repeat these, since I stuck to these for a decade. The mass weren't there, atleast for turning. The transition form crouch to standing had a small cap, but it were almost instant. On the otherhand the leaning left and right were really spot on, better than in squad. Also the rolling sideways (specs ops you know ) fooled you to be there. Also while there were no sprint the phasing were close enough compared to surroundings.