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  1. Why, why....do nametags show through walls????

    I have a strong memory that they didn't show in early alpha version, only after you had a clear vision of the team member. The issue were that windows and other wall type object edges did bug out the system not showing the tag and causing a lot false alarms because of the inconsistent behavior. I can recall incorrectly though.
  2. Most Badass or Intimidating Military Uniforms

    They seem to know what they are doing. Source: sa-kuva.fi WW2 battle photo, k18.
  3. Spotting enemies?

    One trick also is to keep your monitor still, in other words your character is not moving and you do not move your point of look with the mouse.. Remember it doesn't matter who shoots first.
  4. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    ..But there is the hand shown, in both under- and overhand throws.
  5. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    I haven't seen a serious mouse since nineties that doesn't have a wheel on it.
  6. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    That is the reason I'm promoter of the mousewheel as power control mechanism for the nade throws (among others) and not just for weapon selection.
  7. A Little Update from Merlin

    The transparency (information given from dev-team to community) were in bigger role in the beginning of this project, it were almost non-existent for a moment. A bit better now, still lacking a bit. The main issue is that this forum is not the main media (as it used to be at the beginning of the project) and the information is scattered all around to other platforms of communication like Reddit & Discord whose nature insist the user to follow them almost 24/7 to keep track of discussion.
  8. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    For underside throw the hand indicator is not as accurate as for overside throw where the thumb is almost dead on where the nade leaves the player model. In underside throw the trajectory is off by about three finger (game) to right.
  9. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    Oh gosh.. It is one of those easy to jump in, hard to master weapons. Fully possible to master it >90% if the nade throw is not random. The ACE solution makes me want to laugh out. Tartantycos solution isn't much better. ..And yes the hand grenades are the most dangerous weapon for own troops and the user and yes those bouncing nades happen also in real life. Anyway the throw control should be anyway based on the acceleration of the mousewheel spin.
  10. Placeable Flag Pole! or Flag

    Oh, I miss the taunting in JO... How many unsuspecting enemies I did fool with that to believe there is some wacko who doesn't know a thing and sneak killed them while they came to patrol in the area. .. Like a fishing you know a lure and hooks.
  11. Turret rotation speed

    Well consider the mouse position as a you point of vision. You notice something on turret screen/scope and then adjust the aim to that point. Nothing more is how it works with that kind of mouse control only thing is that the control and game experience is better (on/off control vs. linear analog) than what it is with WASD.
  12. Turret rotation speed

    Forget the mouse DPI. This is easy fix (relative) by justing implementing the maximum acceleration and maximum speed handles to the turret object in C++ side of the game. Personally I would go for acceleration (position change per change of time unit) and speed (position change over time unit) limited mouse control, where you can freely move your mouse "attack point / point of look" in screen if you go above the max speed and/or acceleration and the point of impact (aka turret reticle) will take its time to get on that point. It is the (in my opinion) the best of the both worlds and variations of it have been used for decades in good games.
  13. pontoons and boats

    omg not possible.. o'rly?
  14. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Is the study you do refer a total estimated numbers or estimated figures where the supporting (blind) fire is removed.
  15. This is now obsolete in many parts, but it might give you the right direction... If you post a new questions the end to that topic I think you can get answers of the current procedures.