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  1. October 2018 Recap

    Great! I like the wave thing, the old pebbles spawning were annoying as.... I don't know if the timer is shown already, if not make it happen. Also rewarding individuals for not to give up so quickly would be so great. IE. if you do not wait anything you could spawn only with one clip of ammo and if you wait you get a new magazine for each 10 seconds, but not more say 3. If you get revived after last spawn and you wait again a bit you get one hand grenade as a gift.
  2. Post Scriptum sensitivity question (maybe one for the devs)?

    Do they use different size multiplier for object in the environment?
  3. Battlefield V

    May I correct you vanilla BATTLEFIELD HAVE BEEN ALWAYS A JOKE, period. Only really amazing game I do know from the DICE is the Pinball Illusions, it had amazing PC bleeper sounds....
  4. Battlefield V

    Actually even BF1 did seem to have some of the features we trying to push down to each ones throats here in late 2014 early -15.
  5. Ticket count

    This is something that should be visible... @SgtRoss or someone.
  6. Who was the coolest SL you've had?

    Z-trooper and sgt.Ross Mere mortals I don't remember definitely since I'm hibernating and waiting the v1.0. Any RIP were always a good to play with and the first bunch of RedCoats (while I do find the fast UK english hard to follow). Most satisfying SL to sloughter was @DesmoLocke in Forest map (now OP1stLight). The most fun to play with as another SL were @chronic who managed to teamkill me after I had smoked my squad (while I was heavily intoxicated from good beer) way through the fields and to the opponents FOB&CP, while I was trying to get over the wall. I answer the best SL have been @unfrail
  7. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    What I did like way back in the Joint Operations were the few "official" servers many times there were like 2 good clans in both sides and formed as a backbone for the whole game. Of course there were plenty of this team stacking unfortunately happening, but the disabled team switching in many servers were a good prevention for such. Alas US servers were always a noob fests.
  8. What is the purpose of modding?

    One more Joint Operations: Escalation (which were official expansion) the developer No(va)Logic sold these too long separately, while the latter were just a expansion for the vanilla (Game were like BF: Vietnam with lots of steroids and HC mode only). On the other hand some people claim that the 'CoD Kids' did kill it, In reality Armed Assault (ArmA 1) and BF:BC did good job to kill it, while in 2nd reality it took to about 2012 to really drop in players and even today there is some activity (while the days of 100+ player battles have long gone). The CO-OP scene is still living as there is literally thousands maps available to this oldie, but goldie. Quote do bug, can paste this to previous post.
  9. What is the purpose of modding?

    Actually thanks to really long continuum from nineties when the modding and inbuild game editors (map editors mainly) were more common than they are today, many devs (former or current) have started even before the PR, like IronTaxi who IIRC were already modding/mapping for 1st DooM . I have warm feeling about build.exe, Stunts Track editor and Jagged Alliance: Deadly games mission editor (we did 30 level mission pack with friend one summer it were nice) myself.
  10. Why, why....do nametags show through walls????

    I have a strong memory that they didn't show in early alpha version, only after you had a clear vision of the team member. The issue were that windows and other wall type object edges did bug out the system not showing the tag and causing a lot false alarms because of the inconsistent behavior. I can recall incorrectly though.
  11. Most Badass or Intimidating Military Uniforms

    They seem to know what they are doing. Source: sa-kuva.fi WW2 battle photo, k18.
  12. Spotting enemies?

    One trick also is to keep your monitor still, in other words your character is not moving and you do not move your point of look with the mouse.. Remember it doesn't matter who shoots first.
  13. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    ..But there is the hand shown, in both under- and overhand throws.
  14. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    I haven't seen a serious mouse since nineties that doesn't have a wheel on it.
  15. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    That is the reason I'm promoter of the mousewheel as power control mechanism for the nade throws (among others) and not just for weapon selection.